Splatterday Mourning Cartoons: Scooby Doo – Nightfright

Ho-wdy, Meddling Kids!

I don’t know about you cats, but I think Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated is HIGH-LY underrated!

There are more incarnations of Scooby-Doo then there are stars in the sky, but Mystery Incorporated  tried to shake things up, while still staying true to the spirit of Scooby-Doo. Cl-ass-sick characters are fleshed out, the monsters are menacing, and it had a genuinely intriguing mystery element. Plus, it had a surprising dark tone. I mean…

This was a Scooby-Doo that really knew to give you the willies!

And it had monsters! By Cthulhu, did it have monsters!

Its backgrounds were simply gore-gous! I’d proudly hang any of these in my tomb!
Beast of all, the show was clearly made for us fright freaks. Nearly every episode is loaded with references to the best genre media has to offer. From Twin Peaks..

…to Phantom of the Paradise

This guy’s name is WINSLOW FLEACH

… to Hellraiser

…to a Jeffrey Combs-voiced H.P. Lovecraft parody….
…to Harlan Ellison voicing Harlan Ellison (!)…

…to an entire episode paying homage to War of the Gargantuas. They even include the song from the movie!

In ho-nor of this underrated cartoon, we’ve provided our absolute favorite episode! It’s one big tribute to the greatness of Vincent Price, with plenty o’ nods to the Merchant of Menace!
Happy Splatterday, Kinky Ho-mies! 🙂 xoxo


News Bleed: The “Blob Peaks” Edition

25 years after getting booed for Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me at Cannes, David Lynch won over festival-goers and got a lengthy standing ovation for the Twin Peaks revival. 🙂 Deadline

Is Halle Berry facing The Blob in the second remake? Beware of the Blob, Catwoman! Bloody Disgusting

The Friday the 13th game is finally out…but having a few issues. GameRant

(Side Note: My pic’s in the game, so I’m a happy camper!! ;))

Super Scariness: Marvel’s The New Mutants will be a “Full-Fledged Horror Movie!”  Entertainment Weekly

The Mummy makes a grand entrance in this spooky-cool new image! Bleeding Cool

The sequel we’ve all been screaming for!!! Boo 2: A Madea Halloween is coming this October! 😉 Variety

Rest in Peace, Gregg Allman of The Allman Brothers. 🙁 Rolling Stone

R.I.P. Michael Parks

It is with a heavy heart that I must share the passing of film legend Michael Parks. Mr. Parks has appeared in more than 100 films and TV shows over 50+ years. His career began back in the 1960s and he garnered wide recognition as the star of the series Then Came Bronson.  Mr. Parks worked steadily for many years, but achieved a  career renaissance in the 1990s when he appeared in Twin Peaks and Robert Rodriguez’s From Dusk Till Dawn. The latter was the debut of Mr. Parks’ most recognized character, Sheriff Earl Mcgraw. As Earl McGraw, Michael Parks appeared in the aforementioned From Dusk Till Dawn,  Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (Parks appeared in Vol. 2 as a different character), and both Rodriguez’s Planet Terror and Tarantino’s Death Proof for Grindhouse.  He reunited with Tarantino once more in Django Unchained.
The news was revealed on Instagram by Kevin Smith, who directed Mr. Parks in Red State and Tusk, in parts written specifically for the actor. Here’s what Mr. Smith had to say:

I hate to report that my cinematic muse #michaelparks has passed away. Michael was, and will likely forever remain, the best actor I’ve ever known. I wrote both #RedState and @tuskthemovie FOR Parks, I loved his acting so much. He was, hands-down, the most incredible thespian I ever had the pleasure to watch perform. And Parks brought out the absolute best in me every time he got near my set. From the moment I saw him steal the opening scene of #fromdusktildawn at an advance screening at the Sunset 5 back in the mid-90’s, I said to @samosier “Could you imagine what it must be like to work with a Yoda of acting like that guy? I gotta write for him one day.” It took me 15 years but my dream came true on Red State (for which Parks won Best Actor at the @sitgesfestival) and then again years later with #tusk. Only Michael Parks could have delivered the line “Is man indeed a walrus at heart?” and make it scary as fuck. My favorite memory of Michael is watching him and #johnnydepp act with and at each other, like a couple of dueling wizards, in their shared scene in Tusk. Parks was in Heaven that day, sharing the screen with another brilliant actor and creating an unforgettable performance. He elevated any flick or TV show he was in and elevated every director he ever acted for. I was so fucking blessed to have worked with this bonafide genius. But really, I was just lucky to have known him at all. My heart goes out to James (Michael’s son), Oriana (Michael’s wife), Quentin Tarantino (Michael’s biggest fan) and any movie or music lover who was ever dazzled by the talents of Michael Parks. Farewell, old friend. I’ll see you farther along… #KevinSmith #actor #genius #rip #walrusyes

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Thank you, Mr. Parks. xo

News Bleed: The “Dobaara the Glass Monster” Edition

Go to Hell… again! Hellboy is getting a reboot from Neil Marshall! 🙂 IGN

The new Blade Runner 2049 trailer is here and it’s more human than human! 🙂 Variety

American Horror Story gives us a SHRIEK peek at a featured creature from the upcoming season. 🙂 People

American Horror Story Season 7 tease.

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No strings attached! Take a look at the new Puppet Master puppets! Bloody Disgusting


Oculus gets reflected in Dobaara, a Bollywood remake! 🙂 Bollywood Life

Get Out director Jordan Peele signs a first-look deal with Universal. EXXXpect some more Social Ho-rror very soon. 🙂 Hollywood Reporter

Roger Corman plans to race into Death Squad and the final Death Race 2000 sequel!`:) JoBlo

Check out the damn fine trailer for the new Twin Peaks. 🙂 Flickering Myth

News Bleed: The “Fly’ll Be Back” Edition

Help me… because all five The Fly films are coming to Blu-ray! 🙂 Blastr


He’ll be back…James Cameron returns to Terminator! 🙂 Deadline


A Rings prank puts the fear of Samara into people. 🙂 Business Insider

Krampus‘s Michael Dougherty will direct Godzilla’s latest rampage. 🙂 A.V. Club


Take a trip to Twin Peaks with Funko. 🙂 Bleeding Cool

Bleeding Peaks

Miguel Ferrer has passed away. 🙁 Newsday

(This is my second favorite episode of Tales from the Crypt, and how I will most remember him. xoxo)

UPDATE: Just after posting this, I learned the bummer news that Mary Tyler Moore has also passed. 🙁 Here she is in happier/spoopier times, appearing on Boris Karloff’s Thriller. xoxo

#FBF: The “Damn Fine Birthday” Edition

Happy 71st Birthday to that Cinematic Maestro of the Weird and Coffee enthusiast, David Lynch! 🙂

Lynch’s idiosyncratic films are nightmares made visual, and I mean that in the best way possible. 🙂 His first film was 1977’s Eraserhead, a seminal midnight movie masterpiece of the grotesque that defies classification! After that, Mr. Lynch directed 1980’s The Elephant Man, a hauntingly beautiful biography of Joseph Merrick and an absolute favorite of many of us here at Kinky Horror. After that brilliance, Mr. Lynch brought his eccentric directorial touch to Dune, Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart, Lost Highway, The Straight Story, Mulholland Drive, and Inland Empire. In addition to those films, Lynch also created the gloriously bizarre serial drama Twin Peaks and directed its spin-off film, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. While I’m sure plenty of you were aware of that information, did you know that Mr. Lynch directed another Twin Peaks continuation… in the form of Japanese coffee commercials?!


In 1993, David Lynch directed a series of four Japanese commercials for Georgia Coffee based on Twin Peaks, getting as much mileage out of Agent Cooper’s love of “damn fine coffee” as possible. The sets of Twin Peaks were recreated and some of the cast was reunited, essentially creating a mini season for the show. A second set of commercials was planned, but it was unfortunately cancelled after Georgia Coffee was unsatisfied with the first. If you want a little taste of that special Twin Peaks weirdness before the upcoming revival, check out this java-flavored mystery below. 🙂

Happy Birthday, Mr. Lynch! Stay Weird! 🙂 xoxo


News Bleed: The Kane Hodder’s Birthday Edition! :)

Happy 60th Birthaversary to one of the most badass mofos every to stalk the planet: Mr. Kane “Mah Boo” Ho-dder!!!


In Ho-nor of this special day (which was technically yesterday, but whatev ;)), here’s a list of 13 Things You Might Not Know About Our Boy. (Pay special attn. to #9…It’s Daredevil week, after all!! :))


Now on to the lesser news… 😉

You had me at “Suspiria TV Series”… (but Django‘s cool, too ;))   Variety

I’m officially calling next season of AHS “Bate’s Hotel”… (Kuz Iz Klebber. ;))  Hollywood Reporter

If the Five Night’s at Freddy’s movie is as truly freaky/disturbing as it deserves to be, it’s gonna be awesome!!!  Gamespot

I really wish they would continue the Gremlins story instead of doing yet another remake, but whaddya gonna do?  🙂  Bloody Disgusting 

The Twin Peaks folks make their thoughts on David Lynch known (in a super adorable way! :))  IO9

Retro Promenade has a badass John Carpenter tribute album you can download AT YOUR OWN PRICE here. (Very cool, and I LOVE the art for it!!! :))   Icons of Fright 


And, sadly, we have to say good bye to another genre legend, Mr. Geoffrey Lewis. 🙁 Thanks for all the happy times, Mr. Lewis. You were in some true classics (by KH standards :)), and you will most definitely be missed. xoxoxo   LA Times