#FrankensteinFridayTheater: Dr. Hackenstein (1988)

\Happy Frankenstein Friday, students of mad science! We got some swift lippin’, ego trippin’, and body snatchin’ to make you feel…ALIVE!!!!

Today’s eXXXperiment is a full-length film from the mad monsters at Troma. The feature in question is itself a creature made from old parts. Take the skeleton of Curse of Frankenstein, inject it with the blood of Re-Animator, add the funny bone of Young Frankenstein, and you have the terror that is 1988’s Dr. Hackenstein!

Dr. Hackenstein  is not a particularly funny or horrific horror comedy, but it is a very “Frankenstein” one…  and that’s spooky cool to me! There’s whole lotta weird science going on, with oddly colored vials of substances that look vaguely science-y and sets that seem like they’ve been ripped out of Hammer film. Dr. Hackenstein doesn’t break new ground (unless you count digging up a grave). but it’s the kind of corny splatstick treat that’s charms you with its classically spooky atmospherics  and its corn-on-the-macabre humor. This film ain’t Young Frankenstein, but get the feeling the filmmakers knew that. Heck, there’s even a reference to the Mel Brooks film that’s, well… on the nosey.

Besides being a fun dose of Frankenstein madness, this film is also worth watch for its cast. Everyone does their darndest and David Muir is actually quite delightful as the bad doctor. It’s all over-the-top, but weirdly likable. Logan and Anne Ramsey (in her final film role) are fun as a pair of bumbling grave robbers. To add some more Frankenstein cred, Mad Monster Party’s Phyllis Diller has a small part in the film, but she’s a little less animated in this one! Aha ha ha!

Straight from Troma’s official Youtube channel, here’s Dr. Hackenstein for your Frankenstein Friday. 🙂


Calling All Toxie (and Indie Horror) Lovers…


I hereby officially announce to one and all that I am a full-fledged Troma Freakazoid. 🙂

I was recently given the panty-pudding-inducing opportunity to work with Mr. Mark Torgl, aka THE Melvin the Mopboy from the original Toxic Avenger, aka this Grade A piece o’ass right here…RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!


I honestly was super intimidated to work with him (I have feminine urges, you see, but wanted to remain professional, which was a total challenge, lemme tell ya… ;)), but he turned out to be a really sweet guy. I’m happy to report that his position as a timeless Global Sex Symbol hasn’t gone to his head one bit; it’s as if he’s completely unaware of his superstar status, which is very refreshing in this town. 🙂

Aside from the little Toxie 30th Anniversary bit we worked on for Troma (yay!!! :)), Mr. T is also producing a Melvin the Mop Boy project of his very own. He’s doing a lil’ mockumentary, if you will, about what exactly our favorite janitor-turned-monster-hero has been up to since we last saw him. It’s called Toxic Tutu, and I happily volunteered my services on that project as well. It’s a very low budget labour of love, and he’s trying to raise the money on his own to shoot it (via Indiegogo, primarily). It always gives me the happy tingles to help support any indie horror filmmaker who really believes in the genre, but since this go ’round I’ll be able to work side by side with the panty creamer of all panty creamers, I’m even more tingly than usual. 🙂

Mr. T’s Indiegogo fundraising campaign is in its last week, and Toxic Tutu still has a ways to go to meet its ultimate wet dream funding goal. The movie’s going to be made, regardless (the world is pining for it, after all :)), but the more the Tutu peeps are able to raise, the more badass the effects and whatnot will be able to be. Since I’m not a whiz at explaining all that logistical sort of stuff, I’m going to copy and paste an email from Mr. Torgl to help make the nitty gritty details a bit more clear to anybody who might want to help out with his lil’ dream project. 🙂

From Melvin Mark:

We want to thank those of you who have helped us get this far in our campaign and for your support as cast members, crew and special creative artists in the fund raising and production of our new film TOXIC TUTU.

But we’re not quite there yet!

Please visit our INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN to contribute today if you haven’t done so yet!


We have just launched our NEW TOXIC TUTU WEBSITE and we would love you to help us build our Social Media Ranking on the Internet by visiting our website – it’s only a click away.

AND while you are there please visit our STORE where you can purchase one of our T-Shirts or other items to help us raise funds for our movie and receive something unique! If you make a purchase before May 1st you will also receive a special thank you credit in our movie!.

You can also view new VIDEO INTERVIEWS and read about our ALL-STAR CAST as well as sign up for a CREW POSITION and participate in our Los Angeles production this May.

We are also looking for a special Toxic Avenger fan who would love a position as TOXIC TUTU’s  SOCIAL MEDIA COORDINATOR!

We hope you will help us out directly in anyway you can and pass this information along to your friends too!


Thanks so much…
Mark Torgl
Melvin the Mopboy

Joe Nardelli
Director and Producer

Yeah…That’s a lot to go over, I know, but that just means there are a LOT of ways you can help support the Monster Hero if you are so inclined. 🙂 Don’t feel bad if you want to help but can’t, though; Toxie appreciates your emotional love and support as well. I just want as many folks to know about this campaign as possible so no one misses out on the opportunity to be part of something truly magical. 😉



Lots of monster hugs and a vat of toxic waste to all,

Die-Ana  xoxoxo