Goon Review: NECA ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2’ 8″ (hehe ;) Clothed Leatherface

(Yeah, yeah, Leatherface…That’s what they all say!! 😉 Here to tell us the ho-rrifying truth about all your bits and pieces is The Goon-y Goon himself, Mr. Andrew Peters. Thanks for keeping the realness, Ho-rror Ho-mie!! 😉 xoxo)

Aren’t sure what to get that special someone for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2’s 30th birthday? Well, it’s never too late and NECA has just the toy for you special deviants out there. Adding another Mego inspired figure to their clothed line, Leatherface cuts his way way in! Get the saw pun? Yeah, no worries, folks. I’ll be here all weekend.


If that Jason Edmiston artwork doesn’t make you grab this figure like it’s a trophy for best tasting meat in all of Texas, then maybe you need some glasses. Like the ones Rick had before Leatherface killed him and his friend! Oh, I’m getting sidetracked. That blister packaging is resealable, like usual.


Speaking of the usual, Leatherface stands at 8” tall and is fully poseable… amirite, ladies… and fellas? Don’t want to discriminate. His clothing is extremely detailed, like they shrunk the actual wardrobe down to fit this figure. He comes with the electric carving knife, an alternate hand to be used with the chainsaw and, oh that’s right! His chainsaw. Holy sweet, Lord of the Harvest, this thing takes up almost the entire packaging! If anyone says Leatherface ain’t packing, they ain’t seen this.



A quick side note about the accessories and hands; it’s a little different this time. Usually the thumbs aren’t connected to the hands and you slip those over the accessories. Well, not this time. Now the handles on the chainsaw and knife come off at one end and slip through the now connected hands that don’t open. I felt like I was going to break it and I’m not sure about this new addition. Maybe they are trying to see if it works?

texaschainsawmassacre6 texaschainsawmassacre7

If you haven’t gone out and bought this figure by now, then we aren’t friends anymore. NECA will also be adding an 8” Chop Top figure this Fall to the line and you wouldn’t want Bubba to be by his lonesome, now would you? Go get it for about $25, you coonshits!

Ho-stess’s PS- 


That is all. 😉 xoxo


(Submitted by Mr. Andrew Peters…Thanks, Ho-mie!! 🙂 xoxo)


He may be one ugly mother fucker, but this figure is absolutely beautiful. The latest ¼ scale figure from NECA, the Special Edition Jungle Hunter Predator, can now battle it out with the ¼ scale Xenomorph that was previously released. The detailing and paint design on this figure is absolutely amazing, right down to every last detail.

predator2 predator3

Those details include the mesh netting, decorative skull and bones necklaces, a removable laser cannon blaster and extendable blades. Unfortunately, no removable mask this time. However, that’s because it houses a small cell battery to power the LED laser tracker located on his mask and that weird Predator language on his wrist computer.



At 19 inches tall, the figure also has over 20 points of articulation and I can say that I was rather impressed with how well the figure stood on its own without a stand, offering many different and iconic predator poses. I was a little bummed his hand doesn’t quite reach his wrist computer, but that’s just nitpicking.




I half expect this thing to come to life, jump out of the box and start fighting with my ¼ scale Xenomorph, which honestly would be pretty cool to see. If you want to get one yourself, it is available now, but at about $100, that may be a little steep, but you are getting one really kick ass figure.


Ho-stess’s PS– Just because it’s awesome. 😉 xoxo

Toy Story (of) 2: Jason vs Alien

Ho-wdy Ho, Ho-rror Ho-mies!! I have not one but(t) TWO beautiful Toy Stories to share with you today, both courtesy of Mr. Andrew Peters (better known ’round these parts as Mr. Goon-y Goon :)). It’s not really a VS sitch, I guess (Jason would always win…hands down, zero argument!! ;)), but more of a Double Feature of Fierceness (copyright: Tyra Banks, I ass-ume ;)). Regardless, strap yourself down and get ready for a metric-ass ton of amazing awesomeness!! (Everyone gets this eXXXcited about toys action figures, right? ;)) xoxo

NECA Classic Video Game Appearance ‘Friday the 13th’ Jason w/ Theme Music Packaging


What better way to celebrate NECA’s thirteenth figure into their Classic Video Game Appearance series than with Jason Voorhees. But wait, didn’t they do that already? Why, yes. Yes they did. A few years ago at NYCC, they launched this line with an exclusive Jason figure with a glow in the dark mask, but you either had to attend the event or pay an outrageous price afterwards on Ebay. Well, fret no more. No only this affordable and widely available, it’s also got a slightly new paintjob and a few new accessories and something new to the packaging, so this way you aren’t getting a re-release.


Right away you’re going to notice the coolest addition that I can see trending with this line, theme music packaging! Fans of the game will recognize the little tune from the menu screen which plays when you open it. Gotta hand it to NECA for adding that little extra to give the fans something different. Also included is the decaying, decapitated head of Mrs. Voorhees that comes with a clear stand to give her that floating appearance she has in the game! I think that is by far the neatest addition to the figure. Oh, you also get the classic axe and machete.



Jason’s paint deco is the same, but instead of his mask glowing in the dark like the NYCC variant does, it’s painted that baby blue he wears so well in the game. Hey, I told you this wasn’t the same thing repackaged.


Jason stands at the usual 7” inches tall and has 25 points of articulation, while Mrs. Voorhees has, well, none. She’s a floating head, what do you expect? Either way, with the new additions to the figure and the packaging, it makes it worth picking up, especially at a $25 price tag.

And now for Part DeauXXX:
NECA ¼ Scale ‘Alien’ Xenomorph

NECA has released some great and terrifying looking figures throughout their Alien line, but their latest ¼ scale Xenomorph is both amazing and frightening. I nearly pooped myself (not something I am proud to write about) when I came home from vacation and opened the big package (tee hee) that awaited for me upon my return.


I gotta be honest here… this is one of the most fantastic looking figures I have ever seen. The attention to detail really brings out the semi-sexual and terror from the original H.R. Giger design. This figure stands on a shelf in the corner of my hallway and sometimes at night, it feels like I’m being stalked by the creature itself. I’m telling ya, this is one might big figure. I half expect this thing to come to life and try to eat me.


It stands at 22” (which is about two feet tall for those who couldn’t figure that out) and has nearly 30 points of articulation with a fully bendable tail, so he can be posed in all sorts of ridiculous positions. Oh and no worries. That jaw is hinged so you can open it right up and extend his killer little mouth! Not to mention, the attention to detailing is just absolutely too incredible for words. I’ve also loved the looked of the original Xeno, more so than the slight redesign in James Cameron’s sequel, especially with the semi-translucent dome. Something about an eyeless skull underneath that thing, barely visible under what looks like some kind of fogged up helmet is creepy, but also begs the question; how does the Xeno see without eyeballs? If there is anything Alien: Resurrection taught us, it’s that Xenomorphs look really stupid with eyeballs.


This monstrosity goes for about a hundred big one, which I know seems like a lot for a figure, but you are really getting your money’s worth here. It looks like you would be placing an acid bleeding statue in your own home.