News Bleed: The “Rampage of the Crooked Man” Edition

The Conjuring 2’s The Crooked Man will walk a crooked mile to his own film. 🙂 Variety

Jeepers! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will meet the Universal Monsters (including Chris “Fright Night” Sarandon as Dracula) this season! Bloody Disgusting

Dwayne Johnson shows off some post-monster destruction in this new Rampage set photo. Dread Central

The Mist series won’t be a “monster show”… boo to that! 🙁 Screen Rant

The Elfman cometh… Danny Elfman is doing the score for Justice League! 🙂

Yo Shiva! The Walking Dead Gets GI Joe-Style Figures exclusive to San Diego Comic Con! 🙂 CBR

Thanks, Caped Crusader… the Bat-Signal will shine over L.A. to honor Adam West. 🙂 Hollywood Reporter

Sadly, Anita Pallenberg of Barbarella fame has passed away. 🙁 The Guardian

News Bleed: The Caroline Munro Forever Goddess Edition. :)

Hiya, Ho-mies!! It’s a fabulous Freddy Friday, and I’ve got a severe Age of Ultron hangover (I’m going to see it again tonight…Ho-pefully that’ll cure it ;)), so let’s get right to the News Bleed, shall we? 🙂

In a shocking turn of events, Avengers is doing not-so-shabbily at the box office… 😉 MTV


Daryl DiXXXon’s Silent Hills is officially dead…TIME TO RIOT!!!!!!  The Verge


In other Badass Ho-tties News, here’s your first look at the new Casey Jones. 🙂  IGN


Barbara Freakin’ Crampton is producing a Ho-rror filmed BASED ON OLD SCHOOL VCR BOARD GAMES and filmed (partially) at Eddie Brandt’s Saturday Matinee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I love this woman so much!!! :))  Dread Central


Captain Spaulding, Spike, and Shooter McGavin: Together at Last. 🙂  Horror Society

I am so jealous of all the Kinky Ho-s at the Stanley Film Festival right now!!!  Shock ‘Til You Drop

If anyone feels like buying me Ed Wood’s Plan 9 Studio, I solemnly swear to be your very BFF forever and ever!! 😉 LA Weekly

Speaking of awesome things to throw all teh munny at, this Caroline Munro radness eXXXists, and Oh Yes, She Will Be Mine!!! 🙂 Monsters in Motion


If You’re Thinking of Looking Now…DON’T. 😉  Hollywood Reporter

Goblin Reborn (and still kicking ass!!! :))  Bloody Disgusting 

I seriously need to go to Sweden. 🙂 ThemeParkAdventure

Ok, Night Terrors Geniuses…I’m in!!! 🙂 CNET

Thank you for giving us so much awesome, Mr. Andrew Lesnie.  🙁 Variety


So I don’t leave you on that bummer note, enjoy Kristen Wiig‘s full frontal glory. 🙂  Drunken Stepfather 


On a personal note, if you want to check out Candie’s Harem, an eXXXtremely low budget Ho-rror film I did voiceover work for (long story… ;)), here ya go. 🙂


Have an awesome weekend, and enjoy your Freddy Friday, my boo-tiful lil’ Kink Ho-bots!! 🙂 xoxox