#TBT: Happy Birthday, Tim Curry!! :)

(Had to make this a #TBT post because the silly place I was filming yesterday had a “pornography” block on the Wi-Fi thingy and I couldn’t log into MY OWN SITE from there. Craziness!! Ah well…It’s only a day late, which is still right on time by Kinky Ho standards. 😉 I’m only calling this a #TBT because I have to move immediately on to some other sweetass bday celebrations, and don’t want to confuse folks. So, Happy *begrudgingly belated* birthday, Mr. Curry. All us Kinky Ho-s love the living shizzle out of you!! 🙂 xoxoxo)


Happy Birthday to Wadsworth/Pennywise/Darkness/Dr. Frank-N-Furter/Gomez Addams/Long John Silver/High Priest of all that is spooky and awesome, the Legend-ary Tim Curry!!! 🙂

I know we talk about Mr. Curry A LOT here, but that’s only because he’s one of the greatest things to ever happen to cinema! He oozes creepy charm and made a sewer clown, horned demon, and the embodiment of pollution seXXXy as heck! 🙂 Curry is, in short, the coolest ghoul in school. 🙂
In ho-nor of this fright icon’s big day, I’d thought I’d share this magical melody with ya. 🙂 What could possibly spookier or cooler than Tim “Frank-N-Furter” covering a song by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, the original shock rocker? It’s a match made in Halloween Heaven. 🙂 Enjoy.

Happy Birthday, Tim! You never fail to make us shiver with antici…

…Pation. 🙂 xoxo

Ho-stess’s PS- See??? It’s so not my fault I was late posting this!!! 😉

Ho-stess’s PPS– Since we’re doing belated birthdays, it was also my #1 Dreamboat Studmuffin of All-time Ever’s Birthday the day before Mr. Curry’s. (Also known to lame-men as April 18. ;)) Happy *unbegrudgingly belated* Birthday to the incomparable Mr. Rick Moranis. 🙂 xoxo


Happy Birthday, Tim Curry!! :)

I know you’re all quite aware of ho-w much ass Tim Curry kicks in everything he’s ever done ever, so I thought I’d celebrate his birthaversary with a clip from one of his lesser-known films. This is from The Worst Witch, and it’s sincerely one of the greatest things ever known to man (after his turns in Clue, Legend, Rocky Ho-rror, It, and Darkwing Duck, of course… ;)) Enjoy! 🙂 xoxo

Bonus: Random Tidbits o’Tim Curry Porn… 😉 xo

timcurry1 timcurry2 timcurry6 timcurry7

timcurry8 timcurry9

(#DatAss!! :))


timcurry11 timcurry12 timcurry13 timcurry14 timcurry15 timcurry16 timcurry17 timcurry18



timcurry22 timcurry23


News Bleed: The Justin Bieber’s Peen Edition. :)

How-dy, Ho-s!! I had to skip yesterday’s Halloween post (dammit!!), but I’m back on track with daily posts starting…NOW!! 😉 First up, a luscious new News Bleed to help catch you up on the latest Ho-rror Happenings. 🙂

Why I love living in LA, reason 5,987.  LA Times


Your move, Cryptkeeper!!!  Nerdist

Watch Jack Black’s GOOSEBUMPS Rap, ‘‘The Bumps Gonna Goose Ya”

This time it’s really, really personal… AV Club

The Rocky Horror reunion just reminds me that I still wanna bone Tim Curry SO. HARD.  Hollywood Life


Pretty sure I stayed in Handjob Cabin at least once… 😉  Movie Pilot 


Doctor Who radness…In Lego form! 🙂  Radio Times

Every_Doctor_s_Tardis____in_Lego (1)

Having seen at least three folks in this season’s AHS boning and/or high outta their gourds IRL, I couldn’t help cracking up at the “serious” stuffs during the premiere ep. Despite, that, I’m still stoked for this season, and it seems a lot of other folks concur. 🙂 TV Line

gagagaga (1)

I’m ho-nestly not sure which is more Ho-rrific: Justin Bieber’s adequate-sized clit, or his Dad’s tweet about it. 😉 Here and Here



(WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY, Beiber’s Dad????? #TheHorror!!!!)

And now to cleanse the palate a bit, here are the two October Challenge Ho-rror films I watched since my last post, both of which I love the crap outta!! 🙂

Keep it kreepy and have an awesomely wicked weekend, Hallowieners!! 😉 xoxo

Happy (Slightly Belated ;) 40th Birthaversary, Rocky Horror!!

On August 14th 1975, film lovers (and generally awesome folks) gathered together to do the Time Warp again… for the very first time! 🙂



The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the screen adaptation of Richard O’Brien’s stage musical The Rocky Horror Show, escaped into theaters and taught us all not to dream it, but be it.


O’Brien’s show is a fabulous and affectionate tribute to the sci-fi of early cinema. At this point, almost all of us have (happily :)) been eXXXposed to Dr. Frank N. Furter’s odd and sensual creation (as well as Susan Sarandon’s bodacious TaTas).


giphy (8)


From Glee‘s Halloween tribute to the Universal Studios stage show, we’ve all given ourselves over to absolute pleasure. (Some more than others, perhaps, but I digresss… ;))

tumblr_lbp60aX3AD1qeg3l9o1_400 tumblr_lc27ecsE8E1qeg3l9o1_500 tumblr_ld6yia0KWj1qeg3l9o1_500tumblr_lbsef28UFX1qeg3l9o1_400



“Kinky!!!” 😉

BTW, If you’ve never attended one of those legendary midnight shows, you owe it to yourself to check one out, tout suite!! Here’s a handy guide for props you might want to bring, and if you wanna be really badass, here’s an audience participation script fer ya, too. 🙂

diary-images-6609-cropped (1)


Happy belated Birthday, Rocky Horror. Thanks for all the years of rad!! (And for reminding folks how awesome the sci-fi classics are! ;)) xoxo



P.S.- Be sure to check out Shock Treatment, the disgustingly underrated sequel starring Phantom of the Paradise‘s Forever Goddess (Jessica Harper) as
Janet. 🙂 xo