#FBF: The “Adult Swimming with The Tall Man” Edition

You play a good game, boy, but the game is finished. Now… you watch Adult Swim!

In the year of 2004, Adult Swim summoned the late, great Angus Scrimm to ho-st a Halloween marathon of the freakiest episodes of one of Adult Swim’s freakiest shows: Aqua Teen Hunger Force!
Master Scrimm was at his Tall Man best, with a menacing glare and that wonderfully frightful voice. Dressed to kill in black, Scrimm knocks ’em dead with his signature grimaces and a few classic Phantasm quotes sprinkled about. Even in the goofiest setting, there’s nothing like Mr. Scrimm letting out a “BOY!” to freeze the blood and paralyze the soul!
Like Vincent Price before him, it’s clear that he had a “ball” with his ghoulish persona. Each bumper delivers a chill and a wink in a way that only a true Prince of Terror could pull off. Whether in a funeral home or a late night cable spot, The Tall Man knew how to deliver the creeps. Who else but Scrimm could make a shake, some meat, and an order of fries seem so ghastly?

Check out the bumpers/commercials below……if you have the balls! 😉 xoxo

Random Side Note: I totally had a thing for Meatwad back in the day…#MME 😉 xoxo

Fangoria Remembered: 8 Times Fango Invaded the Mainstream

It has often been observed that all things must end, regardless of the emotions and memories they conjure up. Though it may seem trivial to those outside of the horror community, Fangoria’s announcement that they would not be printing another issue was devastating to those of us who devoured each issue long before the Internet became the behemoth it is today. Like Famous Monster of Filmland before it, Fangoria helped create generations of horror-hungry fiends eager for monstrous movie mayhem. While Fangoria may be gone, it’s up to us to keep its legacy of terror alive and screaming. In that spirit, I’d like to dedicate this post to remembering the times that Fangoria penetrated the mainstream like no other horror magazine has done before or since. Fangoria shall never truly die!

The Simpsons

In the episode 22 Short Films About Springfield, bus driver Otto takes a photograph of Lisa Simpson with gum and other icky things caught in her hair, claiming, “Fangoria will pay me twenty-five bucks for this shot!” According to Wikipedia, the picture was published in Fangoria a few months after.

My Chemical Romance – I’m Not Okay (I Promise)

At the beginning of the video, a character states, “You like D’n’D, Audrey Hepburn, Fangoria, Harry Houdini, and croquet. You can’t swim, you can’t dance and you don’t know karate. Face it, you’re never gonna make it”. Sounds like our kind of guy!

Army of Darkness

Proving once again that he’s the grooviest Deadite slaying badass around, Ash keeps Fangoria in his trunk! Bruce Campbell would continue with this Fango appreciation in My Name is Bruce, proving that Fango is the real Book of the Dead!

Death Proof

Tarantino shoots Fango (and Shock Cinema!) a little love in his half of Grindhouse. We love you, ya inglorious basterd!

30 Rock

Frank Rossitano (Judah Friedlander) looks dressed to kill in his Fangoria shirt, seen in Cleveland. That (30) rocks!

Seed of Chucky

What does Chucky read when he needs to masturbate? Fango, of course! This is probably Fangoria‘s greatest cinematic moment, but I’ll let you decide. What a doll!


This is perhaps the only film in which Fangoria actually gets the plot going! The main character orders the titular video game through good ol’ Fango! Mnid-blowing!

Friday the 13th Part III

Before her inevitable, Jason-related demise, Debbie reads a Fangoria! What a great way to go!

Fangs for the memories, Fangoria! You’ll continue to live on in our black hearts like the best movie monsters!

#FBF: The “You Read a Good Fangoria, Boy” Edition

Hiya, Ho-rror Homies! I just a-gore Phantasm, don’t you? That Tall Man certainly had balls! (HA!! #ElviraSpeakOnFleek!! ;))



The Tall Man is one of the baddest badass baddies of the the 1970s, so who better to pimp out Fangoria than this morbid mortician?


That’s Fright, Kinky Ho-mies! Back in the late ’80s, The Tall Man himself suggested we subscribe to the classic ho-rror magazine Fangoria and do you really want to argue with this fiend? 🙂


Actor Angus Scrimm reprises his iconic role as the terrifying Tall Man for the noble cause of selling awesome Fangoria issues! Not only did Mr. Scrimm star in this spot, but he also helped write it! (Boo-ty AND braaaaaaaaains?? #SWOON! :))This nifty little terror treat was filmed  at the same mausoleum as the original Phantasm. The shoot went so seemlessly, it inspired Fangoria to venture into films with Mindwarp, also starring Scrimm!


For your viewing pleasure, here’s The Tall Man and his casket full of Fangoria!

Have a fabulously freaky #FBF feisty fiends!! 😉 xoxoxo