News Bleed: The “Victor Crowley’s Revenge” Edition

Jumpin’ Jiminy Christmas! Martin Scorsese is producing a Joker movie! Deadline

Help George A. Romero get his well-earned Hollywood Walk of Fame star! 🙂 Dread Central

Eli Roth does his spooky thing for a Halloween Horror Nights commercial! People

In the Upside Down, no one can hear you scream… check out this Alien-inspired poster for Stranger Things! Screen Rant

Cult of Chucky “Sets Up World of Infinite Possibilities” for the franchise’s future. 🙂 Bloody Disgusting

The Doctor is in… the new Thor: Ragnarok trailer gets Strange. 🙂 comicbook

Victor Crowley returns in this teaser for the Hatchet reboot! 🙂 Entertainment Weekly

News bleed: The “Whistling Past the Sematary” Edition

Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, AND Chucky unite to spread fear at Universal Halloween Horror Nights! 🙂 Dread Central

The house that inspired Pet Sematary is now on sale! 🙂 Today

Speaking of Pet Sematary, the IT director wants to dig up that King Klassic! io9

Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D is set to have its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival 2017! Billboard

Stranger Things are afoot this Halloween season. 🙂 Bloody Disgusting

Mother Fearest… Check out the trailer for Darren Aronofsky’s Mother! 🙂 Variety

News Bleed: The “Comic Con Catch-Up” Edition

Ho-wdy, Kinky Kreeps! Another San Diego Comic Con has bitten the dust, but we’re here to give you some of the biggest Noose from the event! In addition to this post, we will also be covering DC’s big reveals and the coolest monster toys of the con! So, without any further A-BOO…

Scream Factory will unleash all sorts of monstrosities, including Silent Night Deadly Night, Drag Me to Hell, The Darkman Sequels, Misery, and Attack of the Puppet People!  :) Daily Dead

Blumhouse & Todd McFarlane makes a deal with the Devil to summon Spawn! DeadlineSan Diego becomes ScareDiego! Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema keep it creepy with IT, the very first footage of The Nun, Annabelle: Creation, Q&As and scene descriptions! Here are the Q&As/scene descriptions! 🙂 Dread Central

The new The Walking Dead trailer gets bloody. 🙂 The Verge

Darkness falls across the land in the new Stranger Things trailer. 🙂 Variety

Robot Chicken takes a bite out of The Walking Dead. 🙂 UPROXX

Harley Quinn takes over Batman Day this year! 🙂 Polygon

Michelle Pfeiffer is The Wasp, Captain Marvel loves the ’90s, Skrulls attack, Infinity War, Black Panther, and new footage… Check out everything Marvel unveiled! BBC

News Bleed: The “Twisty’s House of Horror” Edition

You can’t keep a bad clown down… Twisty returns to American Horror Story! 🙂 Deadline
Zenescope Comic-Con Exclusive Variants and gelato… this is probably the best story ever! PICK ME, ZENESCOPE!!!! 🙂 Bleeding Cool

Stranger Things are coming… premiere date and teaser revealed! Hollywood Reporter

DC will get spooky this Halloween with the new House of Horror anthology! 🙂 Nerdist

Speakin’ o’ Halloween, Spirit Halloween teases some new Tricks and Treats (and I’ve pre-ordered what is probably waaaaaaaaaaaay too many of them ;)). Bloody Disgusting

Groovy… The Daughter of Ash is coming to Ash vs. Evil Dead! 🙂 Screen Rant

The Umbrella Academy heads to Netflix! 🙂 io9

Michael Jackson gets animated in a new Halloween special! Rolling Stone

News Bleed: The “Applause for Jaws” Edition

Hatchet slashes its way back to theater for its 10th anniversary! 🙂 Entertainment Weekly

These unearthed photos from the unaired Nightmare on Elm Street reality show are a dream! 🙂 Bloody Disgusting

The Alien: Covenant Blu Ray will be bursting with unseen footage! Digital Spy

Sink your teeth into Mondo’s vinyl release of the Jaws soundtrack! /FILM

Shhh… a new image from It appears on the cover of a French magazine. CBR

Stranger Things are afoot at Funko. 🙂 Dread Central

News Bleed: The “Dark Tower Boogie” Edition

The Thing is getting the board game treatment! 🙂 Digital Spy

Scream Factory unleashes a fog of John Carpenter Steelbooks! 🙂 Dread Central
The Mummy is lookin’ scary in this new featurette. 🙂 /Film

Ellen Page gives zombies the axe in The Third Wave. Bloody Disgusting

Stranger Things is about to get a lot scarier…Just the way we like it! 🙂 io9

Shaw returns! Check her out in this Alien: Covenant prologue. 🙂 Empire

The Gunslinger finally rides into town with this trailer for The Dark Tower! 🙂

News Bleed: The “Stranger Friday” Edition

The Friday the 13th reboot has shut down and Mah Boo is not happy! 🙁 Hollywood Reporter

Stranger Things will happen on Halloween. 🙂 CBS News

Sarah Paulson is on the hunt for a serial killer in Lost Girls. 🙂 Entertainment Weekly

The Suspiria remake has finished filming and is heading Europeon Film MarketTilda Swinton and Jessica Harper together?! Sold! 🙂 Bloody Disgusting

Don’t Breathe director Fede Alvarez has formed Bad Hombre and genre fans rejoice! 🙂 Variety

The Life Super Bowl spot goes full Alien. /FILM

And on a bummer note, Mr. Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica) has passed away. xoxo  Bleeding Cool

News Bleed: The “Thank You, John Hurt” Edition. :(

First, some happy stuffs:

Stranger Things will happen when Millie Bobby Brown meets Godzilla! 🙂 COMINGSOON.NET


Scream again with Drew Barrymore! 🙂 Dread Central

Trick or Treat Studios are about to give us Goosebumps! 🙂 Bloody Disgusting


Samara scares again on NBC’s Today. 🙂 New York Daily News


Jason lives… Friday the 13th begins shooting in Spring! 🙂 Movieweb


And, sadly, John Hurt has passed away….Thank you for everything, literal Sir. xoxoxo Daily Mail

johnhurtjohnhurt2tumblr_n6hmrxZMrv1s7lccgo8_500 Elephantjohn-hurt


Goon Review- Stranger Things, Chapter Five: The Flea and the Acrobat

(I have now finished watching this whole season, but I won’t say anything to spoil it for those who haven’t, eXXXcept that it is awesome!!!! 🙂 Here’s Mr. Andrew Peters’s slightly more detailed take on Chapter 5…Thanks, my friendly fiend!! 😉 xoxo)


Alright, a lot has happened on Stranger Things. Lots of emotions and especially a lot of twists and turns and some things need to be answered. Not right away, of course. That would spoil all the fun, but halfway through the series and things are getting pretty intense, most specifically with Will’s situation. We know at this point he’s alive in that other world and it almost seems like they can reach him, but how? The fifth chapter, The Flea and the Acrobat, slows things down just a bit to let us catch our breath and to further delve into important things that will shape the outcome of the series.


Last time we saw Hopper, he was pulling a B&E at Hawkins Lab and being the wiley ex-big town cop that he was, he manages to get past some guards with a little brute force and cunning and does some exploring. He finds the portal or the nest, whatever you want to call it, to the other world, but before he can investigate any further, he’s knocked out by masked men only to wake up at his place, which looks like he needs to hire a maid. He immediately begins checking in the mirror for puncture marks from a needle and starts tearing his place apart. This possibly hints at Hopper’s past, suggesting that maybe he was something more than a cop at some point. His paranoia pays off as he finds his place is bugged, but his place isn’t the only one that’s being listened closely to. Dr. Brenner has a crew of people listening to places all over town, like the school. Looks like the radio was bugged, so the boys conversation with Will was recorded and they now know El is with them. I foresee an E.T. type moment in the future.


Using their D&D knowledge – something I love that they keep tying into the science behind the show – they realize Will is on a mirrored side of our world. It’s the exact same except that it’s a dark world that breeds evil. The question is, how to travel there and who would know how to do a certain thing? Theoretically, of course. How about good ol’ Mr. Clarke? Their science teacher who clearly loves the subject he teaches and even let the boys use the ham radio. We haven’t seen much of him in a while, but now it’s time for a visit. The boys question Mr. Clarke about how they would travel to such a world and he explains in a very nerdy way that gets your inner-nerd gasming, but in order to do so, a gate would have to exist… Hmm, seems like that town might have a few of those, but where to find it? Back in the basement, Dustin steps out from the limelight and notices that something is disrupting the compasses as they aren’t pointing towards North, but to something with a much greater pull. That has to be the gate! I had a genuine proud moment, not only because nerds once again overcame something with science, but because the show, with as many characters as it has, let’s each one step forward and do something unique and it was good to see Dustin be of a big use. They hop on their bikes and look for this gate, but Lucas realizes that El has been manipulating the compasses out of fear of refinding the gate. This causes Mike to get in a tussle with his buddy, bringing El to aid him in the duel and throws Lucas back with her mind powers. Oof, bad call, El.


Time to break the tension of the kids and see what our junior detectives, Jonathan and Nancy, are up to. The two meet up after Will’s funeral and it seems like Nancy has been doing some homework. Showing Jonathan on a map of all the places the creature has attacked, the two realize they are relatively close and decide to go on a hunt. Turns out, they aren’t the only ones hunting as they come across a dying deer. Jonathan, having obtained a goddamn .357 Magnum, is about to mercy kill the poor thing when suddenly it’s dragged off quickly by the creature. I had to say, I saw this moment coming, but I still jumped. I’m also not a fan of deers as they destroy my garden, but I don’t want to see a creature suffer, even though it’s a fake deer. Deciding to track it down, Nancy stumbles upon a familiar looking gooey, womb-like looking thingy in a tree.


Joyce kinda isn’t given much to do this chapter, but given everything else going on, it’s understandable. We see Lonnie, Will and Jonathan’s father and who hasn’t had really anything to do in the show so far, trying to move himself back into the home. I have to wonder with everything going on if the show even has room for another side plot or if he’s going to play a more substantial role. Well, looks like he only wanted to move in to get some kind of money for having a dead kid, which Joyce thinks is rather sleazy, mostly because it is. She powers up to over 9000 and gives that bum the boot, so… is that it? That side plot may have been dumped quick. Anyway, the Hopinator (that’s Hopper) shows up to tell Nancy about his recent revelation regarding Will’s body.


The chapter ends with El, all sad and making you sad because she’s sad, having a flashback about “the bath.” In an attempt to spy those cursed Ruskies (no offense to any Russian readers if we have any, but hey, it was the Cold War) and see what they are up to. The bath is kinda like that tube Luke Skywalker is submerged in wearing that diaper to heal after his battle with the wompa on Hoth, except it’s all metal. Ok, so it’s just a giant metal tube filled with water. Upon reaching what seems to be a very important general in the Russian Army, El hears the howl and snarls of the beasts and this makes Dr. Brenner all the more curious. What I’m curious about is what agency the good doctor works for and why they decided to stop focusing on spying on the Russian’s and focusing on the creatures. Perhaps as a weapon?

Seems like everyone has made some kind of discovery, but there is a rift happening between our group of favorite kids. It makes me feel somber knowing they are fighting and I want to see them resolve their issues and what fate lies for Nancy after discovering a gate? What do Nancy and Hopper plan on doing now that they know something particular about the body? Oh Stranger Things, I guess I’ll have to keep watching!

Goon Review- Stranger Things, Chapter Four: The Body

(Part of an ongoing series on the series by Andrew Peters…Thanks, ho-mie. Netflix and chill? 😉 xoxo)

Did the last episode leave you heartbroken and in tears? Well good, that’s the sign of a good show. If Stranger Things hasn’t drawn you in by now emotionally and has you totally interested, then you aren’t human. Chapter Four, called The Body, opens like you’re recovering from a gut punch, only to be hit a harder time, but as the episode goes on, you recover from that punch and you’re pissed off and you want to do something about it.


Immediately, we see Hopper breaking the news to Joyce about the identity of the body, but she is in total denial, telling him that she has been hearing her son speak to her and then there was that monster that came out of the wall. Of course, Hopper thinks that she’s cracking and at this point, you might believe it too. We’re only halfway through the series, so it would be an interesting twist if Joyce is actually going bonkers. This scene is made about a thousand times more sad by having the song Atmosphere by Joy Division playing over it. I’m a huge Joy Division fan and my mind goes to the end of the Ian Curtis biopic, Control.


Well hey, let’s keep things sad for a little bit. Like, you know that cute little romance between Mike and El? Let’s throw a wrench in that for a moment, as Mike screams at El, believing that she was lying to him about Will’s fate. I can’t tell you how heartbreaking this is. It’s like watching your best friend and that girlfriend he had that was really awesome breaking up. Luckily at this point the show knows it’s played with your heart too long and suddenly Will’s voice crackles over the radio, thanks to El and her amazing superpowers…and her love for Mike. It’s so adorable. These two better kiss by the end of the season, I swear. This later gives the boys the idea that maybe if they had a stronger radio, maybe the could contact Will! But where to find one? You remember that ham radio their teacher had in the first episode? What, did you think they were going to introduce it and not use it? That’s called Chekov’s Gun, son. This leads the boys into disguising El so that they can sneak her to school, and Stranger Things takes full advantage of a typical, stylized ‘80s fashion montage and it’s pretty funny.


Now for the moment of truth. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Was that Will’s body that was found? While waiting for Joyce to ID the body in the morgue, which she doesn’t believe it is, because he is missing his birthmark, Hopper learns that it was someone from the “state” that performed the autopsy. This stirs up his suspicions, while Jonathan tries to get his mother to sign the death certificate, she refuses and believes her son is still out there. Hop starts to think maybe she isn’t nuts and it’s fairly obvious at this point that she isn’t. Well, at least to us, but to everyone else, call the men in white coats.This is when you see Hopper’s habits of the big city cop shine as he takes it onto himself to conduct a private investigation by heading to the bar and befriending the doctor who performed the autopsy and questions him Dirty Harry style, but a mysterious black car spoils most of the information he was trying to squeeze out of the dirtbag. Who could it be? The answer is obvious, but also questionable. Needing answers, Hopper heads back to the morgue to get a conclusion and upon inspecting the body, he discovers what he and Joyce feared all along…


Back at school, the boys finally get some justice at an assembly for Will. Overhearing the bullies making fun of Will (who they still believe is dead), Mike charges them and pushes one of them over. Things start to get really heated as it looks like the bully is about to charge Mike and beat the crap out of him, but he seems to freeze in place, almost like Professor X is controlling him. Well, it’s this movie’s equivalent of Xavier. El has him locked in place, but instead of knocking him back, promoting violence and blowing her cover, she makes the bully wet himself. It’s a hilarious moment, but one I’m also very proud of. Violence, especially amongst kids is never a good thing and would have been an odd turn for the series, but to give the bully a taste of his own medicine, some good ol’ fashioned public humiliation was a good trick and a much-needed moment of victory and comic relief.


We haven’t talked about Nancy at all, since she didn’t have much to do, except for a pretty pivotal part of the series. While being questioned at the police station, she pieces together one of the photos Steve ripped up of Barb and notices something very spooky in the background. Something that doesn’t look human. She tells Jonathan about it and he thinks it’s the same creature his mother has been raving about. And to wrap things up, Joyce hears Will’s voice from within the wall at her home and rips apart the wallpaper only to reveal a womb like thing we see a familiar face that sends Joyce in a frenzy, but the wall heals back up. All this is going on while Hopper returns back to the lab to bust in and bust some heads.


Seems like this series is at its peak with excitement, answering more questions while asking more. At this point, I’m totally hooked and I can’t wait to see what happens next.