Happy Birthday, Elvira!

Happy Birthday to the sassy lassie with the classy chassis… Elvira, Mistress of the Dark!!

Yes, Kreeps… the forever gore-geous Cassandra Peterson turned a fabulous 66(6) today, so it’s time to skull-ebrate!

We talk about Elvira A LOT on this site, but that’s only because there would be no Kinky Horror without her! She was (and is) a major influence on all of us spooky cats here! Her killer style, her wicked puns, her… uh, two big pumpkins… Elvira is definitely one of the coolest ghouls in the graveyard and our most HeXXXcellent inspiration! Whether she’s hosting scary shock schlock on TV or vamping it up at theme parks, Elvira will always be our Queen of Halloween. 🙂

In ho-nor of Cassandra/Elvira, we’ve gathered up some of our favorite Elvira Ho-st segments to showcase her eternal badassery. Enjoy 🙂

So Much Spoopy Music!!!

Happy All Hallow’s Eve, Haunted Ho-mies!! It’s finally our weekend to raise Halloween Heck, so I figured I’d help you make a playlist to get you in the proper spirit. 🙂


This started out as a Top 10, then went to a Top 13, but eventually I just said “screw it” because there’s soooooooo much awesome Halloween music out there! I could go on forever with this, but here is a (relatively ;)) small sampling of some of my favorite Halloween Harmonies, in no particular order. (EXXXcept for the first one, which might just be my favorite Halloween-only song of all time! :)) I also didn’t include Thriller or Monster Mash because they are basically everywhere at the moment, and I wanted to give a little credit to some of the lesser-sung Ho-rrorday ditties. 🙂

Ho-pefully this’ll get ya feelin’ festive, Ho-rror Homies, so you can go forth and have a Happy/Hardcore Halloween weekend…Hugs!! 🙂 xoxoxo