#SeXXXOnSunday: The Odd Jobs Edition

(Submitted by Smutmaster Eric, of corpse! 🙂 Thanks, Mr. E, and Happy Sunday Funday to all you Kinky Ho-mies! 😉 xoxo)

Dirty Deeds (2014)

Co-workers Carrie (Stormy Daniels) and Justin (Xander Corvus) are both in need of some extra money. Carrie’s looking for her own place, after discovering her boyfriend’s secret sex tape and Justin’s saving for an expensive engagement ring to satisfy his obnoxious girlfriend. As a result, they begin working odd jobs for extra money.

More Cast: Ryan Driller, Dahlia Skye, Gabrielle Paltrova, Erik Everhard, Misty Stone, Daniel Hunter & Joanna Angel.


There’s no real surprise what direction the storyline goes, but it has good sex scenes and is very funny. Stormy and Xander are both good throughout, but it’s Joanna Angel that steals the show in a hilarious non-sex role. I promise it won’t feel like a job watching it and I’m sure you’ll make a sticky mess!

Rating: Smiths, The 3.5 stars of 

#SeXXXOnSunday: The Civil War & Incivility Edition

(Submitted by Smutmaster Eric…Thanks, Kinky Ho-mie, and Happy Sunday Funday to all my Kinky Kreeps! 🙂 xoxo)

Captain America: A XXX Parody (2016)

Featuring: Peta Jensen & Charles Dera

Black Widow enters a building, then Tony Stark appears. He asks her to call Captain America, because he won’t answer his calls. When they’re all together, Stark says a General has ordered them to stay in this place they think looks like a prison. An argument, short fight, and sex follow.

A Sluttier Future for All (2013)

In a near-dystopian future, the nymphos are sluttier than you could ever imagine. Ashton Pierce and Bonnie Rotten are the rival gangleaders of their college gone crazy. They get their hands on the foreign exchange student (Marco Banderas), and find out the hard way he’s got enough inches to keep them both happy.

#SexOnSunday: The “We Are Groin” Edition

(Submitted by Smutmaster Eric…who, for the record, has a vastly different POV of the actual Guardians of the Galaxy than yours truly. It’s in my personal Top 3 comic movies, so I’m definitely going to be checking this parody out based on Eric’s glowing rec…Thanks, Kinky Ho-miebot! 🙂 xoxo)

Gnardians of the Galaxy (2015)

Running Length: 46 Mins.


Aaron Wilcox as Pecker Quill / Star Load
Daisy Ducati as Gamwhora
Shane Diesel as Crax
April O’Neil as Rocket Raccooch
AJ as Groin

We meet Star Load in the process of stealing the “Infinity Bone” orb. After it’s in his possession, he’s interrupted by Kokrath (Tabitha Stevens) who wants it for herself. He gets by her and is next seen on a prison planet called “The Kum.” He joins forces with the other heroes and the sexy space adventure takes off!


Gnardians is somewhat shorter than Guardians of the Galaxy, but overall more entertaining. The big budget hit didn’t have a marvelous moment and I couldn’t find an interesting trait between the five heroes. In the parody the dialogue is funnier and the characterizations a lot more enjoyable. I like the make-up, how the villain is defeated, the original theme song heard during the opening credits and its two sexual scenes are more exciting than watching numerous dull battle sequences.

Rating  out

Can be viewed for free on Woodrocket.com and is on the DVD Gnardians Of The Galaxy And Other Porn Parodies.

#SexOnSunday: The Big Winner Edition

(Submitted by our Master o’ Smut, Eric…Thanks, Kinky Ho-mie!!:) xoxo)

Feeling Lucky (2014)

A spunky young woman (Rilynn Rae) saddled with unemployment, financial problems and a poseur boyfriend wins the Powerball lottery. But with economic independence comes all kinds of shady characters looking for a handout – beware!

Supporting Players: Michael Vegas, India Summer, Claire Robbins, Seth Gamble, Mr. Pete and others.


An amusing comedy about how becoming wealthy can improve your life and cause you problems, when people just want your $$$. Rilynn Rae is a charming protagonist that does a nice job handling an assortment of characters with good and bad intentions.

You won’t feel richer for watching it, but you can pretend you’re cumming onto a big cardboard check. Worked for me!

Rating  out

#SexOnSunday: The Possessive Edition

(Submitted by our beloved Smutmaster Eric…Thank you, Kinky McHo-mieton! 🙂 xoxo)

Crime of Passion (2014)

Jordan (Casey Calvert) is the pretty new girl in school, who begins a relationship with Matt (Xander Corvus). Little does she know, however, that Matt has been having a steamy affair with his chemistry teacher Cynthia (Stormy Daniels) and she’s possessive of her boy toy. When Matt tries to break it off with the teacher, jealousy turns to blind rage.

Supporting Players: Veronica Avluv, Richie Calhoun, Johnny Castle, Kimber Day, Amanda Tate & Tommy Pistol.


It’s an entertaining crime/drama from Stormy, worthy of your time. Her cast gave good performances, I liked all of the sex scenes, it features some unexpected plot developments and has a couple of suspenseful sequences.

Your mind will not be blown, but your load will be. (“Ha!” -Diana)

Rating  out

Countdown to Halloween: The High-Powered Edition. ;)

(IT’S SO CLOSE I CAN TASTE IT!!! Poor choice of words when posting about a TCM parody, perhaps, but I careth not…HALLOWEEN WEEK IS SO TOTALLY -close enough to- HERE!!!!! To help us prep in traditional #SeXXXOnSunday fashion is Smustmaster Eric…Thanks for this, Kinky Ho-mie!! I can’t believe I haven’t seen this one yet, but I’m so in now!! #ThatsWhatHeSaid… 😉 xoxo)

The Texas Vibrator Massacre (Rob Rotten, 2008)


A group of friends take a detour while traveling through rural Texas and encounter a vibrator-wielding maniac and his family.

Featuring: Roxy Deville, Daisy Tanks, Rob Rotten, Ruby Knox, Seth Dickens, Bella Lynn, Jack Vegas, Jamie Elle, Leatherface & Herschel Savage.






Countdown to Halloween: The Tents and Titties Edition, Part 1

(You know I wouldn’t go into postin’ mode w/out leavin’ ya with a bit o’smut, especially on #SexxxySunday! 😉 Big Hugs to Eric for this tent-tillating pictorial. 😉 xoxo)
Featuring: Jill Evyn & Stacie Lambert
Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan (2013)
paulbun paulbun2 paulbun3 paulbun4 paulbun5 paulbun6 paulbun7 paulbun8 paulbun9 paulbun10

Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1988)

teenw teenw2 teenw3 teenw4 teenw5 teenw6 teenw7 teenw8 teenw9 teenw10

Ho-stess’s PS- Since we’re talkin’ tents n’ titties, I HAD to include my friend Allison (Kyler) in Maneater (2009). I’ve known her since she was about 6 or so, and I’m so proud of her for Scream Queen-iness!! 😉 xoxo

maneater1 maneater2 maneater3

Countdown to Halloween: The Anthology Edition

(Submitted by Eric…Thanks, Smutmaster General, and Happy #SeXXXySunday, Kinky Ho-bots! 🙂 xoxo)

This Ain’t American Horror Story XXX (2015)

ahsxxxThe bondage suit is. . . alive. The girl is an intruder. Two nuns and a dehydrated demon. Conjoined twins and a perverted clown. A witch, a priestess, and a dark spirit with very bad sinus problems. Witness the depraved and the wicked. . .

Murder House

Featuring: Zoey Monroe


mhxxx mhxxx2 mhxxx3


Featuring: Pristine Edge, Sarah Vandella, Ryan Driller

asylum2 asylum3 asylum4 asylum5 asylum6 asylum7


Featuring: Dahlia Sky, Kira Noir, Sean Michaels


coven2 coven3 coven4 coven5

Freak Show

Featuring: Twisty the Clown (nonsex), Scott Lyons & Penny Brooks (oral only)

fsxxx fsxxx2 fsxxx4

Ho-stess’s PS– I had no idea they shot the AHS parody this way. I’m totally adding this tit-le to the neXXXt round of Karnal Kombat!! 🙂 xoxo

Countdown to Halloween: The Medical Attention Edition, Part 1

(Submitted for your #SeXXXySunday viewing pleasure by Eric, Smutmaster at Large…Thanks, my Super Kinky Ho-miebot!! You have totally inspired me to get back on the Karnal Kombat train…Porn MUST Kontinue to be reviewed in a Komical fashion !!!!!! 😉 xoxo)

An American Werewolf in London (1981)


Nurse Alex Price (, ) & Nurse Susan Gallagher (Anne-Marie Davies)

awil2 awil3 awil4 awil5

Body Snatchers (1993, 1994 US)


Marti Malone (Gabrielle Anwar)

bodys2 bodys3 bodys4 bodys5

An American Werewolf in London XXX (2012)


Nurse Susan Gallagher (Sophie Dee), Nurse Alex Price (Lexi Ward) & Doctor Hirsch (Ben English)

awilx2 awilx3 awilx4 awilx5 awilx6 awilx7 awilx8 awilx9 awilx10 awilx11

Ho-stess’s PS- I knew this silliness from one of my many Porn-Doc Adventures would cum in hand-y one day!!! 😉 xoxo

pinkdoc pinkdoc2 pinkdoc3

(This pic is soooooo embarr-ass-ing, btw…I totally waXXX now!!! 😉 xoxo)

#SexOnSunday: The “Captain’s Log” Edition

Hiya, Ho-mies!! It’s still Sunday here in Hell-A, so here’s a lil’ #SexOnSunday action fer ya, courtesy of Smutmaster Eric. (Thanks, you freaky fiend, you!! 🙂 xoxo)

Star Trix: Deep Penetration (2009)

trixIt runs just 63 mins, is funny, has very cheap sets and three good sex scenes. If Ed Wood made an XXX Star Trek parody, it might’ve been somewhat like this. (“So. In!!!” 🙂 -D.P.)

The U.S.S. Intercourse receives a transmission from the ambassador of planet Nofun. They’re unable to stop a terrible mutant named Gore that’s wreaking havoc, so Captain Dirk (Jack Lawrence) agrees to help. Things don’t go exactly as planned when Scotty (Alex Knight) accidently beams him to the wrong dimension where he meets the sexy A Vocado (Jayden James), a very welcoming alien.

trix2trix3While Dirk is loving her hospitality Scotty disrupts the good time and beams him to planet Nofun, sans pants. He runs around and fights for a bit until he’s sent back to her. (It’s uncommon in porn to see a male performer acting for a few minutes with his flaccid dick exposed. Jack humorously plays this fight sequence.)


trix5 trix6 trix7 trix8

After returning to the U.S.S. Intercourse, Captain Dirk heads to the medical bay to check on Uhora (Taylor Star), who has come down with a serious case of “small cocks.”  (“Ha!!! This is brilliant!!!” :)) The ship’s doctor (Alex Gonz) knows just how to cure her. (If this was a ’70s parody you might hear some bad music, but the budget seems too low for that.)

trix9 trix10 trix11 trix12 trix13Later…

Dirk is on the Bridge with other crew members and a female Stringon named Huge Rak (Ryder Skye). She doesn’t want to give them any information, so Shock (Charles Dera) goes where no Vulcan has gone before to get her to tell them what she knows.

trix14trix15 trix16 trix17 trix18 trix19

(That face a Vulcan makes just after sex. It’s the same face he made before sex.)


(“Ha!!” :))

Ho-stess’s PS– Also taken in 2009, I think. ‘Twas a Trek-tastic year, apparently. 🙂