#MonsterMovieMonday: Nightmare Castle (1965)

Ho-wdy, Kinky Kreeps!

Just another #MonsterMonday here at Kinky Ho-rror! This week, we’re worshiping at the Crimson Altar of the High Priestess of Gothic Ho-rror, Barbara Steele!

Ms. Steele is, without a doubt, THE Queen of cl-Ass-Sick Ho-rror Cinema. Her piercing eyes, her haunting presence, her ghost-like grace…Barbara always looked like she was about to Steele your soul! No coffin could hold her and no force on Earth could stop her! She held her own against the likes of Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, and Barnabas Collins! Both ho-rror heroine and ho-rrific monster, Steele is a true fright icon.

Today’s terror tale is Nightmare Castle and it features Goddess Steele at her most frightful. The Gothic Queen does double duty as both the doe-eyed Jenny and the ghostly Muriel… and kills it as both!

It’s an old-fashioned sort of story: castles, romance, and… ghosts! A cozy little tale that’s just perfect for this most ghoulish of seasons. With mad science, fiendish torture, surreal nightmares, and an Ennio Morricone score that sounds like it was composed by The Phantom of the Opera, this is film is pure Gothic bliss. And if Steele’s creeptacular performance doesn’t frighten you, you’re already dead!
Do you dare spend the night at… Nightmare Castle?!

Happy #MonsterMovieMonday, Kreeps!! 🙂

Day Five: Ho-rror Royalty. :)

On the fifth day of Cryptmas my Ghoul Love gave to me…

Five Nekkid Scream Queens. <33333333333333



(Four of which can be seen in the simultaneosly shot Ho-liday Classics Scream Queens Naked Christmas and Santa Claws


sqnc6 sqnc4


scream-queens-naked-christmas-1996-christine-cavalier-nude Rochon

…and the fifth being the most classic Queen in all of Ho-liday Scream-dom, Mr. Linnea Quigley from the immortal masterpiece, Silent Night, Deadly Night. #WCE <333333 )


Linnea Quigley - Silent Night Deadly Night - 2_2 Linnea Quigley - Silent Night Deadly Night - 2_3-500 Linnea Quigley - Silent Night Deadly Night - 2_4-500

Four Calling Killers 


(none of whom were wearing this abomination… ;))

Three Mutant Bewbs


Two Horny Elves


And a Psycho Santa from Classic TV. 



(That still is from the movie version, but it’s also awesome so I’m countin’ it! ;)) xoxox