#TBT: The “Darkman on Auto-Pilot” Edition

They destroyed everything he had, everything he was. Now, crime has a new enemy and justice has a new face… and it ain’t Liam Nesson’s! It ain’t even Arnold Vosloo’s!

Who is Darkman? Well, he’s only the most ho-rrifying hero of them all! Part Phantom of the Opera! Part The Shadow! All Raimi!

Yes, indeed! Darkman was created by Sam “Evil Dead” Raimi after he couldn’t get the rights to Walter B. Gibson’s The Shadow. What Raimi came up with is a dark (duh.) figure that’s halfway between a monster and a pulpy superhero. The resulting film, 1990’s Darkman, is a bugnutty rollercoaster ride of a film, filled with bizarro humor, gruesome gags, and insane editing/camerawork that would feel at home in an Evil Dead film. In short, it’s dark magic.
The film was hit at the box office, so Universal was lookin’ to turn Darkman into a franchise hero. While sequels would come later, the first attempt to have Darkman come out of the shadows again was an unaired television pilot. The pilot featured the late, but oh-so-great great Larry Drake reprising his role as the villainous Durant and Chrisopher Bowen taking over as Darkman.
While it’s not exactly perfect, the Darkman pilot is an interesting piece of the character’s history. Bowen’s no Liam Neeson (the OG), but I’m always in favor of making characters more British-y! 😉
The pilot serves as a reboot to the story, but attempts to keep the tone of the movie. Heck, they even use footage from it! It’s pretty goofy in that wonderful early ’90s way and features Larry Drake being Larry Drake. I’d give it…

Give into the Darkness and check out the pilot below:

Side Note: Happy Birthday, Groovy Bruce Campbell!!! 🙂 xoxoxo

#WetWednesday: The April Showers Edition

(Submitted by Smutmaster Eric…Thanks, Kinky Ho-meister! 🙂 xoxo)

Featuring: Kirsten Dunst, Rutger Hauer, Chanel Preston & Bill Bailey.

Spider-Man (2002)

This is best wet T-shirt scene in a PG-13 movie!

Real Wife Stories Vol. 16 (2013)

Chanel’s Dirty Secrets (2012)

It starts with her looking directly into camera and telling us about her unfaithful wife fantasy.

In the scenario she’s driving on a dark and desolate road, being followed by another car. Her voice-over lets us know she’s busy a wife (or just absentminded) so she’s forgotten to put gas in it. Instead of staying inside, she gets out, then calls her husband. Unable to reach him, she leaves a message about going to look for a station.;

Blade Runner (1982)

Roy’s monologue is the greatest of all the moments in it!

Ho-stess’s PS- Here’s a shower snap I don’t believe I ever posted…

Happy Birthday, Evil Dead II!

Thirty years ago on this very night, a force of evil beyond description was unleashed upon the human race and it continues to swallow the souls of the innocent to this very day… 

That force was Evil Dead II and it remains a favorite among lovers of the terrifically hilarious. Serving as both a sequel and a remake of sorts, Evil Dead II goes back the original and throws a pie in its face. With inspiration taken from both H.P. Lovecraft and The Three Stooges, this film is a freak show of cartoon violence, slapstick splatter, monstrous monsters, and surreal visuals… and still manages to be darn creepy! Evil Dead II is a ghost train through the warped minds of co-writers Sam Raimi and Scott Spiegel, the former also being the film’s director. In their cinematic funhouse, corpses dance in the night, furniture laughs in maniacal glee, the human hand turns against the body, blood sprays from any source, and madness is king. With very little money, Raimi and his team created a wonderfully nightmarish, visually brilliant,  and utterly strange film that rivals the sights and frights of any “A”  horror picture. On top of all that greatness, it also gave us the Bruce Campbell we all adore today, one-liners and all. After all these years, Evil Dead II is still… groovy.

Take a look behind-the-screams:

Sam Raimi thinks this film will “grab” you:

News Bleed: The “Kaijubusters” Edition

Mother Pus Bucket! A Ghostbusters deleted scene has been unearthed! 🙂 /FILM

I freaking love Donald Glover. (And he’s doing Lion King stuff or something… ;)) MTV

Prepare to Purge again in 2018. 🙂 IGN

Anne Hathaway channels her inner Kaiju for this Colossal trailer. 🙂  Entertainment Weekly

Sam Raimi may be taking us on a trip to the Bermuda Triangle. Hollywood Reporter

American Horror Story Season 7 will deal with something truly horrific… Slate

Is Mel Gibson leading the Suicide Squad? Los Angeles Times

On a sad note, WWE Hall of Famer and Ed Wood star George “The Animal” Steele and Twin Peaks actor Warren Frost have both passed away…R.I.P, gentlemen. xoxo Variety

News Bleed: The Alien Vs. Mummy Edition

Johnny Depp, Sam Raimi, David Lynch, and other peeps are making a zombie short with teen cancer patient Anthony Conti and the world is more awesome for it! 🙂 Bloody Disgusting


Ridley Scott bringing Alien terror our way! Deadline


Resident Evil 7 looks super freaking sweet!!!! IGN


The Mummy lives again! 🙂 Bleeding Cool


Lestat is creeping to the small screen! 🙂 Hollywood Reporter


Fritz Weaver (Creepshow, The Twilight Zonehas passed away. 🙁  New York Times


Alice Drummond (Ghostbusters has also passed away. 🙁 A.V. Club


Valerie Gaunt (Horror of Dracula, Curse of Frankenstein) has also passed away…Seriously, #FuckYou2016. 🙁  Tim Lucas / Video Watch Blog


(Seemed Appropriate 😉 xoxo)


The new Daredevil trailer came (hehe ;)) out today and it is GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Behold the eXXXtreme magic and wonder:

Also, it’s been confirmed that Lucy Lawless (#WCEEEEEEEE!!!) is going to be in Ash vs. Evil Dead!!!




(I am a VERY happy fangirl today!!!!!! :)) xoxoxoxo

The New Poltergeist Trailer is Heeeeeeeeeeere…


Personally, I love and trust the crap outta Sam Raimi, so I’m super looking forward to it purely because of his involvement. It’s eXXXtremely hard (hehe ;)) to imagine anyone topping the original greatness, but I’m very eXXXcited to see ’em try! 🙂

Nothing beats classic Ho-rror trailers, though, regardless, so here’s a reminder of how badass the original version of Poltergeist was. (The voiceover alone is enough to send happy chills up my spine… :)) xoxo

Evil Things. :)

You’ve probably heard about the upcoming Evil Dead TV show by now, but here’s some eXXXtra info on it for ya JIC you want to relive the glory…It’s never too late (or early) to celebrate the awesomeness! 🙂



Also, whoever came up with this insane “Evilstick” thing is my hero, and I am making it my mission to own one of these beauties! (FYI, it’s currently selling on Ebay for $76.00 and counting. That’s a heck of a mark up from its original Dollar Store asking price, but it’s SO FREAKING WORTH IT!!!!!!! <333333333333333)



And whilst I’m posting about sticks that rock, this is my BOOMSTICK, you primitive screwheads!!! 😉 xoxo