Happy (Actual) Birthday, Jessica Harper!!!!!!

12074788_514250872076222_2726234343440072351_nA Very Happy Birthday to Jessica Harper (October 3rd, despite the WRONG info listed on her IMDB page), one of the world’s most amazing actresses of all time, ever!! J-Harp (as I like to call her :)) has appeared in some of the most bizarre films to receive mainstream releases, including Woody Allen’s Stardust Memories, Pennies from Heaven (with Steve Martin), the insanely overlooked Rocky Horror Picture Show follow-up Shock Treatment, a badass episode of Tales from the Crypt (that grossed me out so much when I was little!!!), the brilliantly bonkers Phantom of the Paradise (#BeefLives!!), and the Queen of Italian Ho-rror pictures, Dario Argento’s Suspiria!!!


As Suzy Bannion in Suspiria, she achieves the rare feat of portraying innocence without ignorance or naïveté, while possessing a knowing look and curious nature. In Phantom of the Paradise, she’s a fantastic “Christine” to a groovy Phantom and belts out a mean tune… and blessed us with the best ho-rror film dance this side of Crispin Glover’s dance in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. (#BlessedBe. ;)) She took over for Susan Sarandon in Shock Treatment and rocked a little black dress like no one else  No matter the role, she brings a inimitably quirky charm and steals the show. She is the Goddess of Cult Cinema. 🙂


Happy Birthday, Jessica! All us Kinky Ho-s absolutely adore you!! 🙂 xoxo


Long Live Suzy Bannion!

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(One of the greatest scenes in all of cinematic history!)

PS- I like to show off my helmet whenever possible… (I know a lot of you guys can relate. ;))

potpPPS- Suspiria!! 🙂


Splatterday Mourning Cartoons: Scooby Doo – Nightfright

Ho-wdy, Meddling Kids!

I don’t know about you cats, but I think Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated is HIGH-LY underrated!

There are more incarnations of Scooby-Doo then there are stars in the sky, but Mystery Incorporated  tried to shake things up, while still staying true to the spirit of Scooby-Doo. Cl-ass-sick characters are fleshed out, the monsters are menacing, and it had a genuinely intriguing mystery element. Plus, it had a surprising dark tone. I mean…

This was a Scooby-Doo that really knew to give you the willies!

And it had monsters! By Cthulhu, did it have monsters!

Its backgrounds were simply gore-gous! I’d proudly hang any of these in my tomb!
Beast of all, the show was clearly made for us fright freaks. Nearly every episode is loaded with references to the best genre media has to offer. From Twin Peaks..

…to Phantom of the Paradise

This guy’s name is WINSLOW FLEACH

… to Hellraiser

…to a Jeffrey Combs-voiced H.P. Lovecraft parody….
…to Harlan Ellison voicing Harlan Ellison (!)…

…to an entire episode paying homage to War of the Gargantuas. They even include the song from the movie!

In ho-nor of this underrated cartoon, we’ve provided our absolute favorite episode! It’s one big tribute to the greatness of Vincent Price, with plenty o’ nods to the Merchant of Menace!
Happy Splatterday, Kinky Ho-mies! 🙂 xoxo


Catching Up on Ho-rror Happenings, Part 2: Phantom of the Paradise Edition.

As I may have mentioned a time or two (thousand ;)), this week the Arclight in Hollywood hosted an UNBELIEVABLE 40th Anniversary Screening/cast reunion for the cult classic Phantom of the Paradise. Edgar Wright (who was unbelievably adorable and very sweet, btw :)), hosted a Q&A panel featuring many of the cast members from the 70’s classic, including Jessica Harper (my #WCW this week, btw…I’ll make sure she gets the full post she is ultra-deserving of a bit later :)), Paul Williams, and Gerrit “The Motherfreakin’ Man” Graham.

Alas, I wasn’t able to cover this event as thoroughly as I would’ve liked for all my lil Kinkbots out there, as both my camera and phone were still chock full of Comic Con pics I hadn’t sorted through yet. 🙁 Here are a few highlights for ya, though, and I’ll post more pics as they come a’dribblin’ in… 🙂

Guillermo del Toro’s Intro Vid for Phantom of the Paradise from DianaPrinceXO on Vimeo. (aka the absolute last bit of anything I was able to record that night…So worth it, though!:))


(Jessica Harper…Surrounded by a horde of Phantoms. :))


(The Panel of Wonder and Awesomeness. :))


(Close up shots of the Shaun of the Dead dude, Phoenix, Swan, and my beloved BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF, who described himself as “young, dumb, and full of cum” when he filmed this masterpiece. <3 <3 <3)


(More J-Harp love. :))


(The pre-screening reception, where I got to give hugs to both of these adorable folks…Hooray!! :))


(Probably the best Phantom cosplayer in existence…His damn talky box ACTUALLY WORKED and he came with his own Phoenix, as seen in the crappier pic below. ;))


(I have been shamed… ;))



(This is how I decided to rep PotP, btw. Instead of wearing an incomplete/ “Slutty” Phantom costume, I just did a 70’s-inspired Glam Rock look with my Death Records gear…As it turns out, this was probably a REALLY good choice. The cosplay talent there was BONKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Helmets off to all of those die hard Phantom-aniacs at the event who really put me in my place!! You guys were all too awesome for words!!!! :)) xoxoxo

Phantom of the Blood Bath. :)

Hiya, Ho-bags! 😉 Just a quickie to remind my LA freaky geekies that tickets to the 40th Anniversary screening and CAST muthurfreakin’ REUNION of Phantom of the MuthurFreakin’ Paradise (official name! ;)) have finally gone on sale over at Creature Features. I have to imagine these tickets to Paradise (ha! :)) are gonna sell out pretty darn quick, so if you’re thinkin’ you wanna go, you best get up on that bizitch!! 😉 #BEEFLIVES!!!!

phantom-TICKETS-ON-SALE-NOW-banner_2.0-size (1)

Also, here’s the uncensored version of the Blood Bath pic I had to mutilate to post elsewhere. There are a lot of cool shots from this set I’ll be sharing with you later, but for now I just had to take a sec to #FREETHENIPPLE!! (Careful…That one extra lil’ speck of brown might permanently traumatize you…for some reason. ;)) xoxoxo