News Bleed: The Alien Vs. Mummy Edition

Johnny Depp, Sam Raimi, David Lynch, and other peeps are making a zombie short with teen cancer patient Anthony Conti and the world is more awesome for it! 🙂 Bloody Disgusting


Ridley Scott bringing Alien terror our way! Deadline


Resident Evil 7 looks super freaking sweet!!!! IGN


The Mummy lives again! 🙂 Bleeding Cool


Lestat is creeping to the small screen! 🙂 Hollywood Reporter


Fritz Weaver (Creepshow, The Twilight Zonehas passed away. 🙁  New York Times


Alice Drummond (Ghostbusters has also passed away. 🙁 A.V. Club


Valerie Gaunt (Horror of Dracula, Curse of Frankenstein) has also passed away…Seriously, #FuckYou2016. 🙁  Tim Lucas / Video Watch Blog


(Seemed Appropriate 😉 xoxo)

Monster of the Week: Kharis (Also, Bewbs ;)

Hiya, Ho-rror Ho-mies! I’m back on the road again shooting another Ho-rror flick. (Yay!! A gorehound’s work is never done… ;)) My posts might be a lil light this week since
I’m (happily :)) stuck in the boonies of North Carolina with sporadic wifi
availability, but Ho-pefully my henchmen will be able to help fill in the gaps a little (hehe ;)) whilst I’m away making the magic happen. (Witness a BTS shot of my shower scene from yesterday…MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;))


(And for belated #TataTuesday’s sake, here’s another ghoul’s “shower scene”, for ya, too. :))


(Consider this your Daily Bewb Requirement…Can we move on to Monsters now, please? ;))

I don’t have a ton of down time to work on posts right now, but if there’s one thing it’s super simple for me to ramble on about, it’s monsters (and bewbs…hence this entire site :)), so here’s a lil Monster of the Week action for ya.  Enjoy whilst I go on a slicing and dicing spree, won’t you? (That’s right…I’m the killer in this current flick. Finally, the hunted has become the Huntress!!! Mwahahahaha!!!! :))

Mad Monster of the Week: Kharis the Kuddly. 🙂 


From the depths of ancient Egypt and a curse born of vengeance comes a terror 3000 years in the making. Behold, Mighty Kharis, our lovable, huggable Monster of the Week!!! 🙂


(Dreamy, ain’t he? ;))

While Boris Karloff played high priest Imhotep in 1932’s The
Mummy (#derr ;)), it was Tom Tyler in The Mummy’s Hand who breathed life death into the dusty shell of Kharis, the foot-dragging, bandage-swathed abomination-type monster kids wanted Imhotep to be.



For the three subsequent Universal Mummy films, The Mummy’s Tomb, The
Mummy’s Ghost, and The Mummy’s Curse, Lon “Wolfman’s Got Nards” Chaney Jr. lumbered his way into the role (though he was reportedly not super psyched about it…He looks pretty psyched in this BTS shot, though!! ;))


When Hammer Studios (woot woot!! :)) rebooted the franchise with Christopher Lee (woot woot, part deux! :)), they chose to name their ancient Ho-rror Kharis, a testament to the popularity of those classic films.

k2 mummy-peter-cushing

Kooky Kharis is everything a mummy ought to be: silent, strong, and intimidating.
No matter how fast you think you can run, Kharis will always trudge his way up
to you! In that way, Kharis is like Mah Boo’s (aka “Jason”, for the unititiated ;)) cinematic grandfather. This classic hunk o’Manly Meatiness only needs one good hand to do you in!! (Promises, promises!! ;))


To “wrap” things up (ha!!! :)), Kudos to Kink-tastic Kharis…May death come swiftly to
those who desecrate his sacred tomb. 🙂 xoxoxo