Rest in Peace, Haruo Nakajima.

Haruo Nakajima was, in more ways than one, the King of the Monsters. From 1954 to 1972, Nakajima was the man behind Godzilla, donning the legendary suit for some of the greatest monster movies of all time. As if one timeless sci-fi icon wasn’t enough, the great Nakajima also portrayed Rodan  Varan, Baragon, Gaira, the larva form of Mothra, and several kaijus in both Ultra Q and Ultraman. Nakajima was a true giant in genre cinema and his creatures will continue to inspire both fright and delight in fright fans for many years to come. Haruo Nakajima was an incredible, unstoppable titan of terror.

Rest in Peace, King of the Monsters. xoxo

#TerrorTrailerTime: Attack of the Giant Insects (and Arachnids)!

Ho-wdy,Human Ho-mies!
Wel-cum to another #TerrorTrailerTime! We’re really going to bug you this week…

For ya Kreepy Krawlers out there, we harvested some trailers for some of the most insidious insect invasions of the ’50s and ’60s! These freaky features represent some of the very best in monster movie madness! So, roll up a newspaper and be prepared… this day belongs to the insects!
Here they are… the horror-horde of crawl-and-crush giants you’ve been hearing about…THE TRAILERS!!!

As a bonus, here’s a special song about our insect conquerors…

Mothra and The Peanuts (R.I.P. Yumi Ito)

(Submitted by Anton Phibes…Hugs, friend. 🙁 xoxo)

Mothra (1961) means a lot to me. I don’t love the film ironically or take it as kitsch. Ishiro Honda’s film is a fairy tale and like all great fairy tales, it stirs the imagination and briefly makes us forget our adult skepticism. Mothra is a variant on King Kong, yet it is set apart by its bizarre visual and surreal, otherworldly beauty. The ambition on display as well as the stunning effects stand triumphant over the budget. Its titular monster is Technicolor spectacle that is both awesome in its power and utterly beautiful. Adding greatly to the unique charm are the Shobijin/Twin Fairies played with an ethereal presence by the Peanuts, a Japanese vocal group played Emi and Yumi Ito. The two are diminutive creatures that attract the gigantic insect with their siren songs. They are almost as enchanting as the monster because they plant the film firmly in Fantasy, taking the kaiju film away from the more traditional Sci-fi genre. The film, the monster, and the tiny beauties never fail to raise my spirits when I’m down.

mothra7That’s why it pains me to report that Yumi, the last surviving Peanuts, has passed on.


Emi and Yumi Ito were identical twins, discernible by Yumi’s moles on her temples beside her left and right eyes, although Emi added her own later on. The Peanuts, as the sisters called themselves, were immensely popular as recording artists and ran the gamut of pop, rock, folk and Christmas tunes. The Peanuts made a splash in Europe, and even made an appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show! They went on to portray Mothra‘s tiny songstresses and gained legendary status amongst genre fans in the West. The Ito girls reprised their roles in Godzilla Vs. Mothra and Ghidrah, The Three-Headed Monster. Emi passed away in 2012. The two sisters remain with us who love Mothra and the spell it cast on all Kaiju fans. Rest in Peace, Emi and Yumi. Happiness weeps. 🙁


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