First Impressions on the Total and Complete Radness of MKX…

…courtesy of Mr. @OutsiderMike. (He’s waaaaaaaaaaaaay behind the rest of the world here, but I dig his MK love, so he’s forgiven… ;))

I second every single bit of this, btw, but my go-to character (until Mah Boo is finally released! :)) is Mileena. Take a look at some of her badassery!!! šŸ™‚ <333333333 xoxoxo

PS- One of the only non-genre shows I DVR regularly (as in every day :)), is ESPN’sĀ SVP and Russillo. If you’re a sports fan (how can you not be??? ;)), I highly recommend adding it to your #MVQ if you haven’t already. Bonus: You get to see Outsider spin his wisdom 4 days a wk over there. šŸ™‚ xo