News bleed: The “Whistling Past the Sematary” Edition

Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, AND Chucky unite to spread fear at Universal Halloween Horror Nights! 🙂 Dread Central

The house that inspired Pet Sematary is now on sale! 🙂 Today

Speaking of Pet Sematary, the IT director wants to dig up that King Klassic! io9

Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D is set to have its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival 2017! Billboard

Stranger Things are afoot this Halloween season. 🙂 Bloody Disgusting

Mother Fearest… Check out the trailer for Darren Aronofsky’s Mother! 🙂 Variety

News Bleed: The “Scream, Predator!” Edition

Scream Queens gets the axe at FOX. 🙁 Variety

Jennifer Lawrence shows a lot of heart in this first poster for Darren Aronofsky’s Mother. 🙂 Den of Geek

Predators go tank-ridin’ on the set of The Predator. JoBlo

Leatherface will pick up the chainsaw once again this October. 🙂 Entertainment Weekly

The games will sill be played… New Game of Thrones Spin-offs Details Revealed! Nerdist

Facehuggers are no match for Rick and Morty in this awesome Alien: Covenant promo video. 🙂 Polygon

And, sadly, we have to share the bummer news that Mr. Powers Boothe has passed away. R.I.P. awesome sir. 🙁 xoxo CNN

Goon Review: NECA ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2’ 8″ (hehe ;) Clothed Leatherface

(Yeah, yeah, Leatherface…That’s what they all say!! 😉 Here to tell us the ho-rrifying truth about all your bits and pieces is The Goon-y Goon himself, Mr. Andrew Peters. Thanks for keeping the realness, Ho-rror Ho-mie!! 😉 xoxo)

Aren’t sure what to get that special someone for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2’s 30th birthday? Well, it’s never too late and NECA has just the toy for you special deviants out there. Adding another Mego inspired figure to their clothed line, Leatherface cuts his way way in! Get the saw pun? Yeah, no worries, folks. I’ll be here all weekend.


If that Jason Edmiston artwork doesn’t make you grab this figure like it’s a trophy for best tasting meat in all of Texas, then maybe you need some glasses. Like the ones Rick had before Leatherface killed him and his friend! Oh, I’m getting sidetracked. That blister packaging is resealable, like usual.


Speaking of the usual, Leatherface stands at 8” tall and is fully poseable… amirite, ladies… and fellas? Don’t want to discriminate. His clothing is extremely detailed, like they shrunk the actual wardrobe down to fit this figure. He comes with the electric carving knife, an alternate hand to be used with the chainsaw and, oh that’s right! His chainsaw. Holy sweet, Lord of the Harvest, this thing takes up almost the entire packaging! If anyone says Leatherface ain’t packing, they ain’t seen this.



A quick side note about the accessories and hands; it’s a little different this time. Usually the thumbs aren’t connected to the hands and you slip those over the accessories. Well, not this time. Now the handles on the chainsaw and knife come off at one end and slip through the now connected hands that don’t open. I felt like I was going to break it and I’m not sure about this new addition. Maybe they are trying to see if it works?

texaschainsawmassacre6 texaschainsawmassacre7

If you haven’t gone out and bought this figure by now, then we aren’t friends anymore. NECA will also be adding an 8” Chop Top figure this Fall to the line and you wouldn’t want Bubba to be by his lonesome, now would you? Go get it for about $25, you coonshits!

Ho-stess’s PS- 


That is all. 😉 xoxo

Toy Story: NECA’s ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Leatherface (Classic Video Game Appearance)

(submitted by Andrew Peters…Thanks for the intriguing insight, Kinky Ho-mie!! 🙂 xoxo)


How about a little history lesson? Would you believe that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was one of the first horror based video games ever? Shocking, but true. It was released sometime in 1983 after the movie found success on home video with Charles Band’s Wizard video. But what happens next may be even more shocking…

It was considered too graphic because of its nature and gameplay, in which the player controls Leatherface and your goal is to get a high score by chainsawing girls to death. Keep in mind, there is no blood, but this was the first of its kind and people didn’t know how to react to this other than outrage. Afterall, the most violence most had seen in a video game at this point was Pac Man eating a ghost, but that was cartoony, so it’s okay! Video stores responded not stocking it and the game suffered from poor sales.

Regardless, with NECA’s Classic Video Game Appearance line, you knew a figure was coming and why not? There’s Jason and Freddy. Hell, there is even Mohawk from the Gremlins 2 NES game! And just like those figures, this one’s box art mirrors the video game box that it was originally presented in.


Standing at the usual 7” tall, this Leatherface figure has 25 points of articulation and includes a vinyl apron and his trusty chainsaw. Perhaps the coolest thing about the figure is also the most simple; the paint design. In the game, Leatherface appears as all green (or blue, depending on the screen) except for his face which is flesh colored and his hair, eyes and mouth are all black which only serves to make him look creepier. This was due to the Atari’s color limitations.


Combined with the packaging and the basic look of the figure, this one is really damn cool. I really love NECA’s Classic Video Game Appearance line. (“Me, too!!” 🙂 -D.P.) There is something about a really complex and detailed figure with no more than two or three colors on it. It’s a damn fine looking figure to add to your collection and at $20, that’s a steal. You wanna know what that game goes for now? Nearly $100, which I know isn’t as high as I expected it to be given the rarity of this game. PS1 games that are more common cost more. These last few sentences weren’t as cool as I thought they were going to be. (But whatev…ROCK AND ROLL!!!! ;))


Thank You, Gunnar Hansen. :(

My silly little personal/site announcement can wait ’til tomorrow, as today is yet another grieving day all across the Ho-rror Community. 🙁



R.I.P. Gunnar Hansen, who played one of the truly iconic movie monsters in existence, Leatherface. Despite his gruesome persona, he was always a gentle presence at conventions. Hansen was a kind soul in person, yet a truly terrifying ghoul on screen. It’s funny how often that seems to be the case…



Well said, Mr. King, and thank you for all your awesomeness, Mr. Hansen. Your sweet, beautiful presence is already missed. 🙁 xoxo

leatherface5 leatherface6040603_leatherface_hmed_11a.grid-6x2

News Bleed.

Hiya, Ho-rror Ho-mies! Here’s a rootin’ tootin’ round-up of some of the hip new happenin’s in Ho-rror Land! 🙂



Captain Spaulding’s in the hospital. 🙁  Broke Horror Fan

May may be Leatherface’s mom!! 🙂  Dread Central

Buffy gotz mad skillz, yo!!! 🙂  Daily Mail

The Blob remake is going to be an origin story. I assume he’s going to come from an abusive redneck family and Sherri Moon Zombie is going to be his mom.  AV Club

On a completely unrelated note, Rob Zombie’s crowd-funded 31 started filming this week, and Donald Longtooth is on board!! 🙂  SciFi Now

The Ghostbusters remake needed more dong, apparently.  Forbes