In Memoriam, 2016

Dude. This year was rough, pop culture-wise. I guess it’s bound to happen at some point…when you have enough kickass horror people doing their thing, you’re going to have a year when you lose more than your fair share. This was that year. 🙁 Instead of looking at it as a tragic fucktard of a year, though, I’m choosing to look at the fact that some odd years ago (let’s say however many unimportant years and 9 months) two great parents boned down in what I have to assume was some awesome abandoned cabin somewhere and made all these aweseome people. It hurts to say goodbye, but their awesome contributions to the world will live on forever. xoxoxo

Angus Scrimm (Actor, “Tall Man” in the “Phantasm” series):

August 19, 1926
January 9, 2016


Tom Neyman (Actor, “The Master” in “Manos: The Hands of Fate”)

November 23, 1935
November 13, 2016


Fritz Weaver (Actor, “Twilight Zone”, “Demon Seed”, and “Creepshow”)

January 19, 1926
November 26, 2016


George Kennedy (Actor, “Straight-Jacket”, “The Terror Within”, and “Creepshow II”)

February 18, 1925
February 28, 2016


Alexis Arquette (Actress, “Bride of Chucky”, Sometimes They Come Back”, “Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror”, “Pulp Fiction”)

July 28, 1969
September 11, 2016


Kenny Baker (Actor, “Star Wars”, “The Elephant Man”, “Circus of Horrors”, and “Time Bandits”)

August 24, 1934,
August 13, 2016


Anton Yelchin (Actor, “Odd Thomas”, “Fright Night” Remake, “Burying the Ex”, and “Star Trek”)

March 11, 1989
June 19, 2016


David Bowie (Singer-Songwriter, Actor in “The Hunger”)

January 8, 1947
January 10, 2016

David Bowie

Gene Wilder (Actor, “Young Frankenstein”, “Haunted Honeymoon”, and “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”)

June 11, 1933
August 29, 2016


Jack Davis (Cartoonist, “Tales from the Crypt”, “Vault of Horror”, “Haunt of Fear”, and “MAD Magazine”)

December 2, 1924,
July 27, 2016


Lupita Tovar (Actress, the 1931 Spanish version of “Dracula”)

July 27, 1910,
November 12, 2016

Larry Drake (Actor, “Darkman” series, “Tales from the Crypt”, “Dr. Giggles”, and “Dark Night of the Scarecrow”)

February 21, 1949
March 17, 2016


Ted V. Mikels (Filmmaker, “The Astro-Zombies”, “”The Corpse Grinders”, “The Doll Squad”, “Bloody Orgy of the She-Devils”, and “Girl in Gold Boots”)

April 29, 1929
October 16, 2016


Alan Rickman (Actor, “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”, “Die Hard”, “Harry Potter” series, “Galaxy Quest”, and “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy”)

February 21, 1946,
January 14, 2016

Valerie Gaunt (Actress, “Horror of Dracula”, “Curse of Frankenstein”)

June 26, 1932,
November 27, 2016


John “Zacherley” Zacherle (Horror Host, actor in “Brain Damage”)

September 26, 1918,
October 27, 2016


Herschell Gordon Lewis (Director, “Wizard of Gore”, “Blood Fest”, “Color Me Blood Red”,”Two Thousand Maniacs”, “The Gore Gore Girls”, “The Gruesome Twosome”, and “Monster a Go-Go”)

June 15, 1926,
September 26, 2016


Carrie Fisher (actress, “Star Wars” series)

October 21, 1956,
December 27, 2016


(Not ho-rror specific, I know, but she was our Princess. xoxo)

News Bleed: The Big G (And Lil’ B) Edition.

BUM-TASTIC UPDATE: After this was posted I learned the sad news that Kenny Baker has passed. 🙁 You can get details basically everywhere right now, and his official website is here.


Kenny_Baker-1Thanks for everything, Mr. Baker. You are loved. xoxo

Now back to the regularly scheduled happy stuff…

One of my favorite books of all time is getting made into a movie starring one of my favorite (and one of the absolute hottest :)) actors of all time!! What a time to be alive!!!! 🙂 xoxo Bloody Disgusting


So much AHS Season 6 Teasing going on right now…Here is but a taste of the madness to cum. 😉 Variety

Wadsworth has given the Rocky Horror reboot his official blessing, so I guess I have to give it a chance now…#HisWillBeDone 😉 Inquisitr


So much awesome news a’happenin’ over in Halloween Horror Nights Land (inc. a Krampus maze…HUZZAH!!! :))

#GirlPower!!! 🙂 Io9


(Jen Lynch’s Official Twitter, btw)

#MAKEMKHAPPEN!!! (We’re talking to you now, James Wan!!! ;)) GameNGuide


Godzilla Greatness. 🙂 Kotaku


and since it’s still Saturday AM as I’m writing this…

Have a wonderfully wicked weekend, Kinky Ho-mies!! 🙂 xoxo

PS- ICYMI, my “Sigourney Beaver” pics are now up on my DP site. xo