Rest in Peace, Haruo Nakajima.

Haruo Nakajima was, in more ways than one, the King of the Monsters. From 1954 to 1972, Nakajima was the man behind Godzilla, donning the legendary suit for some of the greatest monster movies of all time. As if one timeless sci-fi icon wasn’t enough, the great Nakajima also portrayed Rodan  Varan, Baragon, Gaira, the larva form of Mothra, and several kaijus in both Ultra Q and Ultraman. Nakajima was a true giant in genre cinema and his creatures will continue to inspire both fright and delight in fright fans for many years to come. Haruo Nakajima was an incredible, unstoppable titan of terror.

Rest in Peace, King of the Monsters. xoxo

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#MMM and #MMM Yumminess!! :)

I’m trying to salvage some of the footage I got from last night’s Johnny Ramone Tribute concert (featuring Rob Zombie) to share the magic with you, but apparently I am a rather sucktastic cameraperson. 🙁 I’ll post everything that’s remotely watchable tomorrow, but in the meantime I waned to stuff you full of some #MMM and #MMMs. 🙂

First up, we have today’s Brooding Birthday Boy, Mr. Tim Burton.






(I promise that’s really a lil’ Timmy B. in that skeletal shot…He’s always been quite the cutie pie, hasn’t he? :))

We all have our own favorite works from this Wizard of Wonder, so rather than telling you what you already know, I figured I’d share some of his early, lesser-known works with you.

(An iconic tribute to our beloved Vinnie P. that Mr. Burton created during the time he worked as a Disney animator in the early 80’s.)

(A creepy-ass student film he did that still haunts my dreams…which is a good thing, of corpse! ;))

(This recently re-discovered footage aired only once: Halloween Night, 1983 on the Disney Channel. What a freakin’ amazing underworld we live in to have been able to dig up this formerly buried scary tale!! :))

And since everyone is apparently trying to be cool (ha! :)) and copy me by doing this whole “Ice Bucket Challenge” thing, here’s a look at our Batty B-day Boy assisting the eternally gore-geous Helena Bonham Carter with her take on it. They are absurdly adorable, and I will absolutely update you when/if he accepts her nomination. 🙂

As for the second part of your #MMM, I hereby nominate Gyaos for this week’s honor, because he is awesome and that’s all that really matters to me in my Mad Monsters. 😉

gy1 gy3 gy2

gy6 gyr

Here are a few quick Gy-nological facts for those are new to the kaiju world (or too lazy to click the link above… ;))

  • Gyaos was the only monster other than Gamera himself to appear in the Showa, Heisei and Millennium eras of the Gamera franchise.
  • For Gamera vs. Guiron, the original Gyaos costume was painted silver and dubbed “Space Gyaos”.
  • Footage from Gamera vs. Gyaos was used in Gamera: Super Monster.
  • In the Heisei movies, the Gyaos were conceived by the Atlanteans. They were meant to help with pollution, but their asexual nature caused them to reproduce rapidly. Gamera was then created to exterminate the pests. Some of the eggs survived and they hatched in the modern world. A fully matured specimen was called Super Gyaos.
  • Since Gamera drained Earth of all its mana in order to kill Legion, the condition of the planet allowed the Gyaos to return in the final Heisei film. This newly evolved breed was known as Hyper Gyaos.
  • Albino Gyaos was featured in the fan-made Gamera 4: The Truth.
  • The two-headed Neo-Gyaos was exclusive to the 1997 video game Gamera 2000.


Now go forth and love Gyaos the Glorious as I do, and enjoy your #MMM and #MMMs, my Kinky Ho-rror Ho-mies!! 🙂 xoxo