News Bleed: The “Rampage of the Crooked Man” Edition

The Conjuring 2’s The Crooked Man will walk a crooked mile to his own film. 🙂 Variety

Jeepers! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will meet the Universal Monsters (including Chris “Fright Night” Sarandon as Dracula) this season! Bloody Disgusting

Dwayne Johnson shows off some post-monster destruction in this new Rampage set photo. Dread Central

The Mist series won’t be a “monster show”… boo to that! 🙁 Screen Rant

The Elfman cometh… Danny Elfman is doing the score for Justice League! 🙂

Yo Shiva! The Walking Dead Gets GI Joe-Style Figures exclusive to San Diego Comic Con! 🙂 CBR

Thanks, Caped Crusader… the Bat-Signal will shine over L.A. to honor Adam West. 🙂 Hollywood Reporter

Sadly, Anita Pallenberg of Barbarella fame has passed away. 🙁 The Guardian

Opinion Piece: Justice League Trailer Breakdown & Wonder Woman Thoughts

(Submitted by the stately Prince Adam…Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Kinky Ho-mie. 🙂 xoxo)

March 25th marked the one year anniversary of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. To commemorate this fact, Warner Brothers dropped the first legitimate trailer for the first ever live action Justice League film. Before I discuss that, there’s another important DC Films project releasing on June 2. That film is the long awaited, long overdue Wonder Woman film. For my money this is the first bonafide female led superhero film. No I don’t count the Catwoman or Elektra films, as they were utter horse shit and complete bastardizations of their characters. Unlike those farces, Wonder Woman directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot looks incredible.  I love that the film is a straight up origin tale. Some fans may be getting tired of origin films but Wonder Woman has never had one and thus, I think it is necessary.  From the trailers, specifically the most recent one, I love the contrast of the pristine, seemingly untouched beauty of Themyscira, compared with the smoke filled war torn London England. The home of the Amazon’s is a parallel for heaven, while man’s world looks like hell.  Diana’s journey from childhood princess to warrior/superhero is reminiscent of Bruce Wayne’s journey from orphan to vigilante in Batman Begins.  My favorite scenes of the trailer are the training on Paradise Island and Wonder Woman emerging from the trenches onto the battlefield, deflecting bullets with her bracelets. That’s symbolic because Wonder Woman is emerging from the trenches into a no man’s land while the men fall behind her. This film is culturally and socially important because Wonder Woman is stepping out of the shadows and standing front and center, in a film genre, that for far too long, has been dominated by men.  I think the movie is going to be a big hit at the box-office. However, there is a smear campaign going on against the film in the blog sphere.  It started way back when Gal Gadot was first cast.  They said she was not muscular enough and that her boobs were too small.  Then she appeared in BvS and fans loved Gal as Wonder Woman. So now that the fans are onboard, the clickbait websites need a different kind of hate to spew, so they make up headlines about Wonder Woman’s armpits being bleached, and joke about the JL Wonder Woman poster looking as though she’s pissing fire.  My message to fans of Wonder Woman and DC Films; when Wonder Woman hits theaters, buy tickets to see the film.  If you can, pre-order them. Buy Wonder Woman related products and apparel from the film. Let’s show these haters that we want more Wonder Woman, we want more DC Films and we want more female led superhero films.

June 2nd isn’t the only time you’ll see Wonder Woman on screen in 2017.  She’ll join Batman and form the Justice League on November 17th.  The first trailer for the film has just been released and I love it. It is a fantastic teaser. I know it’s long to be classified as a teaser, but they’re typically all that long now.  As a teaser, it gave us the right amount of nuts and bolts of story for still being 8 months out.  An alien threat has come to earth, and Batman and Wonder Woman are recruiting a team of meta humans to stand against them.  We then get character moments highlighting how “super” each one of them is.  Aquaman got the best few solo shots of the trailer.  First, parting the sea by smashing the butt of his trident to the ground.  I mean, even Moses would be jealous of that shit! There’s also the scene where he throws his trident, impaling two pardemons.  Ezra Miller’s take on The Flash looked cool as well. This iteration seems to run through the speed force every time he uses his speed, which is a novel approach that differentiates from the television incarnation. I love how happy he is to be doing the superhero thing and being part of this team.   For the most part, I liked the look of Cyborg.  My favorite frame of his was when he was in flight. You can tell the visual effects on him aren’t finished but given that we’re 8 months out, I’m not concerned.   We know how BADASS Batman and Wonder Woman are already, but Zack Snyder reminds us by showing Batman using the Gatling gun on the Batmobile to take out parademons. I’m honestly shocked to have seen this because after years of WB being under the Chris Nolan worldview, the thought of Batman fighting aliens seemed like a nonstarter. Also, Wonder Woman’s apparent signature slow motion leg sweep/kick is present and accounted for.  The humor in the trailer works, it doesn’t seem forced at all. Barry asks Bruce what his super-power is, to which Bruce says; I’m rich.  There’s also a scene of Batman being joined by Aquaman on the roof of the GCPD, where Aquaman says; “Dressed like a bat. I dig it.  Also, this scene gives us our first look at J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon. God bless Zack Snyder for giving us vintage Jim Gordon, complete with big white mustache, fedora and trench coat. The brief moments of character interactions we got between the heroes reminded me so much of the Justice League animated series. In fact, my favourite scene is the “line up shot”, featuring every Justice League member with the sun glistening behind them.  This was a clear homage to the intro of the animate series that gave me goosebumps.

What I love about the last Wonder Woman trailer and first Justice League trailer, is that they showed us a lot, while revealing very little.  With Wonder Woman, we have yet to see Ares and for Justice League, we’ve yet to see Superman’s return or Steppenwolf.  To be honest, I hope we don’t see them until we’re all sitting in the theater watching the films. No need to blow your proverbial Ares and Superman loads too quickly Warner Brothers.  I was extremely happy and satisfied with both Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad.  However, Wonder Woman and Justice League prove the best is yet to come for DC Films,

#SuperheroSaturday Comic Book Review: Injustice: Gods Among Us #4-6


Sooooooo badass, yes, but also sooooooooo far away!! 🙁 Which brings us back to this rockin’ review from Mr. SuperheroSciFi himself, Prince Adam…Thanks for giving us a lil’ something to help fill the gap, Heroic Ho-mie. xoxoxo (PS- #thatswhatshesaid ;))

“In the wake of the unspeakable tragedy he unwittingly helped to trigger, Superman faces his greatest loss and his most challenging moral decision ever. Everything is about to pivot on the choice he makes; it could change the course of the world–and the lives of all the super heroes–forever. Green Arrow is featured in a solo adventure. Fearful of Superman’s vengeance, the archer is put in charge of protecting the Joker’s crazed accomplice, Harley Quinn. Finding somewhere to hide Harley isn’t the challenge–keeping his sanity during prolonged contact with her is. But who will be the first one to drive the other crazy? Still reeling from the destruction of Metropolis, news from a war-torn country creates a tipping point for the Man of Steel. He decides it’s time for him to take a more proactive role in stopping man’s inhumanity to man. But does the sudden appearance of Wonder Woman mean he’s created a new enemy or converted an ally to his cause?” (DC Comics)

Two out of the three books deal with the fallout of the Joker’s heinous crimes, while the middle issue is a humorous but still heartfelt interlude that lightens the mood. Issues 4 & 6, show Superman going through stages of grief and anger. The scene with Superman holding a deceased Lois Lane in his arms in the middle of the detonation zone was such a quietly haunting moment, which lingers long after you’ve read the story. There’s an incredible exchange between Batman and the Joker that calls to mind The Killing Joke and The Dark Knight. When Joker explains that he did what he did, because it would be fun to see how Superman would react, proves that Tom Taylor has grasped Joker’s chaos and sick mentality. Issues #4 & 6 really set up Superman’s status quo hinted at in the game. Superman kills Joker in such a way that is so shocking, at least to this Superman fan. The death of his wife, the fact that he broke one of his cardinal rules, and add that to what he’s witnessing in a war-torn country and Superman decides to be more forceful! After revealing his identity, he puts the world on notice that he won’t allow the loss of anymore innocent lives. Killing and getting involved in wars, foreign or domestic, are against type for Superman but given what he’s been through, completely understandable. Even though this book is a video game tie-in, none of these reactions feel forced to line up with the game. These occurrences progress very naturally. Issue #5 was a nice change of pace. It was mostly Green Arrow babysitting Harley Quinn, a.k.a. keeping her hidden from Superman. The result is an exchange between Harley and Oliver, where Tom Taylor reminds fans that at one point in comics’ history, Green Arrow was a cheap Batman knockoff. In the midst of the humor, Mr. Taylor manages to remind readers that a hero who is not afraid to go over the edge for justice and a homicidal maniac are still people with emotions and a need for human comfort.

There are so many great images in these three issues. Seriously, the scene with Batman & the Joker looks so much like the “The Dark Knight”, especially Batman. The scene where Superman kills Joker will leave you speechless. It’s quite the jarring imagery. Likewise, the previously mentioned image of Superman cradling Lois’ lifeless body will send shivers through your body. Mike Miller does great work in issues #4 & 6. Bruno Redondo draws issue #5 and treats fans to a look at vintage Oliver Queen, while giving Harley Quinn a more dangerous yet sexy updated look. The only thing I didn’t like was the Arrow car. It looks ridiculous to me. Jheremy Raapack creates a stunning depiction of a Batman vs. Superman confrontation for the cover! Seeing as these are my two favourite characters, this cover leaves me captivated yet conflicted, just like the movie did!

The creative team continues to create a book that I consistently want to read. It firmly makes my top 3 “must read” list, despite have great “new” comics to read every week Since it feels like there is so much more to come, it could easily find itself standing at the very top of that list before too long!

#SuperheroSaturday Comic Book Review: JLA Vs Predator

(Submitted by Canada’s Superoheroic Sweetheart, Mr. Prince Adam…Thanks, Kinky Ho-mie!! 🙂 xoxo)

“They’ve hunted the Dark Knight Detective. They’ve gone after the Man of Steel. Now they’re prepared to go after the most challenging prey imaginable: the entire Justice League of America. The World’s Greatest Super-Heroes go up against the galaxy’s deadliest hunters in JLA vs. Predator. When a group of Predators arrive on Earth, they make targets of each of the JLA members — relishing in the thrill of the hunt. They engage in the ultimate sport of attempting to kill the most powerful heroes ever known.” (DC Entertainment)
When I first read Batman & Superman Vs. Alien & Predator, there was a reference to this showdown with the JLA.  I knew then and there, that at some point, I had to track it down and read it.  I have, thus the review you’re reading right now. What I like about this book is that once again, it is very accessible to new readers to both the franchises.  If you don’t know the Justice League, well there’s something wrong with you, so seek help! Seriously though, if you haven’t read JLA, there’s a blurb on each member to catch you up to speed.  I love that the team is the one from Grant Morrison’s run on the book. So of course, you have Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. What I love about this team, is it features The Flash and Green Lantern I grew up with. So that means Wally West is The Flash, Kyle Rayner is Green Lantern and Aquaman is the badass with a beard and his hook hand.  Basically, it’s the version I think will closely resemble Jason Momoa’s version in the film.  The book also keys in on more minor, underused characters like Marian Manhunter, Plastic Man and The Atom.You also get the need to know, about the Predator’s too. Alien race that hunts for sport, have stealth fields at their disposal , making them invisible when they want to be. As well as having a vast array of shoulder and wrist cutting weapons that make them lethal.  Oh and of course, they like to take the head and or spinal cord of their victims as a trophy.  The way the Predator’s are brought in is great.  They are actually chasing the Dominators, another group of alien villains in the DC Universe.  The Dominator’s seeking out refuge from the Justice League, highlights just how much of a threat the Predator’s are. Also, having Martian Manhunter running point on guarding the watchtower, while a little convenient, makes sense. Being an alien, with a vey alien appearance, he would show more compassion, to the Dominators plight, even despite the fact the Dominator’s tried to take over the world years before. In an attempt to protect the Dominator’s he teleported above the watchtower, Martian Manhunter is decapitated by a Predator laying in wait. While having that happen further strengthens the Predator’s as an ultimate villain, Martian Manhunter is also reinforced as an absolute badass too! I knew his only weakness was fire but as a result of his decapitation, I learned that his brain resides in his chest/stomach area, In all my years of reading, I never knew this.  Although it was weird, I found it extremely cool.
When the rest of the League discovers what happened to J’onn they instantly join the fray. J’onn tells them that  the dominator’s he rescued told him three other Dominator’s remain scattered on Earth, running from Predator’s. I loved this because it forces the Justice League to actually go worldwide.  The Team breaks apart into three teams.  Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Plastic Man head to Venice.  Green Lantern, The Flash and The Atom are stationed in the Amazon, while Batman and Superman do a two man recon in London, while Martian Manhunter heals. While they do find the displaced Dominator’s, they are also attacked by Predators.  Here’s where the story takes an interesting turn. The different groups of the Justice League must face off against Meta-Predators. These are Predators who were captured by Dominators and then experimented on. They now have the ability to mimick and take on the Justice League members powers. This was a smart play by writer John Ostrander. Espescially since Batman and Superman have fought Predator’s on their own before and won.  He had to up the threat level and Predators with the superpower’s of our heroes does the trick. It forces our heroes to get creative, split up and still work together at the same time. While their are plenty of fisticuffs exchanged, our heroes gain the upper hand by deciding to fight a Predator of an opposite power set. When captured, the Meta-Predators decide to blow themselves up rather than surrender.  The book doesn’t end on a somber note though, The Justice League sets a course for the Dominators to return to their home. Before their depature there is a great exchange between Superman and the leader of the Dominator’s. The Dominator remarks that he doesn’t understand why the Justice League helped them after all the harm they’ve caused. Superman responds, saying that hopefully the Justice League’s actions will one day inspire the Dominators to do and be better. It is that hope that drives the Justice League to do what they do. This book may have been written in 2001, but this message of hope is more preavalant now then ever before.
Graham Nolan is the artist on this book. He was one of the artists on the Batman Knightfall saga.  There are similarities involved in the art but you can see a slight change in styles from his 90’s work, to his early 2000 work.    One of the things I really appreciated is that at a given time, their were three alien races on the page at one time. All three, the Predators, the Dominators, and the Martian Manhunter, looked unique and distinct.  Granted, this should be the obvious occurrence, especially since the characters already had pre-existing and differing designs.  However, as someone who is writing a comic book featuring two alien races and working with an artist to make those aliens a reality and look unique from each other, I know how difficult that is. So I  applaud this feat whenever I see it.  I love the art in the scene with Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Plastic Man are in Venice. As I’ve, mentioned, I’m of Italian heritage and having been to Italy several times, the look of Venice was incredibly accurate.  Also, the fact that Plastic Man was both Aquaman and Wonder Woman’s navigator, and actual boat for their gondola ride, was a beautiful, weird and funny image all at the same time.  There’s a shot of Aquaman fighting a Predator under water.  I’m a sucker for underwater battles, so I’m biased but look at that image and tell me it doesn’t look spectacular.  I thought it was fun seeing the Meta-Predators wearing darker coloured armor that reflected their Justice League counterpart.  It was subtle and never took me out of the story, but was a nice little touch.  My favourite imagery from the book is seeing Martian Manhunter’s head on a spike and then seeing his head regrow, forming through his stomach/chest. It was the most shocking, powerful and gruesome imagery of the whole book. Although, it would’ve looked even better as a full on splash page if you ask me.

This book was fun, simple and quick to read. I loved that it held the previous encounters with the Predators and Batman and Superman in continuity. Usually one shots ignore continuity and just tell a self contained story. as a result of that, I realized that I’m still missing out on the two previous encounters. Sure, I’m reading this out of order but the stories are so good, it doesn’t bother me one bit.  Plus, it just means I have hopefully, two more awesome stories I can read and review for you. While I do that, definitely pick this book up and give it a read if you haven’t already.

#SuperheroSaturday Movie Review: Justice League Gods and Monsters

(submitted by Prince Adam…Thanks, you Superhero/SciFi Studmuffin, you!! 🙂 xo)

“In an alternate universe, very different versions of DC’s Trinity fight against the government after they are framed for an embassy bombing.”


This film marks Bruce Timm’s return to the DC Animated Universe. He’s chosen to return with an elseworld’s tale and it is that in every sense of the word. This is not an altenate universe where, Kal-El, Bruce Wayne, and Diana Prince (yay!! ;)) have gone bad, or decided to rule with an iron fist. There are three different individuals filling the roles of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. The opening on Krypton is essentially the John Byrne iteration of the character. The big difference is that Zod intervenes and inputs his genetic code in the birthing Matrix thereby making Superman the son of Lara and Zod. Batman is Kirk Langstrom, who is not Man-Bat, but rather more of a classic Vampire out of the horror genre. Wonder Woman is a member of the New Gods. While the new Superman’s origin is dealt with right off the hop, we are treated to two flashback scenes, one for Batman, the other for Wonder Woman/ Kirk Langstrom essentially was experimenting with Bat serum (amped-up on micro-eccellerant particles, to cure his cancer. meanwhile Wonder Woman is Bekka, daughter of New God leader High Father, who has been betrothed to Darkseid’s son Orion. When Highfather betray’s Bekka killing the apokalyptian Gods, she exiled herself to earth. These changes worked for me, I think each of the three are quite believable as these 3 characters. I’m glad Brue Timm didn’t regurgitate Bruce, Clark, and Diana going rogue, That was done so well in Justice League/Justice League Unlimited, that to do it again here would’ve invited negative comparisons. For me personally, I was much more engaged in Batman and Wonder Woman’s new status quo, then I was Superman.


The story is quite straight forward, but offers a few unexpected surprises along the way. We see the trinity, who is working for the government, ransack a terrorist stronghold and kill the terrorists, despite being ordered by Steve Trevor to wait for backup. The next scene features a senate hearing. Outside, people are protesting that the safety and security of the people, shouldn’t be under the hands of monsters and aliens. Inside, Lex Luthor is making a case against the trinity.I really enjoyed these scenes, as they somewhat echo what we saw at the beginning of the Batman V Superman comic con trailer. Meanwhile, A mysterious robotic like creature is killing of prominent scientists including Silas Stone, Ray Palmer and Victor Fries. Through vintage Batman-esque detective work, we learn that the scientists are all connected. They worked under the tutelage of Lex Luthor for a secret government project This is very pertinent, because it sets up the friendship between Kirk Langstrom and Will Magnus. It also sets up a sort of love triangle between Kirk, Will, and his girlfriend/wife that will pay off near the end of the film. For now though, it is important to know that these scientists are being killed off in an effort to frame the Justice League for murder. The culprits are a few giant robots that mimic the Justice Leagues m.o. The remaining scientists are all in Magnus’s house, worrying who’s next, and debating if they should reveal their involvement in Project Fairplay, a plan to kill Superman with red sun radiation. These remaining scientists are killed by a horde of robots. All except for Will Magnus, who is brought to the Justice League Headquarters to recuperate. After the mass murder, Superman reluctantly enlists the help of Lex Luthor, who is hiding away in a space satellite unlock the mysteries of the universe. He reveals to Superman the true nature of his parentage, and taunts him about being exactly like Zod.


When Superman leaves Lex, one of those robots teleports in, and incinerates Lex and the space Satellite. The government, believing it to be Superman, enacts the protocol to kill him. Meanwhile, a fully healed Will Magnus and his robots subdue Batman, and reveals he is the culprit behind the frame job. His plan is to use technology and power from Superman’s ship and a boom tube to transmit nanite technology to every human being on the planet, linking them mentally, essentially turning them into mindless robots in servitude to him, Naturally, the trinity is able to stop him, with a surprise assist from Lex Luthor, who narrowly survived the satellite explosion in what looks to be his New Genisis chair. The film ends with Luthor and Wonder Woman heading to New Genesis to confront her past, and to explore new worlds, while Batman and Superman, look to unlock the secrets of Kryptonian technology to better serve Earth.


I love how even though we are in a different universe, the film manges to give us iconic moments, under a different lens. This film does it with Superman twice; his interview with Lois, and his standoff with Lex. Wonder Woman’s relationships with both Orion and Steve Trevor from the New 52 are hinted at. Even the fact that she comes to Earth due to something precipitated on her homeworld. Granted the set up is different. Then there’s Batman, who gets to still be as awesome detective, operate in the shadows, and he even loses two people close to him, even though they aren’t his parents. The animation, action and voice acting was all very strong in this film. The animation, was obviously set in the Timm verse, maybe a little sharper and detailed than we’re used to. Visually, nothing felt like it was “been there done that for me. Surely, part of that is due to our three heroes looking quite different then they typically do. The action in this film, as is the case with all the DC Animated films is pulse poundingly fast and furious. Seeing Batman go full Vampire and bite someone took a second to get used too. Yes, there was blood in the see, so suck it Twilight and your neutered watered down sparkly Vampires. Superman also seemed more forceful and reckless during the fighting. Never did he hold back, like we’ve seen traditional animated Superman do. Maybe that’s Zod’s DNA coming into play. Wonder Woman was a bad ass plain and simple. Then again she always is. The voices sounded pitch perfect. Never did I picture Benjamin Bratt as Superman, but it works, Even if he we’re playing the Clark Kent version I think he’d fit. Michael C. Hall as Batman. Tamara Taylor voiced Wonder Woman, This seems to be her first voice work, and the Toronto native acquitted herself strongly and confidently. The rest of the cast worked too. Not one voice felt off or out-of-place.


I’ve always been a fan of Elseworld stories, so this film had me hooked from the get go, I like that this was an original story not an adaptation of a pre-existing story. It meant I could judge it on its own merits, without worrying about faithfulness to a particular version of the source material. It’s also good to have Bruce Timm playing in the DC Animated sandbox again. So if you’re a fan of Bruce Timm’s handling of DC’s famous trinity, and want something fresh and exciting, this film will fulfill all those needs.