Happy (Actual) Birthday, Jessica Harper!!!!!!

12074788_514250872076222_2726234343440072351_nA Very Happy Birthday to Jessica Harper (October 3rd, despite the WRONG info listed on her IMDB page), one of the world’s most amazing actresses of all time, ever!! J-Harp (as I like to call her :)) has appeared in some of the most bizarre films to receive mainstream releases, including Woody Allen’s Stardust Memories, Pennies from Heaven (with Steve Martin), the insanely overlooked Rocky Horror Picture Show follow-up Shock Treatment, a badass episode of Tales from the Crypt (that grossed me out so much when I was little!!!), the brilliantly bonkers Phantom of the Paradise (#BeefLives!!), and the Queen of Italian Ho-rror pictures, Dario Argento’s Suspiria!!!


As Suzy Bannion in Suspiria, she achieves the rare feat of portraying innocence without ignorance or naïveté, while possessing a knowing look and curious nature. In Phantom of the Paradise, she’s a fantastic “Christine” to a groovy Phantom and belts out a mean tune… and blessed us with the best ho-rror film dance this side of Crispin Glover’s dance in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. (#BlessedBe. ;)) She took over for Susan Sarandon in Shock Treatment and rocked a little black dress like no one else  No matter the role, she brings a inimitably quirky charm and steals the show. She is the Goddess of Cult Cinema. 🙂


Happy Birthday, Jessica! All us Kinky Ho-s absolutely adore you!! 🙂 xoxo


Long Live Suzy Bannion!

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(One of the greatest scenes in all of cinematic history!)

PS- I like to show off my helmet whenever possible… (I know a lot of you guys can relate. ;))

potpPPS- Suspiria!! 🙂


News Bleed: The “Masque of the Ghostface” Edition

The NetfliXXX trailer for Death Note is out…I’m kinda eXXXcited, I guess, but just thinking about reliving my L pain is already giving me the sads. . 🙁 iHorror

Jessica Harper gets witchy in the Suspiria remake. (And I am completely SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO eXXXcited about this one!!!! 🙂 JoBlo

Akira Kurosawa’s Masque of the Red Death script will be filmed… and hold illimitable dominion over all! 🙂 Dread Central

Looks like the third season of MTV’s Scream may reboot the series… Will we get the proper mask this time? FilmBook

YES!!! Jurassic World 2 will have old-school animatronics!! 🙂 MovieWeb

The Conjuring spin-off The Nun creeps into pre-production. 🙂 Bloody Disgusting

Beloved Garbage Pail Kids cartoonist Jay Lynch has passed away. 🙁 Crave

Mr. Chuck Barris has also left us…Thanks for Krankin’ up the Krazy for us, Mr. B. xoxo NPR

#FBF: The “Happy 40th, Suspiria” Edition

Howdy, Kinky Kreeps! 🙂 February 1st marked the 40th anniversary of Dario Argento’s eXXXellent Suspiriaand the beginning of our year-long celebration of its greatness! With the U.S. release and a new 4K restoration coming up, we’d figured we’ll have a lot of love to give this bewitching masterpiece. For today, though, we have jerked one (#ha ;)) from our vaults submitted by Mr. Dr. Anton Phibes! Take it away, sir-spiria! 😉

susp3On February 1, 1977, a cinematic pythoness cast her insidious spell on hordes of unsuspecting filmgoers. This sorceress’ influence is known by and felt by all who live for fright films. Her name was Suspiria, and she is possibly the most grotesque, yet beautiful film experiences of all time. Those who know me in real life are probably sick to death of me praising this particular film, but my love for it burns like a dance academy on fire. This film is my Halloween or Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I can think of few films as enchanting and morbid as Dario Argento’s fairy story about a clever heroine and a wicked witch.


Suspiria begins by introducing us to our heroine Suzy Bannion, played to perfection by Jessica Harper, my life-long film crush. Suzy travels to Germany to attend a prestigious dance academy. Strange events occur and the students are targeted by a ruthless killer… Or, perhaps a force beyond our comprehension. As the students begin to get picked off, Suzy begins to unravel the school’s dark, terrifying secrets.



Suspiria is, in many ways, a “pure” horror film. Humor does not figure in to diffuse the sense of dread we feel, nor are there any action scenes, romance, or any obvious attempts at commentary. Argento’s fable is dedicated to scaring the wits out of you from the start. The aura of foreboding is palpable from the very first frame and we are treated to the most ghastly, yet gorgeous murder(s) in any terror film. Every aspect of Suspiria seems to have been chosen to create the most exquisitely stunning horror imaginable.



Primary colors have never been so brilliantly used to instill fear as they were in Suspiria. The whole look is an excellent fusing of EC Comics luridness and the ethereal lushness of a 1940s musical extravaganza. To achieve this style, the film was shot on normal Eastmancolor Kodak stock, then printed using the three-strip Technicolor process, utilizing one of the last remaining three-strip machines. Cinematographer Luciano Tovoli was required to watch Disney’s Snow White as a visual reference. A rather fitting one, considering that Suspiria is essentially a classic fairytale for adults.



#WCW: The “Women of Horror/Sci-Fi Unite!” Edition

Hiya, Ho-rror Ho-mies!  Last Saturday was The Women’s March, a worldwide protest in support of women’s rights, health care reform, environmental protection, LGBTQ rights, racial justice, freedom of religion,and workers’ rights. Without getting too political, we noticed that a few eXXXtremely awesome queens of genre fiction (and Dita Von Teese *squee!!* :)) were in attendance, and we love them even more for it! Here are some of the Gore-gous women that marched on Saturday. (And there are so many more that could be included…It was a beautiful experience, and I’m ho-nored I got to be part of it. Now the real work begins… 😉 xoxoxo)

Jessica Harper (Suspiria, Phantom of the Paradise)

Women's March3

Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween series, Terror Train, Scream Queens)

Women's March4

Rose McGowan (Scream, Charmed)

Women's March6

Dita Von Teese (Burlesque Queen)

Women's March7

Melissa Benoist (Supergirl)

Women's March10

Lily Rabe (American Horror Story)

Women's MArch13

Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story)

Women's March14

Cassandra Peterson (“Elvira”)

Women's March11

Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story, American Gothic)

Women's March1o

Die-ana Prince: Your Ho-stess at the Protest 😉 xoxo