#WCW: Drusilla, the Forgotten Hostess of the Vault of Horror

There have been many ho-sts by many publishers throughout the history of ho-rror comics, but the only GhouLunatics belong to EC Comics.

The GhouLunatics were the kings (and queens) of all illustrated ho-rror ho-sts, and they are known to those who tend to favor the gruesome side of comic books. Due to the popularity of both the Amicus and HBO takes on Tales from the Crypt, The Cryptkeeper is BY FAR the most well-remembered of the GhouLunatics. That’s not to say that the other two original ghost ho-sts (The Vault-keeper and The Old Witch) don’t get a fair amount of mad love, but they are still two halves of a whole Ringo. Ho-wever, if Old Vaulty and Witchypoo are Ringo, Drusilla is Jimmie Nicol, the man who was a Beatle for 13 days.

Even if you are a seasoned fright fan, you may have never heard of Drusilla. She made her debut in The Vault of Horror #37, the fourth-to-last issue of the series. In those four final issues, Drusilla co-hosted the comic with Old Vaulty, although she didn’t have much to say. Drusilla never had so much as a single speech balloon, but there was something fascinating about her… something profoundly peculiar. Her features were Hollywood gore-eous, but her eyes had a dark wisdom behind them. Was she human or vampire? Witch or ghoul? Nothing is known about her, but she must’ve been eXXXceptionally terrifying to be a GhouLunatic.

The Vault closed its door in December of 1954, so one can only speculate on what creator Johnny Craig had planned for the raven-haired ho-stess. She may have gotten her own tit-le, if the Comics Code Authority didn’t execute EC’s brand of ho-rror. Debuting only a few months after Vampira, one could argue that Drusilla was one of the original glamour ghouls. Perhaps if she had just a few more years, she could’ve joined Morticia, Lily Munster, Elvira, and the aforementioned Vampira as one of the great icons of dark beauty.

Drusilla may not have reached the iconic status of her fellow EC Creeps, but she has a special place in the cold, black hearts of us here at KH. With the recent return of EC’s Tales from the Crypt, perhaps Drusilla will get her night in the moon. Her time was brief, but wonderfully creepy. Here’s to Drusilla, the Mysterious Mistress of the Vault of Ho-ror!

The Ho-rror Ho-st Hall of Infamy!! :)

Greetings, freaky fiends! We’re kicking off a new monthly series here at Kinky Horror
where we honor the noble monsters that introduced generations of young, impressionable Ho-rror Ho-s to the macabre pleasures of the monster film and the scary story. I refer to the Ho-rror Ho-st, a proud staple of genre fiction. From radio shows to local cable channels and beyond, these Ho-rror Ho-sts with Most were the proud masters of scare-monies who set the mood for the fiendish activities to cum…Welcome to KH’s Horror-Host Hall of Infamy!


It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to our very first inductee (and my #WCW :)), Miss Tarantula Ghoul! 🙂


While the name might not be as familiar as Elvira or Vampira, Tarantula Ghoul was a beloved host during the Golden Age of TV. Taranch, as she was affectionately known by her fans, was the host of House of Horror, along with her boa constrictor Baby and her husband Milton.



On the show, she would host fright flicks from her “home”– a bizarre room overlooking an old boneyard.



To put us all in a more festive mood, the set and format of the show would change to reflect the theme of the show. For Frankenstein films, the set became a laboratory. When showcasing the Mummy, the room would take on the appearance of an Egyptian tomb. For her presentation of Murders in the Rue Morgue, she did the show in French with English subtitles.


Unfortunately, no footage eXXXists from the show (boo!!! :() but Taranch did release two ghoulish singles, King Kong and Graveyard Rock.


I am so in awe of this gore-geous gal…Welcum to the Kinky Ho-rror Hall of Infamy, Miss Ghoul!!!!! 🙂 xoxoxo