News Bleed: The “Twisty’s House of Horror” Edition

You can’t keep a bad clown down… Twisty returns to American Horror Story! 🙂 Deadline
Zenescope Comic-Con Exclusive Variants and gelato… this is probably the best story ever! PICK ME, ZENESCOPE!!!! 🙂 Bleeding Cool

Stranger Things are coming… premiere date and teaser revealed! Hollywood Reporter

DC will get spooky this Halloween with the new House of Horror anthology! 🙂 Nerdist

Speakin’ o’ Halloween, Spirit Halloween teases some new Tricks and Treats (and I’ve pre-ordered what is probably waaaaaaaaaaaay too many of them ;)). Bloody Disgusting

Groovy… The Daughter of Ash is coming to Ash vs. Evil Dead! 🙂 Screen Rant

The Umbrella Academy heads to Netflix! 🙂 io9

Michael Jackson gets animated in a new Halloween special! Rolling Stone

Scary Shorties: Wink (2016)

(A Kinky Kwikie brought to you by the letter E…Thanks, Smutmaster Eric! 🙂 xoxo)

A woman at home on Halloween is texting, and becomes puzzled that her emojis have disappeared. Things get really weird after she opens her front door. It’s a suspenseful, imaginative short that runs less than 4 minutes.

#FBF: The “Adult Swimming with The Tall Man” Edition

You play a good game, boy, but the game is finished. Now… you watch Adult Swim!

In the year of 2004, Adult Swim summoned the late, great Angus Scrimm to ho-st a Halloween marathon of the freakiest episodes of one of Adult Swim’s freakiest shows: Aqua Teen Hunger Force!
Master Scrimm was at his Tall Man best, with a menacing glare and that wonderfully frightful voice. Dressed to kill in black, Scrimm knocks ’em dead with his signature grimaces and a few classic Phantasm quotes sprinkled about. Even in the goofiest setting, there’s nothing like Mr. Scrimm letting out a “BOY!” to freeze the blood and paralyze the soul!
Like Vincent Price before him, it’s clear that he had a “ball” with his ghoulish persona. Each bumper delivers a chill and a wink in a way that only a true Prince of Terror could pull off. Whether in a funeral home or a late night cable spot, The Tall Man knew how to deliver the creeps. Who else but Scrimm could make a shake, some meat, and an order of fries seem so ghastly?

Check out the bumpers/commercials below……if you have the balls! 😉 xoxo

Random Side Note: I totally had a thing for Meatwad back in the day…#MME 😉 xoxo

Scary Shorties: The Jester (2016)

(Submitted by Dr. Anton Phibes…Thank you, Sinister Sir! 🙂 xoxo)


Greetings, boils and ghouls! We here at Kinky Horror like to shine a blood red spotlight on some glorious grotesquies that you may have missed. Today’s hidden gem is a shocking short from MakeDo Entertainment simply titled The Jester.


The Jester tells the tale of the titular ghoul, a petrifying prestidigitator who punishes those who lack the Halloween spirit. With a spider-like grace and a silent charisma, he stalks the night to search for an audience for his macabre magic. At only ten minutes, The Jester creates a wonderful monster that could easily support a full-length feature. Heck, this mad magician has the potential to become a franchise figure! While there are some conceptual similarities to Sam from Trick ‘r Treat, The Jester stands on his own as a guardian of Halloween. For those looking for an early Halloween treat, check out The Jester below!

News Bleed: The Halloween is (Kind Of ;)) Here!! Edition.

Stop! You had me at “Bigfoot“… 😉 ComingSoon 


Make a note of these dates if you want to see Godzilla: Resurgence in US theatres…Seriously. It’s going to be a challenge, but #ChallengeAccepted as far as I’m concerned. 😉  BirthMoviesDeath


Tim Burton is getting one of the trajillion ho-nors he rightfully deserves, and if you happen to be in Ho-rrorwood this week, you can be part of the festivities!! 🙂 Glitterati


Yet another reason why Halloween needs to be year ’round… 🙂 Dread Central


Yet another remake nobody asked for has been announced…Yay. *eye rolling emoji*


Folks think they have the AHS Season 6 theme figured out…Seems probable to me. Parent Herald (it hurt me just to write that… ;))


Dinosaur Dracula is my personal hero. 🙂

And since we are now officially officially in the midst of what normal folks HAVE to consider Halloween Season, here’s the Officially Official Song of Scariness to get things started on a super sweet note…

(That is sincerely one of my favorite songs ever, and I’ll be keeping it in heavy rotation from now until Nov. 1. :)) Happy Halloween (Season ;)) Ho-rror Ho-mies!! xoxo


Holy moly, funky fresh fiends*!!!!! Check out what I just learned exists, please:


wd73 wd654

It’s sort of the Halloween edition of Toys for Tots, which is obviously a BRILLIANT idea, so click the little linky and make some kickass kiddies happy, will ya?? 🙂 You can help just by donating time, or you can send in old costumes/props (I’m looking at you, fellow cosplayers!!!!! :)), pledge money directly to the org. for their discretionary use, or…in what is, to me, the most amazing thing ever…you can visit their “Pumpkin Patch” and see EXACTLY what costumes specific kids are hoping for and sponsor them individually!!!! That is just the single coolest thing I’ve ever heard of, and I love the ‘WeenDream folks for coming up with this idea!!!!! Check out this small sampling of some of the costume requests they have posted…They are super adorable!! I hope every single kid on here (and more) gets to be what they want for Halloween this year. (Especially lil’ “Pencil” dude…That MUST happen!!! :))

  1. GOO06, Boy, 5, size M or 8: 1) RED POWER RANGER; 2) BLUE POWER RANGER
  2. GOO16, Boy, 7, size M or 8: 1)  WWE KANE DELUXE; 2) TNA WRESTLING HULK HOGAN
  3. GOO19, Girl, 8, size XL or 16: 1) SPIDERGIRL; 2) LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD
  4. GOO23, Boy, 8 size L: 1) MICHAEL JACKSON; 2) NINJA TURTLE
  5. GOO25, Girl, 9, size M: 1) MONSTER HIGH CHEERLEADER
  6. GOO36, Boy, 8, size M: 1) FOOTBALL PLAYER; 2) IRONMAN
  1. REN010, Boy, 5, size XS or 6: 1) TIGER; 2) PENCIL (I love this kid. So. Much!! :))
  2. REN014, Boy, 5, size XS or 5-6: 1) NINJA TURTLE; 2) GRASSHOPPER
  3. REN030, Boy, 5, size XS or 5: 1) IRONMAN; SNAKE
  4. REN059, Girl, 8, size S or 7-8: 1) RHIANNA; 2) NICKI MINAJ (FOR WHYYYYYY??? ;))
  5. REN121, Boy, 7, size S or 5-6: 1) MICHAEL MYERS; 2) JASON (noice!! :))
  6. REN124, Boy, 6, size S or 5-6: 1) BATMAN; 2) SUPERMAN (Ummm…Batman first??? You’re out, kiddo!!!! ;))
  7. REN143, Boy, 10, size XL or 14-16: 1) DR. WHO; 2) NINJA (a kid after my own hearts, obviously!! :))

I think you get the (absolutely awesome :)) idea…If you can/wanna donate or help out in any way, they pretty much spell everything out for you on their site, but feel free to email if you have specific questions about anything. 🙂

YAAAAY!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Now go forth and become Halloween Heroes, Ho-mies!!! Here’s a lil’ musical inspiration to guide you on your epic journey!!! 😉 xoxoxo

*I say this now. Saying this is cool. 😉