Milicent Patrick: Mother of Monsters

Happy International Women’s Day to all you Groovie Ghoulies and Cool Ghouls out there!

We thought we’d celebrate  the occasion by honoring a woman who gave us one of the greatest monsters of all time: Ms. Milicent Patrick. You may not recognize the name, but you certainly know her work…

That’s right, Monster Lovers! Actress/Designer/Artist Milicent Patrick is the woman who designed the Gill-Man AKA The Creature from the Black Lagoon! Not only did she give Gill-man his ghoulish good looks, but she also designed the Metaluna Mutant in This Island Earth, the aliens in It Came from Outer Space, and Mr. Hyde in Abbott and Costello meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In addition to all of that, she held the distinction of being one of the first female animators hired by Disney. Unfortunately, no definitive record of her life, her death, or her whereabouts seems to exist. The Screen Actors Guild lists her amongst the missing. For someone who designed one of the great horror icons, there’s very little info. Heck, people can’t seem to agree on whether there was one “l” or two in her name!

What most do agree on is that Universal put her on a  publicity tour to promote the release of Creature from the Black Lagoon, billing her as, “The Beauty Who Created the Beast.” An excellent promotion, but it certainly rubbed make-up head Bud Westmore the wrong way. Westmore promised to never hire her again and made good on his word. Executives noted that Patrick had done everything possible to credit Westmore during her interviews. They even said that Westmore was acting childish, but that didn’t resolve the matter. She continued to act in films and television until 1968, but her career in the make-up department was over. For many years, Westmore took sole credit for the creation of the Creature.

Despite what had happened, she continued to give Westmore the credit he did deserve. After all, it takes a lot of mad scientists to make a monster. Even if she if she isn’t the sole creator, she did design the monster we love today and perhaps did even more.  We salute you, Ms. Patrick! The Creature certainly wouldn’t be the creepy creep he is today without you.

Ms. Partick in Ramar of the Jungle

1954 interview with Miss Patrick

March Monster Madness: Happy Birthday, Gill-man!

“Centuries of passion pent up in his savage heart!”

On March 5, 1954, a terrifying monster from a primitive age clawed his way into the modern world… and into the hearts of horror fans everywhere!

With The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Universal Studios unleashed yet another timeless movie monster into the world in the form of the Gill-man, the missing link between land and sea animals. Blessed with shimmering scales, powerful claws, gorgeous lips, and the biggest eyes in horror since Peter Lorre, the Gill-Man is the envy of all ghouls. In fact, his signature look is so fabulous that it’s been referenced, parodied, and ripped off by everything from The Munsters to Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas to countless “B” horror Movies. Despite having only three (official) films to his name, the Gill-man’s popularity has endured throughout the ages, much like the Gill-man himself. This popularity has led to decades of action figures, model kits, shirts, masks,  pinball machines, plush dolls, Halloween decorations, and even a stage musical at Universal Studios Hollywood!  The Phantom of the Opera isn’t the only musically inclined monster, you know!

Happy Birthday, Gill-man! May you finally find a girl who appreciates your good looks!

Stay creepy, Creature!

My Cinematography Skills Shine Once Again! :)

So…Remember those HHN GoPro vids I thought were gonna be so rad? Well, they turned out a tad less amazing than I’d imagined. 😉 Basically I have a couple of hours of jumpy darkness with me screaming “That was awesome!” periodically. I’ll post a couple to give you a taste of the terror, but I’ll spare you from feeling obligated to sit through all of them. (That’s more horror than any human could possibly handle… ;))

Gripping footage, amirite? 😉 I thought nothing could top the magnificence of that Rob Zombie/Ramones vid, but clearly the best was yet to come!! 🙂

Oh well…At least you know I tried to share some of the HHN magic with ya! 🙂  Nexxxt time more light, less Jurassic Park water on an unprotected cam. (Lesson. Learned. ;))

In other news, here’s your #MMM and your #MMM in one delicious lil’ pic:


This is an adorable BTS shot of John Agar freeing the nips, and Gill-man at least attempting to #FTW while filming Revenge of the Creature, circa 1955. <3 <3 <3


Gill-man is clearly the manliest/meatiest aspect of this monster movie classic, but just for the heck of it, here’s a look at Clint Eastwood in RotC in one of his very first (and very best, if you ask me ;)) film roles as the uncredited, yet utterly unforgettable, “Laboratory Assistant.”

I swear, there’s so much #MMM and #MMM action in Revenge, it might as well be porn!!! 😉


(That’s a really real thing, btw. I think I have a lil’ reading to catch up on… ;))

Here’s a lil’ more Gill-man Goodness to darken up your dreary day…Enjoy, my fishtastic fiends!! 😉 xoxo