Fallout 4 Kind-Of Review (But Not Really… ;)

Ho-wdy, Ho-mies…I’ve gotten a lot of messages asking about Fallout 4. The sad truth is, I haven’t been home enough lately to do as much gaming as I’d like, and every second I’ve had has been spent exploring every inch of Tomb Raider. (No jokes!! Lara’s too sacred for that… ;))

Luckily, my buddy Mikey C is here to fill us all in on his thoughts. (He’s a real, official, sponsored gamer-type dude, y’know!! ;)) Thanks for the post, Outsider. Looking forward to checking out your really real reviews soon. 😉 xoxo

PS- Cover pic by Shadbase, who does some really rad, totally NSFW art. Definitely check it out if you haven’t!! 🙂