American Horror Toy Story: The “Comic Con Job” Edition

Welcome back, pop-cultured creatures! Comic Con once again brought us some Fang-tastically freaky fright toys, so we’ve gathered up the ones that have us screamin’ the most! As far as we know, none of these toys are possessed with the spirit of a killer… I guess nothing’s perfect. 😉

Here are Comic Con’s most terror-ific toys!

NECA brings the most Horror with frightening new toys for Evil Dead, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Child’s Play, Gremlins, and Friday the 13th! 🙂 Toyark

Behold the many, many new Super-Goodies from DC! Nerdist

Guillermo del Toro’s fantastical films get some fantastical figures. 🙂 Bleeding Cool

Great Balls of Terror! Mondoids are a scream! 🙂 Bloody Disgusting

Who ya gonna call? THE NINJA BUSTERS!! 🙂 io9

Evil Dead‘s Ash and Hellraiser‘s Pinhead are getting the Kotobukiya Bishoujo treatment. 🙂 Crunchyroll

Game over, Man… these Alien vs. Predator Arcade Game Figures are amazing! 🙂 Scified

Coraline, ParaNorman, and other LAIKA favorites will be given some sweet new toys from NECA. 🙂 ScienceFiction

Happy Birthday, Evil Dead II!

Thirty years ago on this very night, a force of evil beyond description was unleashed upon the human race and it continues to swallow the souls of the innocent to this very day… 

That force was Evil Dead II and it remains a favorite among lovers of the terrifically hilarious. Serving as both a sequel and a remake of sorts, Evil Dead II goes back the original and throws a pie in its face. With inspiration taken from both H.P. Lovecraft and The Three Stooges, this film is a freak show of cartoon violence, slapstick splatter, monstrous monsters, and surreal visuals… and still manages to be darn creepy! Evil Dead II is a ghost train through the warped minds of co-writers Sam Raimi and Scott Spiegel, the former also being the film’s director. In their cinematic funhouse, corpses dance in the night, furniture laughs in maniacal glee, the human hand turns against the body, blood sprays from any source, and madness is king. With very little money, Raimi and his team created a wonderfully nightmarish, visually brilliant,  and utterly strange film that rivals the sights and frights of any “A”  horror picture. On top of all that greatness, it also gave us the Bruce Campbell we all adore today, one-liners and all. After all these years, Evil Dead II is still… groovy.

Take a look behind-the-screams:

Sam Raimi thinks this film will “grab” you:

Comic Book Review: Army of Darkness: Shop Till You Drop Dead

(Submitted for your New Comic Book Day reading pleasure by Mr. Prince Adam…Thanks, you Groovy Guy, you!!  😉 xoxo)

“Grab the keys to the Oldsmobile and break out the boomstick ’cause Ash is back! The wisecracking everyman with a chin of steel comes face to face with something worse than Deadite possession: Unemployment.” (Dynamite)

Just as the Ashes 2 Ashes story picked up right where the movie adaptation left off, Shop Till You Drop Dead carries over the ramifications from Ashes 2 Ashes. Specifically Ash is called into his boss’s office, where he is informed that he will have to pay for the damages caused to the S-Mart store in his last battle with the Deadites. He will reimburse the store by forfeiting a paycheck for several years, until the hefty bill is paid off. In a rare occurrence, the consequences of our protagonist’s actions are dealt with and have consequences. Writer James Kuhoric does in a horror book what most superhero books fail, ignore or, are too fearful of doing. Prior to the craziness recommencing, we get a little taste of Ash’s normal work life dynamic. In these areas of the story, there seems to be a nod to the Archie comic books happening. Sheila and Mindy are both vying for Ash’s romantic attentions, while fellow employee’s look on in shock and amazement, curiously wondering how too beautiful women could be attracted to such a scatterbrained, arrogant individual. This absolutely mimics the love triangle between Archie, Betty and Veronica, and how their peers in Riverdale react to it. The Necronomicon returns in this book, after Ash’s boss, while on vacation, finds it on a resort in Egypt buried in the sand. Firstly, I like the continuity detail to the last story. Remember at the end of last issue, the book was buried in the sands of ancient Egypt. Secondly, the Necronomicon, I’d imagine, is like a mystical STD. No matter how much you treat certain STD’s they don’t go away. Just as, it appears no matter how many times this book is destroyed, it keeps coming back. The crazy action picks up when most customers in the S-Mart are revealed to be Deadites. Here’s where this book has to be careful. The scenes of the Deadite attack on the S-Mart are extremely similar to scenes from the movie adaptation. We have mini Deadite Ashes again, one of his colleagues loses a hand to a Deadite bite. Ash finds a chainsaw, attaches it to his coworkers hand and has him join the fight. It’s as if the writer said; “Well this worked before and everyone liked it, so let’s do it again!” The most intriguing aspect of this fight, is the fact that it takes place in the S-Mart, which provides our hero plenty of foreign convenience store objects to use in his arsenal. Another unique moment of this story is the time travel portion. Instead of going back into the past, Ash is thrown 500 years into the future. The Deadites are still plaguing humanity and the Necronomicon is still this mythologies McGuffin. Although, it is a digital computer program, which makes sense that far into the future. Hell, books are going digital now, imagine what’ll happen 500 years from now. Also, in the future, Ash’s battles with the Deadites have gone down in the annals of history. This ties in nicely with his trip to the past, where he was a part of the prophecy and his battles with Deadites were foretold. In both the past and future, the people Ash meets find it preposterous when he tells him he is that warrior battling the Deadites. That commonality between past and future, along with Ash’s attempts to justify his claims are hilarious. Once Ash gets back to the present, his defeat of the Deadites is rather predictable to be honest. However, the last act is redeemed by the Easter egg at books end, which hints at the arrival of an evil, robotic Deadite Ash from the future to present day Detroit.

While the writer changed for this story, art was still handled by Nick Bradshaw, with an assist by Sanford Greene on the third issue. It seems to me that with every issue Nick Bradshaw tries to top himself with the bloody violence and gore. Seeing a Deadite get shot in the face and back of the head, caused some epic levels of blood spatter and grotesque facial disfigurement. The page where Ash finds the chainsaw stuck in that fake log, and the store display is lit up and he pulls the chainsaw out of the display, had a nod and hint of the Sword in the Stone to it. The overt sexiness with which Mindy and Sheila were drawn was of the charts. It had me wondering when we’ll get an Ash Vs the Evil Dead porn parody. Or has there been one and I somehow missed it? The scene in the cellar of the S-Mart, was the most traditional looking horror locale in the whole book. The coloring gave it an appropriate atmosphere. The Deadite possessed furnace looked pretty badass, but reminded me of that scene in Home Alone. You know the one I’m talking about. The art in issue 3 was even more cartoonish and stylized then Nick Bradshaw, so I’m not too hot on Sanford Greene’s work overall. However, there are two aspects I enjoyed. First was the metallic look of the future. It matched perfectly with a society that was 100% reliant on technology for everything. Secondly, the imagery of Ash fighting with a futuristic computerized Deadite version of himself looked like a mashup of Tron Legacy and Mega Man.

This book wasn’t as good as the Army of Darkness Movie adaptation or Ashes 2 Ashes. It relied too much on sticking to the tropes of the series and felt more like déjà vu then a new story. Having said that, this book was a hell of a lot of fun. It’s so crazy and violent and funny, I’m willing to forgive them resting on their laurels. So long as it doesn’t keep happening over and over. This definitely is still a must read for fans of the series.

News Bleed: The Cumming Soon Edition. :)


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Looks like we’re getting an American Psycho TV series! 🙂

M. Night Shyamalan‘s new movie looks creepy…What a twist!!! 😉  Deadline

The teaser for Leanna Vamp‘s new Ho-rror show is out, and full of badassery.  SlapTV

Happy #WCW/Ash Wednesday!! :)

Ho-wdy, Ho-rror Ho-mies!! Today I have an eXXXtra special round-up of #WCWs for ya, in honor of “Ash Wednesday”. (Get it??? ;))


Enjoy the gore-geousness of each and every one of these swoon-worthy crossplayers, presented in no particular order of awesomeness. (The only possible eXXXception being the first boo-tiful babe, but, c’,mon!! Her costume is SPOT. ON!!! ;))




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aw333 aw32 aw9 aw8 aw6 aw7 aw3



I think all that really needs to be said about this particular collection of #WCW pics is…


Happy Wednesday, Kinky Homies!! 😉 xoxoxo


News Bleed.

Here’s a Mummy-Approved wrap-up of some of this week’s Ho-rror Happenings for ya, my freaky lil’ fiend-bots. 🙂


All teh feelz… :'( (Warning: Contains Spoilers from this week’s Walking Dead)  Vulture

Apparently there are going to be people other than Bruce Campbell in Ash vs. Evil Dead…Weird. 😉    AV Club

Charles Manson almost got the American Horror Story treatment (which he is DEFINITELY NOT worthy of…)  NY Post 

I love Saw and all, but porn already gave us all the Halloween remakes we need, thank you very much… Hollywood Reporter 

Here’s some much needed Sharknado 3 casting info fer ya, but what I really want to know is when they are finally going to release a bodywash to go with their luxurious perfume??? Dread Central

The Once Bitten/ Love at First Bite Blu-Ray has been out for DAYS now and I still don’t own it??? I don’t even know who I am anymore… ;P  Shout Factory (Side Note: I ran into Jim Carrey at a sushi place here in Hell-A a couple days ago, and I’m happy to report he was as super sweet and adorable as I’d hoped he’d be…#MancrushForever #1,854 still in tact!! <333)

(Side, Side Note: Rough shooting sched this week, so I missed out on #TataTuesday and #WCW. That’s why you have a lovely shot of The Angry Princess as your featured image. Not only is she lovely to look at, but her sorrowful backstory makes her all the more intriguing and crush worthy…and reminds me that I need to revisit Thir13een Ghosts sometime soon. :))