Happy 421! ;)

Ok, so after this post, I promise to get my shizzle together and start posting things on the appropriate day (for at least one whole week…THIS I VOW!!! ;)), but for today let’s just enjoyΒ a drug-induced #FBF together, shall we?

If I had posted this on time I wouldn’t have been able to post these pics from last night’s premiere screening of Evil Bong 666, so yay weed, basically. πŸ˜‰

I was maybe a lil’ high during this screening, so I didn’t cover it as well as I might have otherwise. Here’s an eXXXample of my crackin’ coverage:

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! High-larious, amirite??? If you want conventional coverage of the night’s festivities, you can check out Full Moon’s official vidcast right here:

And here’s a bunch of weed-y stuff I should’ve posted yesterday, but I’ll be darned if I’m gonna let being late by one day KILL our buzz…Happy Four Twenty (One ;), Kinky Ho-mies!! πŸ™‚ xoxo


Directed By: The Charles Band Edition.

(Submitted by Smutmaster Eric and, shockingly, it seemed appropriate for #TataTuesday. πŸ˜‰ Thanks, friend! I’m a big fan of Mr. Band’s work, so I eXXXtra approve this set!! πŸ˜‰ xoxo)
Charles Robert Band (born December 27, 1951) is an American director, writer, and producer, mostly known for his work on horror comedy movies.

His most famous films are those in the Puppet Master franchise and the Subspecies series, made by his company Full Moon Features. Before Full Moon Features, his earlier (and now defunct) company Empire Pictures made films like Ghoulies and the cult classic Re-Animator.

charlesFeaturing: Jacqueline Lovell, Ciarra Carter, Ooga Booga & Karen Black.

Hideous! (1997)


A group of rival collectors of severely deformed freakish human beings and the FBI agents that are investigating them must battle against some of their collections which aren’t as dead as they seem.

hid2 hid3 hid4 hid5 hid6 hid7 hid8 hid9 hid10

Ooga Booga (2013)


An innocent African American medical student is brutally murdered by dirty cops, but his soul is magically transferred into an action figure named Ooga Booga.

ooga2 ooga3 ooga4 ooga5 ooga6

Head of the Family (1996)


The “head” of the family is literally that – a giant head on a tiny body, who psychically controls the rest of his even weirder family.

hof2 hof3 hof4 hof5 hof6 hof7 hof8 hof9