#TerrorTrailerTuesday: The “King of the Silver Scream” Edition

Beep-Beep, Fright Fiends!

2017’s been a real groovy year for The King, hasn’t it?

Mr. Mercedes, The Dark Tower, Gerald’s Game, and IT… no matter where you go, King’s creepin’ up with ya! And with the gargantuan success of IT and the announcement of Suffer the Little Children, it seems like the King renaissance is going to keep on floatin’!
In ho-nor of the man who was Richard Bachman, we’ve gathered up some of the most frightful ‘n’ delighful trailers for some of our favorite King scarefests! Telekinetic creeps, ghosts, things from the grave, killer cars, werewolves, and the Devil himself… these trailers prove that King knows how to show a ghoul a good time! 🙂
Let the trailers begin!!!!!! 

and my personal favorite…

Hail to the King, Baby!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you morbidly majestic mummies out there! Today’s your day, so relax and don’t lose your head!

Here’s to mothers everywhere, whether they be artistic…

…A tad over-protective…




…A real witch…
…Or Just plain weird.
A toast to mothers….
…Mother figures…

…And Other Mothers.
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Undressed: The Locker Room Edition, Part 4

(Submitted by Smutmaster Eric…Thanks for letting us know about this Carrie parody. Definitely going to check I out…and maybe Karnal Kombat it? 😉 xoxox)

Featuring: Sarah Shevon & Annette O’Toole.

Orgy University (2013)

(A parody of Carrie nominated for 4 AVN Awards)

Cat People (1982)

(Nominated for 2 Golden Globes)

Ho-stess’s PS- I just learned this eXXXists. (I knew TILF was a thing. Just wasn’t aware they repackaged it as a “New Year’s” edition? Miss Kasey is such a goober… 😉 xoxo)


Goon Review: Carrie (1976)

(Submitted by my patient, awesome friend, Mr. Andrew “Goon-y Goon” Peters…Thanks, Ho-rror Ho-mie!! I’m a gettin’ there!! 😉 xoxoxo)

carriereview17Believe it or not, there was a time when Stephen King films were actually good. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true.  (“How dare you, sir?!!! I’m literally listening to the Pet Sematary soundtrack as I write this!! #STEPHENKINGADAPTATIONSRULE!!”-D.P.) His novels weren’t always adapted into crappy (yet entertaining for all the wrong reasons) TV movies, but rather into very moody, dramatic and scary films, even if he didn’t like them. Yeah, the guy thought people weren’t doing Stephen King right. He hated The Shining and even directed Maximum Overdrive himself and wrote the screenplay for The Shining TV mini-series. Uh, he also had some demons he was battling at the time, so maybe his judgement wasn’t the greatest. I know it seems like I’m giving him a hard time, but we always do to the people or things we respect. He’s done a great deal for horror and for that I thank him. His stories usually take place in Maine and follow a similar formula and include what are now known as the “Stephen King cliches”. These are so identifiable, that there’s even a drinking game. This doesn’t mean that they are bad, in fact, good writers write about what they know or incorporate cliches to their advantage, but at the end, I think if you had fun or a good scare, then it was all worth it.


Carrie is one of his works that has always struck a chord with me. I think it’s something most of us outcasts, us dorks, can relate to; being the unpopular one at school that’s picked on… until one day it’s gone too far and enough is enough! I remember the turning point for me when I was bullied. I didn’t do anything horrible, don’t get any wrong ideas, but I unbeknownst to my bullies I had been taking martial arts for nearly a year. I was in the cafeteria trying to find a corner to eat my food and as soon as I sat down, they approached me. One took my lunch and threw it in the garbage that was close by and shoved me asking what I was going to do about it. I stood up and asked him to stop and he didn’t, so I let him have that. His friends were stunned and guess what? They were all nice to me after that. I’m not promoting violence, just relating to the story of Carrie, as it brought back memories of that moment as I watched Scream Factory’s newly released restoration of the film. (“Damn, son, that’s deep.” *hugs*)

carrie9Carrie White is an outcast, a dweeb, whatever you want to call her… and they do. The opening of the movie is seemingly at first a shower scene in a girl’s locker room after a game of sport ball and also serves as gratuitous nudity underneath the opening credits, which is kind of a genius move on director Brian DePalma’s part.



As if being harassed and threatened for not being good at sports wasn’t Hell enough for Carrie, she also happens to get her first period at this time and since she was never told about this cycle, she believes she is bleeding to death and understandably freaks out about it. Rather than calm her down and talk to her, the girls circle around her, trapping her in a cage of assholes and throw tampons at her until the gym teacher arrives and breaks it up.





Even the principal seems to be giving her crap when she’s questioned about what happened, because the stupid jerk can’t even get her name right. Well at least she can go home and have her mother comfort her… Turns out, her home situation is far worse as her mother is clearly insane and living by the made up words of the Bible. No, that wasn’t a shot at religion, the scripture that her mother is quoting isn’t even in the Bible, so it goes to show you how far off her rocker that woman really is.
Think you had it bad when your parents wouldn’t let you play Nintendo for a week? Carrie’s mother locks her in the closet with nothing but a photo of Jesus. Carrie is not allowed to have friends, go outside, wear makeup or anything else that would make Carrie appear to have a sliver of fun or normality. At this point, you can’t help but feel bad for Carrie, especially with Sissy Spacek’s performance as the wide-eyed, pale titular character. But there’s something about Carrie that she isn’t telling anyone; she has the ability to move things with her mind. Telekinesis.


At first, she only seems to be able to make something happen quickly when she becomes overly emotional, enraged. But throughout the course of being locked in the closet or in the privacy of her own home, she realizes if she focuses hard enough that she can fully control her power. This could come in handy… or we could get a sweet spin-off where she fights the X-Men, since she’s basically Jean Grey. A redhead that can move things with her mind and becomes way too powerful when she loses her shit? C’mon now.

carrievphoenixHer classmate and one of the girls from the locker room fiasco, Sue, starts to feel bad for Carrie and decides to do something nice for her; she wants her boyfriend Tommy (the Great American Hero, William Katt), a good looking young buck who happened to like one of Carrie’s poems, to ask Carrie to the prom and make sure she has a good time. No tricks, no mean pranks, nothing. Just a good time. Understandably, Carrie is reluctant, but Tommy insists until she says yes. But Sue’s friends Chris and Norma, played by Nancy Allen (Robocop) and PJ Soles (Halloween) in very ballbusting performances, aren’t just gonna let Carrie have a good time. Chris gets her boyfriend Billy (Mr. Saturday Night Fever himself, John Travolta) to go along with the ultimate prank after some, ahem, oral persuasion that is gonna give Carrie White a night that she will never forget.


Unfortunately for them, it may also be a night they will never forget or should I say escape! It’s one of the most iconic horror movie climaxes in movie history, being eerily shot by Brian De Palma as he opts for a dual shot of Carrie’s reactions mixed with what she is doing telekinetically as the vibrant lights turn on, doors slam and things move, creepy strings begin to swell and tense, but never break and then people begin to die.





Most people would consider Carrie to be a horror movie classic or even a staple and in that regard, I have to agree. Carrie unintentionally shaped not only supernatural horror, but it’s “surprise” ending has been mimicked time and time again in horror films, even to this day. In fact, the creators of Friday the 13th said they wanted their movie to end the way it did, because they had just seen Carrie.




Of course, the final scare type ending has been done to death and has well passed worn out its welcome, but it still works with Carrie and it’s welcome, because it was done right and it fit. That’s probably because it’s a well put together movie, from the cinematography to the characters, I thoroughly enjoy the film. Carrie’s classmates violently and relentlessly harass her for her upbringing, her own personal views and for not being athletic or anything else out of her control or she chooses because she likes or wants to be an individual for. Basically, her classmates are proto-YouTube commenters, which is very interesting that the way these kids act is probably more relevant today than it was back then, because of “social justice warrior” that don’t quite get it or the surge of bullying that seems to plague the US. Her torment drudged up memories of being bullied myself and I wanted to hug poor Carrie. Sissy Spacek brought the character to life and made her someone you actually care about, which is more than what you can say about most films, especially the remake. (“But The Rage was The Tits!!!” 😉 -Still DP, and I highly doubt Mr. Goon will concur. ;))


Scream Factory’s beautifully repackaged Blu-ray with new (and of course it’s reversible) is more than just a pretty looking package, it’s also a pretty looking presentation with a brand new 4K scan of the film. This is pretty much how I imagined the film looking in theaters when it first debuted. Compared to the older DVD I have, there was a HUGE improvement over the video and audio quality. Most of the dust and scratches are gone, but in an older film like this, you kind of miss them. Aside from the usual trailers, photo gallery, TV spots and what have you, Scream has loaded a second disc full of special features that include all new interviews with the main cast and crew as well as some older features thrown on the disc for good measure. There’s a few hours worth of stuff to keep you busy and to get your money’s worth.

carrie_beautyshot300dpi-1It’s not a forgotten gem and it’s not an overlooked movie, but Carrie is remembered just as it should be; a classic that has inspired countless other horror films throughout the years. There is a reason this film holds up to this day; the characters are relatable and, this part is key, it’s still scary.


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