#FangsFridayFlashback: The “Barnabas Collins Gives Good Head” Edition

Thank God it’s Frid-ay, Kinky Kreeps! ;))

It’s another fang-tastic day, so we’re talkin’ about Barnabas Collins, the groovy vampire from TV’s Dark Shadows!
Before Edward sparkled in the sun, Johnathan Frid as Barnabas Collins was the heartless heartthrob who broke the hearts of teen ghouls everywhere. For monster kids, he was koolest korpse on the small scream.

When Barnabas ruled the night, they plastered his undead mug on just about everything… board games, joke books, toys, comic, and Horror Heads!

What were the Ho-rror Heads, you ask? Well, the Ho-rror Heads were probably the weirdest and most awesome thing to come out the popularity of Dark Shadows… besides the time Barnabas met Bozo the Clown. (True story!! :))

These strange little doll heads were like the unholy love-child of Madballs and carnival punks. They came in Barnabas (‘natch), Quentin the Werewolf, and… a witch. That last one’s a bit odd because the witch in the line is a generic Halloween witch and not Angelique, the main witch on Dark Shadows. But I guess it doesn’t matter which witch is which… 😉

For pure Dark Shadows awesome, check out the commercial below:


Ho-wdy, ho-mies! Just a quickie to let you know about this new feature I’m starting. I have a vast collection of rad as heck Monster Masks, and I figured I’d start sharing them with you, Kinky Ho-style.

This week’s selection is Shorty (Killer Klowns from Outer Space) from Trick or Treat Studios. (Spoiler Alert: A LOT of my masks are going to be from them. I’m a huge fan of their work! :))

Have a wicked week, Kinky Ho-mies…Here’s a lil’ sumthin’ to get things started off on a rockin’ note. 😉 xoxo

#TBT: The “Monster Mufflers” Edition

Ho-wdy, Ho-rror Ho-mies! As you creeps probably know, the Universal Monsters are getting a brand-new shared universe, and they’re hoping to give Marvel a run for their “mummy!”
We here at KH love a good Monster Mash, especially one from the original House of Horrors.  Starting with 1943’s Frankenstein meets the Wolfman, Universal has had a rich history of having grand ol’ ghouls go face-to-fang. However, there are two iconic monsters that have yet to appear in the same film…

Yes, it’s true… The Mummy and The Invisible Man, Universal’s baddest bandaged baddies, have never co-starred in a film together! Now, I know there’s a fair chance that the “wrap” stars will appear together in an installment of the new franchise, but it’s been over 80 years! You would think that Universal would throw us an invisible and/or mummified bone, but they never did.

However, the gauze ghouls did get a chance to share the spotlight in a commercial for Meineke Mufflers in 1988. Not only are The Mummy and The Invisible Man here, but they are positively horrible.. in a good way! 🙂 That Mummy could stomp around in a real monster movie, as far as I’m concerned! I don’t recall the Invisible One being much of a driver, but I suppose The Mummy would need a new a muffler for the ol’ chariot… 🙂

It’s not Universal, but it does the trick!

Check out the creepy commercial below:

#SuperheroSaturday Comic Book Review: Injustice: Gods Among Us #4-6


Sooooooo badass, yes, but also sooooooooo far away!! 🙁 Which brings us back to this rockin’ review from Mr. SuperheroSciFi himself, Prince Adam…Thanks for giving us a lil’ something to help fill the gap, Heroic Ho-mie. xoxoxo (PS- #thatswhatshesaid ;))

“In the wake of the unspeakable tragedy he unwittingly helped to trigger, Superman faces his greatest loss and his most challenging moral decision ever. Everything is about to pivot on the choice he makes; it could change the course of the world–and the lives of all the super heroes–forever. Green Arrow is featured in a solo adventure. Fearful of Superman’s vengeance, the archer is put in charge of protecting the Joker’s crazed accomplice, Harley Quinn. Finding somewhere to hide Harley isn’t the challenge–keeping his sanity during prolonged contact with her is. But who will be the first one to drive the other crazy? Still reeling from the destruction of Metropolis, news from a war-torn country creates a tipping point for the Man of Steel. He decides it’s time for him to take a more proactive role in stopping man’s inhumanity to man. But does the sudden appearance of Wonder Woman mean he’s created a new enemy or converted an ally to his cause?” (DC Comics)

Two out of the three books deal with the fallout of the Joker’s heinous crimes, while the middle issue is a humorous but still heartfelt interlude that lightens the mood. Issues 4 & 6, show Superman going through stages of grief and anger. The scene with Superman holding a deceased Lois Lane in his arms in the middle of the detonation zone was such a quietly haunting moment, which lingers long after you’ve read the story. There’s an incredible exchange between Batman and the Joker that calls to mind The Killing Joke and The Dark Knight. When Joker explains that he did what he did, because it would be fun to see how Superman would react, proves that Tom Taylor has grasped Joker’s chaos and sick mentality. Issues #4 & 6 really set up Superman’s status quo hinted at in the game. Superman kills Joker in such a way that is so shocking, at least to this Superman fan. The death of his wife, the fact that he broke one of his cardinal rules, and add that to what he’s witnessing in a war-torn country and Superman decides to be more forceful! After revealing his identity, he puts the world on notice that he won’t allow the loss of anymore innocent lives. Killing and getting involved in wars, foreign or domestic, are against type for Superman but given what he’s been through, completely understandable. Even though this book is a video game tie-in, none of these reactions feel forced to line up with the game. These occurrences progress very naturally. Issue #5 was a nice change of pace. It was mostly Green Arrow babysitting Harley Quinn, a.k.a. keeping her hidden from Superman. The result is an exchange between Harley and Oliver, where Tom Taylor reminds fans that at one point in comics’ history, Green Arrow was a cheap Batman knockoff. In the midst of the humor, Mr. Taylor manages to remind readers that a hero who is not afraid to go over the edge for justice and a homicidal maniac are still people with emotions and a need for human comfort.

There are so many great images in these three issues. Seriously, the scene with Batman & the Joker looks so much like the “The Dark Knight”, especially Batman. The scene where Superman kills Joker will leave you speechless. It’s quite the jarring imagery. Likewise, the previously mentioned image of Superman cradling Lois’ lifeless body will send shivers through your body. Mike Miller does great work in issues #4 & 6. Bruno Redondo draws issue #5 and treats fans to a look at vintage Oliver Queen, while giving Harley Quinn a more dangerous yet sexy updated look. The only thing I didn’t like was the Arrow car. It looks ridiculous to me. Jheremy Raapack creates a stunning depiction of a Batman vs. Superman confrontation for the cover! Seeing as these are my two favourite characters, this cover leaves me captivated yet conflicted, just like the movie did!

The creative team continues to create a book that I consistently want to read. It firmly makes my top 3 “must read” list, despite have great “new” comics to read every week Since it feels like there is so much more to come, it could easily find itself standing at the very top of that list before too long!

Happy Birthday, Buffy!! :)

Ho-ly Hellmouth! I can’t believe Buffy the Vampire Slayer is 20 years old today! This is my absolute favorite show of all time, and the fact that sooooooo many people are still celebrating its ass-kicking, vampire-slayin’ glory two decades later is pretty freaking amazing!

Joss Whedon took the cute blonde girl who often dies first in the average horror film and made her a complete and utter badass. She was the one the Creatures of the Night feared. Buffy was a strong female headlining traditionally masculine “action hero” storylines who kicked open the door for more badass babes starring in major shows.

BTVS easily could have been a total campfest, but it respected its characters, genre, and audience. It showed us that slaying vampires and demons could be a total blast (obviously ;)), but still possessed an uncommon depth and make us truly care for its misfits. Buffy was an incredibly smart and important show that will always have a big ol’ stake-shaped place in my heart…#SCOOBYGANG4EVAH!! xoxo

PS- Spike is the seXXXiest vampire ever!!! Suck it, Lestat! 😉 xoxo

PPS- Giles was also freaking hawt…I was sooooo jealous of Ms. Calendar (until…well, you know.)

PPS- I was inspired to do a quickie Buffy tribute today for my weekly #FreedomFriday offering. 🙂

#FBF: The “King Kong’s REAL Thronester” Edition

Ladies and gentlemen, I am here tonight to tell you a strange story… A story so strange that no one would believe it. But, ladies and gentleman, seeing is believing. Back in 1972, stop-motion master David Allen (The Howling, Doctor Mordrid) showed us the greatest thing our eyes have ever beheld… The Return of King Kong! Not just another ape suit, but a stop-motion marvel like the true Kong of 1933. What occasion lead to the resurrection of one of cinema’s great beasts? A car commercial, of course! The Volkswagen of America company recruited Allen to give us a show to gratify our curiosity and promote their Volkswagen 411 4-Door Sedan model, a “Volkswagen big enough for everyone.” The result was a pitch–perfect tribute to the greatness that is 1933’s King Kong. Why, the commercial even has its own Ann Darrow in the form of Victoria Riskin, Fay Wray’s daughter! For even more monster-y goodness, make-up wizard Rick Baker (An American Werewolf in London, The Funhouse) appears as Kong’s arm. Ladies and gentlemen, look at Kong, the Eighth Wonder of the World… and Volkswagen enthusiast!

If you crave more excitement, gaze upon these nifty behind-the-scenes photos:


#FBF: The “ToXXXic Tim” Edition

Ho-wdy, My Curry-craving creeps! As we all know, Tim “Wadsworth” Curry is just about the seXXXiest villian in… well, just about everything he’s in! That smooth baritone just makes every part eXXXtra hot… even when he’s playing sentient pollution! That’s right, ho-mies! Tim Curry played the bad guy (shocking!) in 1992’s FernGully: The Last Rainforest, which is basically like cartoon Avatar… except a gazillion times better! In the film, Curry gets to go full Frank N. Furter as he sings a seductive song… about polluting the world. Oh, Curry… only you could make being a Captain Planet villain seem cool! 🙂

That’s all well and good, but nothing beats seeing the man do his thang! if you need more Curry in your diet, check out Tim Curry recording the song below! Tim Curry, you’re totally toXXXic! 🙂

Side Note: These eXXXist, and I own them. (Thanks to Mr. DinosaurDracula and his awesome Fun Pack this month. :))

#TBT: The “Headshrinkers Ball” Edition

Are you looking to shrink the heads of your enemies to harness their spirit without the hassle of decapitating them? Boy, have we got the toy for you!

Released in the monster-loving ’60s, Pressman’s Witch Dr. Head Shrinkers Kit is the perfect toy for the little Wednesday or Pugsley in your life. Like all artists, the witch doctor has to start somewhere, so grant your child a HEAD start on their career with this charming little kit. unfortunately, this nifty kit is hard to come by and we certainly don’t encourage any traditional methods of headshrinking… at least, not in public. Pressman says, “Now, shrunken heads for all occasions, collect ‘em, swap ‘em, give ‘em to your witch doctor friends. You can always cook up more with Pressman’s Witch Dr. Head Shrinkers Kit!”

Harmless? Non-Toxic? You just lost a customer, Pressman!

Thank Goodness it’s here! Ralph’s was out!

The Tools for Success!

Get a-Head in life and check out the commercial below:

Cereal Killers: The “Breakfast at Wednesday’s” Edition

(Figured you could use a palate cleanser after that last most…Enjoy the Addams Awesomeness, Kinky Ho-mies!! 🙂 xoxo)

Ho-wdy, you all-together ooky Ho-mies! We took a trip to the graveyard and dug up something eXXXtraordinarily creepy for you fright fiends: The Addams Family cereal!

Released by Ralston in 1991 to promote the first theatrical Addams Family creature feature,  The Addams Family cereal itself was molded into the shapes of headless dolls, skulls, and Thing… Just a few of my favorite “Things.” (#ha! ;)) The box described the cereal as “a mysterious flavor that you’re going to love,” which I’ve taken to mean “pure sugary greatness!”  To add to the Addams awesomeness, the cereal also came with Addams flashlights, because who doesn’t find Fester electrifying? 😉

Here is the official description on the side of the box:

Welcome to a delightfully demented breakfast with THE ADDAMS FAMILY.

Getting too old for the same loops and letters in your cereal. Then you’re ready for a new taste adventure with THE ADDAMS FAMILY brand sweetened cereal. Deliciously demented, this new cereal has a mysterious flavor you’re going to love. And the skulls, headless dolls and Thing cereal pieces are as bizarre as THE ADDAMS FAMILY themselves.

Speaking of bizarre, let us introduce you to America’s creepiest, kookiest family:

GOMEZ ADDAMS: The manic father of the clan. He loves playing golf in the family cemetery, crashing his toy trains and romancing his bewitching wife, Morticia.

MORTICIA ADDAMS: The real backbone of the family, Morticia is a raven haired, haunting beauty who cares for her family, her home and her dead plants.

FESTER ADDAMS: Uncle Fester, lost in the Bermuda triangle years ago, is Gomez’s demented older brother. He is also so charged with energy he can light a bulb in his mouth.

PUGSLEY ADDAMS: An energetic monster of a boy. He breeds pet sharks and creates dreadful concoctions with his chemistry set.

WEDNESDAY ADDAMS: The somber and poetic daughter who knows the family’s hiding places and secrets. She enjoys beheading dolls with her toy guillotine.

LURCH: Addam’s gigantic mute Butler who protects the children from healthy influences everywhere.

THING: The disembodied pet hand who’s full of personality. Thing is always willing to serve as a tee for Gomez’s golf ball and to warn the family of impending danger.

These are just a few of the lovable, quirky characters you’ll meet in the new THE ADDAMS FAMILY movie. And now, you can have breakfast with them every morning with the new THE ADDAMS FAMILY Cereal

Here’s the creepy commercial for your viewing pleasure. (Alas, it doesn’t feature Addams Groove by MC Hammer…So I took the liberty of adding it for ya. ;))

As kreepy, kooky bonus, Honey Nut Cheerios did their own Addams Family promotion after the second feature. The box featured an eye-popping magic eye puzzle. Better yet, the commercial featured a ghoulish-looking Wednesday racing Buzz the Bee for some Cheerios. (I guess she’s not a huge fan of her own cereal… ;))

Check out the boXXXes and commercial below:

So much Addams Awesome…Let us do the Dance of Joy Despair in their ho-nor!! 😉 xoxo

#News Bleed: The “Pop Goes the Slasher” Edition

The Freaks shall inherit the Earth in Maleficent director Robert Stromberg’s Carnival. JoBlo

Ted “Buffalo Bill” Levine dances into Jurassic World 2 (and the world rejoices :)). Variety

Crank it up! Mezco brings us some Horror Jack-in-the-Boxes with Burst-a-BoXXX! (Oh yes…They will be mine!! <3333) Bloody Disgusting

SHE’S ALIVE!!! Here’s your first look at Elle Fanning as Mary Shelley. 🙂 /FILM

The Strangers stalk again in The Strangers 2 (and it’s about dang time!! :)) Entertainment Weekly

Danny McBride says his Halloween is no laughing matter. 😉 A.V. Club