Two Years of Smut: #Smutmaster Eric’s 2nd Anniversary!! :)

(The meaty part of this post was submitted by our beloved Master of Smut, Eric…Happy Anniversary, my Kinkiest of Ho-mies! Love having you as part of the Kinky Ho fam…at least until that smart Japanese robot I ordered finally gets here. 😉 xoxoxo)

Hello KH readers, it’s Eric, your favorite (or least favorite) contributor.

Today I celebrate two years of being part of what you’ve seen and heard on this site. There have been days I worried I was going to be replaced with a smart Japanese robot or another person, but thankfully that’s not happened, yet! 

A very special thanks to you Diana/Kasey/Shark-Woman/Demon, you’re a good friend and beloved by many!

And now, enjoy these screenshots from this vintage double feature.

Mai Lin vs. Serena (1981)

With: Jade Wong, Billy Dee, Mike Horner, Herschel Savage and more.

Oriental Hawaii (1981)

With: Rhonda Jo Petty, Mai Lin, Jade Wong, Danielle, Jesie St. James, John Leslie and more.

NES Friday the 13th: The Movie :)

Ho-wdy, you valiant Voorhees lovers! I’m not sure about you kinky kreeps, but I happen to love the living dead poop out of the NES Friday the 13th game…

…And so does director Michael Ramova! So much so that he directed this nifty short film based on that eXXXcellent 8-bit horror show! 🙂 Funded through Indiegogo (by Friday Fiends like me :)), Mr. Ramoval did what Paramount couldn’t and brought Jason to 2017. You just can’t keep a bad ghoul down. 🙂

Check it out below, Kinky Ho-s! 🙂 xoxo

Kinky Quickie: Return of The Poe Toaster?

The Poe Toaster has returned… kinda.

Poe Toaster1

From around 1949 until 2009, a mysterious person (people?) had been honoring the Master of Macabre by leaving three red roses and a bottle of cognac on his grave. Nobody knows why the Poe Toaster left cognac, but it’s been suggested that the three roses represent the three buried beneath the monument: Poe, his wife, and his mother-in-law. 2009 marked the last appearance of the enigmatic figure, but the tradition has been revived… without the mystery. The Maryland Historical Society resurrected the Toaster last year, with this being his second year toasting Poe. To this day, we still have no idea who the original Toaster was. This spectre of a man has become the perfect tribute to Poe: a fantastic mystery that will linger in the minds of many. May the new Toaster ho-nor Poe for years to come… and may the original remain a mystery.
Poe Toaster6


Horror Happenings: L.A. Krampus Run 2016

For its fourth straight year, Hell broke loose in Downtown L.A. at the Los Angeles Krampus Run, a celebration of  St. Nicholas’ monstrous counterpart and punisher of naughty children. In honor of this eerie yuletide figure, a horde of nightmarish Krampuses invaded Winston Street, each one a true fright to behold. Revelers were delightfully and playfully abused and whipped by the festive devils! The event was in the Austrian tradition of Krampuslauf (Krampus run) and was certainly a for those dreaming of a Black Christmas. For a taste of the merry terror, check out the pictures below!

kramp1 kramp2 krampus3

krampuslauf-steamcar-e1469640812190 krampuss

Sing Sucka!! (The #FBF Edition. ;)

(Now on a Saturday, but go with it…#ChristmasRules!!!!!)

Hiya, Kinky Ho-mies! I was putting together some brand spankin’ new vids to share with you (very soon! :)), and came across this lil’ Gem O’Awesomeness. 🙂

Keep Halloween with You, All Through the Year from DianaPrinceXO on Vimeo
I made it last year when I was sad about Halloween being over (which I am, in any month that doesn’t rhyme with cock-tober ;)). Now that it’s December (the second raddest month of the year!! :)), I’m singing the OG version a lot. I figured I’d take a quick sec on this frightfully fabulous #FBF to share ’em with ya.

Happy Dis-member (that works on so many levels!! ;)), Kinky Ho-bots!! Have a wicked/wild weekend!! 🙂 xoxo

More Ghostbusters Goodness! :)

(This time brought to you by Dr. Anton Phibes, and the letter Z. 😉 Mr. P covered a Nerds Like Us /Spinema launch party for us, and I am so jelly slimy!! I’m totally going to their neXXXt event, which is for Suicide Squad, if I’m not mistaken…Thanks for sharing this Ho-rrorwood (adjacent ;)) Happening with us, Mr. Dr. Phibes. You also bust, mister! 😉 xoxo)


Hey Buster Buddies! I just attended a special premiere party for the new Ghostbusters flick hosted by Nerds Like Us, Nerdbot, and Dave and Busters. I’ve come to let you in on some of the marshmallow-flavored madness that went on last night!


The screening took place at the AMC next door. Gaggles of fans came to show their love and support of the noble profession of Ghostbusting. Fans were dressed in Ghostbusters uniforms, Stay Puft costumes, and all manner of paranormal-friendly attire. Ghostbusters 2016 was shown to a receptive and enthusiastic crowd. The crowd I was with absolutely loved the picture, with the woman behind me being particularly fond of Chris Hemsworth. She cooed and awed throughout and was clearly… engaged by the character. Of course, she wasn’t the only one. Nearly every line of his and the cast in general got a huge laugh. Hemsworth and Kate McKinnon were clearly the favorites of the crowd. While the other three Ghostbusters got a decently warm reception during the end credits, the group exploded with enough energy to destroy a dam when Kate McKinnon’s name appeared, only letting up ever so slightly for the Mighty Thor.


After the film, all busting enthusiasts gathered for a reception on the roof of Dave & Busters. Sliders, Pigs in a Blanket, and other bar favorites were being offered, as well as drinks and spirits (Ha!). Fans were amongst fellow fans and complete strangers mingled and partied together in tribute to a franchise that has meant so much to so many of us. Our evening’s entertainment was provided by the West Coast Avengers, a nerdcore rap group featuring two men dressed as Deadpool and Spider-Man respectively. Judging by my photo, it appears that Spidey’s head is exploding in a rather spectacular fashion. Though nothing quite that extraordinary occurred, the party was happening. The entire rooftop was controlled by us Spook Seekers. Joining us were a group of Buster Bunnies, a Stay Puft, and a Lady Stay Puft as well.

ghostdb3 ghostdb8



Each member of the party was given card to play around in the arcade. Dave & Buster’s new Ghostbusters arcade game was understandably popular. Essentially, it was rail-shooter like House of the Dead, except that physical ping pong balls were fired at the screen. Why? Who knows, but what bliss! By the time the ghosts had been captured and it was time to go, recycling bins were stacked with discarded cans of Ecto Cooler. For all of us that love the franchise, it was grand time and a reminder of why busting makes us feel good.


(photo courtesy of Nerds Like Us on Instagram)

Monsterpalooza Monster Post!!

Monsterpalooza was this past weekend, and it was awesome!! 🙂 Alas, it wasn’t as awesome as it could have been (Clint Freaking Ho-ward left early and I didn’t get my hugs!!! 🙁 🙁 :(), but a ho-rrificly happy time time was had by all, nonetheless. Here’s a look at some of the frightening festivities, as seen through the eyes of Mr. TyGrr, Anton Phibes, and myself.

mpnew6(This was heartbreaking, but it was touching that they kept a space for her. xoxo)


(This ho-t-as-heck Cryptkeeper Elvis is none other than Rannie Rodil, styled by Mr. Cig Neutron, aka the folks behind my Zombie Tramp cosplay shoot, who never fail to kick all the ass!! :))



(I SnapChatted a lot from there… ;))


(This lil’ Sam was so adorable!!! :))


(#Legends. :))

mppostme3 mppostme5



mppost2 mppost8


(This photog caught my best side… ;))


(‘Lil Miss Beautiful and Bad won EVERYTHING, as far as I’m concerned. <3333333333)

mppost15 mppost11

(Gorelesque…Loved these folks, and happy to say I shall be dancing with them during their Friday the 13th show neXXXt month. More deets soon fo sho! :))


mppost18 mppost17





mppost36 mppost38 mppost41 mppost42




(But not as much as TyGrr loved the Gorelesque Gals, apparently… ;))

mppost45 mppost48


(Nice try, Freddy, butt I’m still #TeamVoorhees!! ;))

scmp5scmp111 scmp2


(My Nightmare City director!!! ;))


(Tygrr, getting Mr. Naughton to agree to a Kinky Ho-rror interview…#Hero!!! :))


(The sweetest moment of all…“Kids are the best.” -Hypodermic Sally, AHS Ho-tel)