Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you morbidly majestic mummies out there! Today’s your day, so relax and don’t lose your head!

Here’s to mothers everywhere, whether they be artistic…

…A tad over-protective…




…A real witch…
…Or Just plain weird.
A toast to mothers….
…Mother figures…

…And Other Mothers.
From of us here at Kinky Horror…



News Bleed: The “Dobaara the Glass Monster” Edition

Go to Hell… again! Hellboy is getting a reboot from Neil Marshall! 🙂 IGN

The new Blade Runner 2049 trailer is here and it’s more human than human! 🙂 Variety

American Horror Story gives us a SHRIEK peek at a featured creature from the upcoming season. 🙂 People

American Horror Story Season 7 tease.

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No strings attached! Take a look at the new Puppet Master puppets! Bloody Disgusting


Oculus gets reflected in Dobaara, a Bollywood remake! 🙂 Bollywood Life

Get Out director Jordan Peele signs a first-look deal with Universal. EXXXpect some more Social Ho-rror very soon. 🙂 Hollywood Reporter

Roger Corman plans to race into Death Squad and the final Death Race 2000 sequel!`:) JoBlo

Check out the damn fine trailer for the new Twin Peaks. 🙂 Flickering Myth

News Bleed: The “Rampagin’ Negan” Edition

New Alien: Covenant trailer teases the fate of Dr. Elizabeth Shaw from Prometheus. 🙁 MovieWeb

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) goes to bat for the Rampage adaptation! 🙂 IGN

J.D. Dillard wants to bring some heart to The Fly remake.  /FILM

Billie “Chanel #3” Lourd screams into American Horror Story. 🙂 Deadline

Stephen and Owen King’s upcoming Sleeping Beauties is already becoming a series. Hail to the King(s)! A.V. Club

And now for thebummer stuff… 🙁

Underdog and Trix Rabbit Creator Joe Harris has passed away. 🙁 New York Times

And legendary insult comic Don Rickles has also passed away. 🙁 CNN


Horror Happenings: AHS: Roanoke Paleyfest

On Sunday night, PaleyFest LA 2017 ended not with bang, but with a blood-curdling scream…

That’s right, Horror Fanatics! The cast & crew of AHS: Roanoke ended the fesival on a fiendish note! Cast members Sarah Paulson, Adina Porter, Cuba Gooding Jr., Kathy Bates, Denis O’Hare and Cheyenne Jackson were in attendance, along with Executive Producers Brad Falchuk (co-creator) and Tim Menear.

Image: Kinky Horror’s Mystery Reporter. (lol)

Image: Kinky Horror’s Mystery Reporter. (lol, part deuxxx)

There wasn’t much in way of information on the upcoming season, but there was a lot of fun to be had. The team was a charmingly silly bunch, giving off the impression that they had deep admiration for each other, including the absent Angela Basset. Everyone had a few good laughs and seemed to be having a grand time, but it was Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates who had ’em rolling. The two teased each other throughout the night, constantly giving each other a hard time. Paulson did a Swedish Chef-like impression of Bates, to which Bates responded with a simple “Go fuck yourself.”  Bates ended up doing her Paulson impression, which involved puffing out her lips. The two sat next to each other and kept touching and hugging each other during the entire event. Bates referred to Paulson as “The People’s Princess.”

Image: Kinky Horror’s Mystery Reporter. (and again I say, lol…Thank you, “Mystery Reporter”. 😉 xoxo)

Image: Michael Bulbenko for the Paley Center

When the floor opened for questions, we did get some more a bit more info. The actors were asked which AHS roles they would like to reprise. Paulson had chosen Cordelia, the head witch in charge in Coven. “We only got to see her just getting her powers. I just would like to know if the power might have been something that kind of changed her,” said Paulson. O’Hare went with Larry Harvey, the burnt-faced man who ended up in prison in the first season. “I’d like to see him get out of jail, he’s probably been organizing musicals there,” remarked O’Hare.

Image: Paley Center

One fan asked if there would be “more famous people” next season. Instantly, Bates, Gooding Jr., O’Hare and Paulson walked off the stage, resulting in a thunderous roar of laughter from the audience. A fan delivered a letter to Sarah Paulson, in a move almost identical to the PaleyFest scene at the end of Roanoke.

Image: Kinky Horror’s Mystery Reporter.

After the Q&A, the stars stuck around and signed autographs/took pictures with the fans. Paulson, who stuck around and took a incredible amount of “selfies”, really lived up to Bate’s title of “People’s Princess.”

Image: Paley Center

Image: Paley Center

Image: Paley Center

Image: Paley Center

Image: Paley Center

Image: Paley Center

Image: Paley Center

Image: Paley Center

Image: Paley Center

Image: Kinky Horror’s Mystery Reporter

I’d say this event was a lovely nightmare for AHS fans.

News Bleed: The “Moseley the Clown” Edition

Take a look at this poster for Netflix’s Castlevania…Fangtastic!! 🙂 IGN

Join the crew of Alien: Covenant for their “Last Supper.” Hollywood Reporter

The election-themed season of American Horror Story will not feature Clinton or Trump… Guess they thought that would be TOO scary. (#bitingpoliticalsatireFTW!! ;)) /FILM

Bill Moseley isn’t clowning around in this Crepitus trailer: 🙂 Dread Central

Friday the 13th: The Series actor Chris Wiggins has passed away. 🙁 Bloody Disgusting

Judge Wapner has also passed away. 🙁 New York Times

And because enough with the sadness already, here’s a much-needed palate cleanser:..YO JOE!!! 🙂 xoxo

News Bleed: The “Kaijubusters” Edition

Mother Pus Bucket! A Ghostbusters deleted scene has been unearthed! 🙂 /FILM

I freaking love Donald Glover. (And he’s doing Lion King stuff or something… ;)) MTV

Prepare to Purge again in 2018. 🙂 IGN

Anne Hathaway channels her inner Kaiju for this Colossal trailer. 🙂  Entertainment Weekly

Sam Raimi may be taking us on a trip to the Bermuda Triangle. Hollywood Reporter

American Horror Story Season 7 will deal with something truly horrific… Slate

Is Mel Gibson leading the Suicide Squad? Los Angeles Times

On a sad note, WWE Hall of Famer and Ed Wood star George “The Animal” Steele and Twin Peaks actor Warren Frost have both passed away…R.I.P, gentlemen. xoxo Variety

Coal for your Stocking: 5 Creepmas Episodes of Terror-Vision Favorites!

(Submitted by a gent who is chock fill o’ Ho-rrorday Cheer, Mr. Dr. Anton Phibes. A very scary Creepmas to you, my good  very bad sir. 😉 xoxo)


GOOD LORD!! *choke*

We only have five days until Creepmas! We have to get as much Merry Madness out there before the big day! The “slay” bells must ring so loud as to wake the dead and we must drown ourselves in Egg Nog! There’s only so much time to make the our days scary and dark! To help keep Creepmas in your wonderfully dark little hearts, we here at Kinky Horror would like to share with you some must-see Horrorday class-sicks  to keep that Ghoul Log burning! These little lumps of coal are some the most festive installments of some of our favorite horror shows on the small scream and we hope these winter scary tales scare the (Charles) Dickens out of you and help to make your Creepmas delightfully weird.


1.) American Horror Story – Unholy Night

American Horror Story: Asylum is a firm lock for my second favorite season (my heart belongs to Freak Show), and a perfectly macabre bit of genre television with a host of creeps and madmen to delight and drive mad. One of the craziest crazies in the crazyhouse is a psychotic “Santa Claus”  with a mean naughty streak and a penchant for spreading Creepmas fear! Ian McShane plays the krooked Kringle to repugnant perfection and his slaying is made all the more gruesome when juxtaposed with the warm trappings of the season. Christmas with the inmates can be a scream!

“There is no God, but there is a Santa Claus!

-Leigh Emerson, Killer Santa


2.) Tales from the Darkside – Seasons of Belief

You know Krampus, The Grinch, The Bumble, and the Gremlins… but do you recall the most fearsome monster of all?

The Grither is a ferocious beast that lives in a cave on the other side of the mountain that Santa resides, housed inside the wreckage of a ship. The Grither hates nothing more than to hear his name taken in vain and will punish any fool who dares to utter his name. Tales from the Darkside was never my favorite horror anthology shows, but this episode is a woefully under-seen Creepmas treat. Just… don’t say his name, okay?


3.) Invader Zim – The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever

Invader Zim is perhaps the darkest program ever to masquerade as a “kid’s show”, and we absolutely adore it for that very reason. The plot concerns a hopelessly inept alien invader looking to conquer a small, obscure planet… Earth. For this Creepmas special, the titular Zim looks to achieve conquest by pretending to be Santa and sending us to his homeworld to be imprisoned. This is perhaps the only animated “family” special to end with Santa mutating into a horrible, ungodly monstrosity and being launched into space to die. Merry Christmas, Earth Monkeys!


4.) The Addams Family – Christmas with the Addams Family

Terror-vision’s first family of fright celebrate’s Creepmas in their own inimitable way. Of all the specials on this list, this is probably the most traditional, complete with seasonal decor, a reaffirmation to the existence of Santa, and a warm carol sung to the audience. However, the whole affair is seasoned with that special arsenic-flavored humor that has made the Addams clan so dear to us all. Why not spend Creepmas with the Family?


5.) Tales from the Crypt – And All Through the House

We close this selection Creepmas goodies with a visit to the Crypt of Terror. And All Through the House is certainly a class-sick of the highest order, first appearing in the pages of Vault of Horror, being brought to death by Hammer director Freddie Francis in the Amicus version of Tales from the Crypt, and finally making it to the small scream. This sadistic Santa story is a favorite of many of us here at KH and as a treat to all you festive freaks, we present this Ghoultide masterpiece in its entirety! Naughty… or nice?


We hope these creepy chestnuts make your Horrorday as scary as it is merry and we’ll end our seasonal offering with a sincere and simple…


and a Happy New Fear! 🙂


Countdown to Halloween: The Anthology Edition

(Submitted by Eric…Thanks, Smutmaster General, and Happy #SeXXXySunday, Kinky Ho-bots! 🙂 xoxo)

This Ain’t American Horror Story XXX (2015)

ahsxxxThe bondage suit is. . . alive. The girl is an intruder. Two nuns and a dehydrated demon. Conjoined twins and a perverted clown. A witch, a priestess, and a dark spirit with very bad sinus problems. Witness the depraved and the wicked. . .

Murder House

Featuring: Zoey Monroe


mhxxx mhxxx2 mhxxx3


Featuring: Pristine Edge, Sarah Vandella, Ryan Driller

asylum2 asylum3 asylum4 asylum5 asylum6 asylum7


Featuring: Dahlia Sky, Kira Noir, Sean Michaels


coven2 coven3 coven4 coven5

Freak Show

Featuring: Twisty the Clown (nonsex), Scott Lyons & Penny Brooks (oral only)

fsxxx fsxxx2 fsxxx4

Ho-stess’s PS– I had no idea they shot the AHS parody this way. I’m totally adding this tit-le to the neXXXt round of Karnal Kombat!! 🙂 xoxo

News Bleed: The Big G (And Lil’ B) Edition.

BUM-TASTIC UPDATE: After this was posted I learned the sad news that Kenny Baker has passed. 🙁 You can get details basically everywhere right now, and his official website is here.


Kenny_Baker-1Thanks for everything, Mr. Baker. You are loved. xoxo

Now back to the regularly scheduled happy stuff…

One of my favorite books of all time is getting made into a movie starring one of my favorite (and one of the absolute hottest :)) actors of all time!! What a time to be alive!!!! 🙂 xoxo Bloody Disgusting


So much AHS Season 6 Teasing going on right now…Here is but a taste of the madness to cum. 😉 Variety

Wadsworth has given the Rocky Horror reboot his official blessing, so I guess I have to give it a chance now…#HisWillBeDone 😉 Inquisitr


So much awesome news a’happenin’ over in Halloween Horror Nights Land (inc. a Krampus maze…HUZZAH!!! :)) HHN.com

#GirlPower!!! 🙂 Io9


(Jen Lynch’s Official Twitter, btw)

#MAKEMKHAPPEN!!! (We’re talking to you now, James Wan!!! ;)) GameNGuide


Godzilla Greatness. 🙂 Kotaku


and since it’s still Saturday AM as I’m writing this…

Have a wonderfully wicked weekend, Kinky Ho-mies!! 🙂 xoxo

PS- ICYMI, my “Sigourney Beaver” pics are now up on my DP site. xo


AHS Hotel: Did it Suck?

(Seems like a lot of AHS Fans have a lot to say about this season. Here’s just one fiend’s opinion… 😉 Thanks for sharing, Dr. Phibes! 🙂 xoxo)


Last Wednesday night (I’m late posting this, so just go with it, please? 😉 –D.P.) we checked out of the Hotel Cortez. Our stay was… an interesting one, to say the least. We arrived with such high hopes, stayed with building disappointment, but left oddly fulfilled and with a few tears. I would be lying if I said that American Horror Story: Hotel was perfect, but I’d also be lying if I said I wouldn’t miss it. As the immediate successor to my beloved Freak Show, Hotel had some mighty clown shoes to fill in my eyes. Did I enjoy it as much as Freak Show? Not even close. Did it move me in unexpected ways and did it intrigue me? Most definitely. Regardless of how you felt about your stay, I think most of us can agree that it was, at the very least, strange and ambitious.




Like previous seasons, Hotel focuses on a number of subplots and characters. The setting is the Hotel Cortez in LA. Mr. March, a deliciously wicked turn by series regular Evan Peters, is the methodical genius of murder and mayhem who created the Hotel as a “murder palace” to satiate is peculiar appetites. His ghost haunts the premises and is seeking someone to carry on his “art.” Think of March as the Willy Wonka of Slaying. Much like March, any phantom who dies on the premises is cursed to roam the Art-Deco halls of the Cortez. Lady Gaga plays an ancient, fabulous vampire and former wife to March who schemes to kill a famed fashion designer for his wealth while protecting a hideous monster baby, not unlike the creature child in Dario Argento’s Phenomena. Meanwhile, Wes Bentley is John Lowe, a cop on the hunt for a gruesome killer who bases his unholy crimes on the Ten Commandments. Lowe becomes involved in an affair with the ghost of Hypodermic Sally, a twisted, lonely drug addict/musician played to morbid perfection by Sarah Paulson. Sally is desperate to keep John at all costs and constantly stalked by a faceless demon with a Drill Dildo (Drilldo) as his instrument of torture. As the season goes on, John is revealed to be the Ten Commandments Killer in a twist that shocked exactly no one. (Speak for yourself, writer boy. I wanted to believe Wes was good!!! :))


hotel6hotel7That is just a small portion of what goes down this time around. I haven’t even gotten to Vampire Valentino or the Mad Monster Party, featuring real-life monsters. You could say that this season is a tad over-stuffed, and you wouldn’t be wrong. The action jumps all over the place, sometimes focusing on elements that take away time from genuinely interesting ideas. I feel this season would have greatly benefited had John been revealed as the killer early on. Bentley’s performance drastically improves when he’s in psycho-mode and his John is far more intriguing when his true role is revealed. Some characters, like the Countess, are given an excessive amount of screen time, while others, such as Sally, are left on the sidelines. Shame about Sally, for it seems to be so much more that could’ve been done with a character as beautifully bizarre as her.


Much has been made about the inclusion of Lady Gaga. Some love her, some are infuriated by her tiniest move. Without any bias either way, I think Gaga does a pretty decent job as the Countess. In fact, I like her performance more than the actual character. We’ve seen many vampires portrayed in a similar way throughout the years that I was actual a little bored by her arc… even if there are some elements there that are pretty nifty. The true MVPs, however, are Paulson, Kathy Bates, Denis O’Hare, and Peters. These four actors completely make this season. Bates is always just delightful, while the criminally underrated O’Hare finally gets a chance to lead as the divine Liz Taylor. Taylor is the heart of this season and, despite a few moral missteps regarding her views on murder, is a rather sweet and likable character. Peters is shockingly fantastic as Mr. March in a performance that can be described as Diet Vincent Price. His exuberant love and dedication to murder is delightfully ghoulish and weirdly adorable. His performance is camp, but top-tier camp. Paulson, as mentioned before, is haunting and highly entertaining. Sarah Paulson makes the most of her limited appearances and creates a ghoul for the ages. In show full of great characters, Sally may be in my top-five.


Hotel hosts a plethora of grotesqueries and sin. Grand Guignol reigns supreme as the drama and gore fill the scene. I must admit that I did get rather weary of the constant sex scenes this season. I could be alone, but I felt that it didn’t add much and was excessive, even by American Horror Story standards. Every episode seemed to have several sex scenes, most of them involving Gaga. It got stale and I didn’t find most of them all that saucy or exciting. That is just a minor quibble I had though. Feel free to throw your produce at me. Gore is plentiful and sometimes effective. Other times, it too felt forced. As a whole though, Hotel delivers the shock and spectacle the “Horror” in the title would imply. Fright Fans should be able to find at least one gruesome treat they can sink their teeth into.


Sometimes, it seems that filmmakers are so wrapped up in grossing us out that they neglect to create a world that draws us in with sight and sound.. After all, Hammer created an empire based on both gore and gloriously Gothic landscapes. The Hotel itself is a handsome creation, one that recalls the opulent terror of one of my favorite horror flicks, Suspiria. The camera work and editing is often appropriately surreal, building an otherworldly setting, while still being connected to our own. This could be said about every season and why this series still, even at its worst, has the power to draw me in. One sequence involving Sally, John, and the Demon is a mini-masterpiece of weird terror that is both repelling and aesthetically enticing all at once. Beauty and Terror are the best of partners.




While all of this is fine and dandy, does the ending satisfy? In a rather unexpected way, yes. I should have expected a happy ending since the other seasons have them, but this one caught me off-guard. In an interesting turn of events, the spirits of those murdered in the hotel form a misfit family of sorts. After all, death and murder have entirely different meanings when you’re dead. The ghouls, ghosts, and vampires are all given a chance at happiness and rebirth. Even the most wicked are, in essence, still humans with all the flaws that entails, Liz is diagnosed with prostate cancer, asks to be killed by her ghost friends, and reconciled with her dead vampire lover. Sally gives up murdering when her loneliness is vanquished by a formidable force… the Internet. What a brilliant idea! The sad, lonely ghost is able to connect with the world and express her music in confines of her haunt. The interwebz actually did good for someone! If any ghosts are reading this, I hope I have honored you and your rich culture. What a weirdly optimistic and beautiful ending for a show about death and sin.



Hotel may be as flawed as its permanent residents, but there is something truly artful about much of it. Even when the show fails to live up to its own high standards, it still offers us something that’s more unique and macabre than the majority of what’s being produced. As we approach the 6th season, we are left to ponder what other horror fairytales they have planned for us. Checking out is inevitable, but I’ll always remember and enjoy my stay, warts and all.



Ho-stess’s PS– Since it’s #TBT, here’s a pic I took of the Freak Show gang at Payleyfest last year before any of us really knew what this season was going to be about…Those sly, secret-keeping devils!! 😉


Also, here’s Finn Witrock from last season because RAWWWWWWWWWWR!! 😉 xoxo