“What the Heck is Kinky Horror?”

In a nut(hehe)shell? My name is Die-Ana Prince (God-given!! ;)). I did hardcore porn for about five years (but the internet is forever, so it ain’t hard -hehe- to find :)), and I see things a lil’ differently than most folks, I’d say. I love comics, horror, seXXXy stuff, and really bad puns, and wanted to cum-bine them all somehow. Thus, Kinky Horror was born.


I refer to myself as your Ho-stess, and I introduce all the posts here, even the ones I didn’t personally write. (I can’t do everything… ;)) I’m very bi-ass-ed in the things I love (Jason Voorhees = Mah Boo, for just one eXXXample), which is another reason it’s probably a good idea to have a few others voices on the site. Here are some of our regular contributors, aka my Underlings. 😉

Andrew Peters, aka Mr. Goon Reviews

goon(He likes gory stuff and plays with toys…A man after my own black heart. ;))

Prince Adam


(He uses a He-Man reference in his official writing name and a comic-fied pic as an avie, so you know he’s Chock Full O’Win!! :))

Eric, aka Age of Smut, aka Smutmaster General

topless vintage big areolas breasts tits pov perspective garters stockings 83

(A man who shares my love for the Kinky Klassics.)

Anton Phibes

phibes (1)

(A man who shares my love for the Klassic Klassics.)

Together, me and my friends of the Great Rebellion strive to free Etheria from the EVIL FORCES OF HORDAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Also, we talk about horror and boobs and stuff. :))

This is your ongoing writing staff, but(t) we have randos popping in occasionally to share their deepest, darkest thoughts. If you want to be one of them, hit me up on The Twitter (@kinky_horror), and don’t suck. (Or literally do suck…You’re in with me either way. ;)) xoxo

  • TyGrr

    Groovy site. Im digging it and all things Die-Anna!

    • DianaPrinceXXX

      Awww…Thank you, sir, and thanks for stopping by! 🙂 xoxo

  • TyGrr

    All hail, Queen Die-Ana!