#SexOnSunday: The “Captain’s Log” Edition

Hiya, Ho-mies!! It’s still Sunday here in Hell-A, so here’s a lil’ #SexOnSunday action fer ya, courtesy of Smutmaster Eric. (Thanks, you freaky fiend, you!! 🙂 xoxo)

Star Trix: Deep Penetration (2009)

trixIt runs just 63 mins, is funny, has very cheap sets and three good sex scenes. If Ed Wood made an XXX Star Trek parody, it might’ve been somewhat like this. (“So. In!!!” 🙂 -D.P.)

The U.S.S. Intercourse receives a transmission from the ambassador of planet Nofun. They’re unable to stop a terrible mutant named Gore that’s wreaking havoc, so Captain Dirk (Jack Lawrence) agrees to help. Things don’t go exactly as planned when Scotty (Alex Knight) accidently beams him to the wrong dimension where he meets the sexy A Vocado (Jayden James), a very welcoming alien.

trix2trix3While Dirk is loving her hospitality Scotty disrupts the good time and beams him to planet Nofun, sans pants. He runs around and fights for a bit until he’s sent back to her. (It’s uncommon in porn to see a male performer acting for a few minutes with his flaccid dick exposed. Jack humorously plays this fight sequence.)


trix5 trix6 trix7 trix8

After returning to the U.S.S. Intercourse, Captain Dirk heads to the medical bay to check on Uhora (Taylor Star), who has come down with a serious case of “small cocks.”  (“Ha!!! This is brilliant!!!” :)) The ship’s doctor (Alex Gonz) knows just how to cure her. (If this was a ’70s parody you might hear some bad music, but the budget seems too low for that.)

trix9 trix10 trix11 trix12 trix13Later…

Dirk is on the Bridge with other crew members and a female Stringon named Huge Rak (Ryder Skye). She doesn’t want to give them any information, so Shock (Charles Dera) goes where no Vulcan has gone before to get her to tell them what she knows.

trix14trix15 trix16 trix17 trix18 trix19

(That face a Vulcan makes just after sex. It’s the same face he made before sex.)


(“Ha!!” :))

Ho-stess’s PS– Also taken in 2009, I think. ‘Twas a Trek-tastic year, apparently. 🙂


  • Oh yes I think all you’re missing are some pointy ears and you’re all ready to take your place working on the hard science.