The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 3- What We Deserve (Review)

(The final installment of TWD: Michonne trilogy reviews submitted by Andrew Peters…Thanks for saving me some time with this, Kinky Ho-mie. I moved it way, waaaaaay down on my Must Play list after reading these! xo)


Well, The Walking Dead: Michonne has finally come to a conclusion with the episode What We Deserve and all I can say ask is: Is it? Is it what we deserve? Up until this point, I was drawn into the character of Michonne and sympathetic with her loss and struggle, but in the final episode, they do away with subtlety and really heavy hand it, which unfortunately makes it lose any effect that they were building up to. Not to say the whole episode is bad, but the good moments are few and far between with a slow start. Nothing wrong with a slow burn, but when you treading the same idea, which at this time is more stale than old toast, you tune it out.


Another huge let down is, of course, nothing is done with the other characters… again. Sam is dealing with the issue of her father’s death from the previous episode and there is a bit with Michonne speaking with her younger brothers about their loss and swearing to protect them, offering them comfort and it is touching and quite a good piece of the story. But those moments don’t last long and hardly exist. The funeral scene, as much as they tried, has very little impact on the player, mostly because we didn’t know the character so therefore we don’t care and only delays the inevitable let down of a conclusion. And yes, it is quite a let down.



There is another moment the game tries to play at the unexpected and shock you by killing off one of Michonne’s group, but like with most TWD stories, they didn’t develop this character and she only previously had a single interaction with this character. We didn’t know him, so we don’t care, so it’s unnecessary. Of course, the bad group shows up at the home and there is a gun fight that doesn’t feel exciting and ultimately leads to inevitable and predictable deaths of the one-note villains. At this point, it feels like you’re just going through the motions. I didn’t care about them and they didn’t resonate at all and when they finally got their comeuppance I just thought, “Ok, finally. Now we can move on.”



And this is where the game had a good chance to make a real connection, but ultimately loses it. Michonne is now hallucinating pretty intensely while the house is on fire and everyone is escaping. She sees visions of her dead daughters and she chases them them in flashbacks. The point is to show is she can let go of the past and move on, which is a good way for the character to develop and I did like it, but it does drag which really just dampers the impact it originally intended to have.


In the end, I remembered that this was supposed to be the story that explained why Michonne left Rick’s group and would eventually returned to. What I gathered from the story was she left because the weight of her past, which works fine, but she left this group because basically Pete feels she is crazy. Underwhelming and disappointing. I guess we have the third season of The Walking Dead to look forward to, which I am. Hopefully Clementine will have a more entertaining and developed adventure.


Ho-stess’s Random/Pointless PS- I miss Lee. 🙁