Holy Crap…Kato Kaelin!!!

OMG!!! I was getting ready to post this review (by Andrew Peters…Thanks, friend! :)) based upon its Troma merits alone. When I got to reading it, ho-wever, I saw a blast from my masturbatory past in the form of Mr. Kato Kaelin. 🙂

I have mentioned before how…”enthralled ” I was by KK’s…”talents”. (Translation: I thought he was a super stud and used to rub it out to him during my formative teen years. :)) I haven’t heard much about him lately, though, which is why I’m PSYCHED to hear he’s not only back in the pubic eye (intentional typo ;)) again, but he’s working with Troma to boot!!! This is mid-90’s-me’s wettest of dreams cumming true!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mr. Goon, for telling me (and the world as a whole) of this joyousness!!! I shall get my diddlin’ hand a’ready and check it out posthaste!! 😉 xoxoxo


BC Butcher Review (by Andrew Peters)


What do you get when you mix elements of a slasher film, punk rock, Kato Kaelin and the stone age? You get BC Butcher, directed by Kansas Bowling who was only seventeen at the time of its creation a few years ago. I remember Ms. Bowling reaching out to tell me about this a few years ago and I am very happy that her film is not only complete, but has found distribution and is widely available for the masses.

At its core, BC Butcher is a simple slasher film; A group of cavewoman, led by the boastful Neandra, tie up, gut and then eat said guts of another cavewoman, all because Neandra suspects her man Rex is in love with the other woman, but it’s actually the BC Butcher (hence the title)! Funny thing is, you get the sneaking suspicion that Rex is gay. After that, it’s pretty formulaic, but it’s in no way a cookie cutter clone of some other film or boring. One by one the girl’s fall victim to the monster as he disposes of them. The monster himself is just a buff dude in a mask, which is part of the cheesy, low budget fun, but the biggest shock and surprise was seeing Kato Kaelin show up in a primitive slasher movie from Troma. You all remember him from the OJ Simpson trial, don’t you? Holy shit, am I really that old? (Yay! We’re both old!! :))


Kato Kaelin’s performance is something… masterful. (“Hehe”. -D.P.) I don’t know what to call it, but I can try to explain it. It borderlines somewhere between perfectly timed improv comedy and awkward, uncomfortable interactions with other humans. I’m convinced it has to be an acting choice, because there is no way that is just how it happened. Keep in mind, I am saying this with praise, because I was laughing and smiling any moment he was on screen.

Where were we? Oh, right. The monster disposing of the girls one by one. You know, your average slasher stuff. Just replace cheerleaders with cavewoman. They act and talk like highschool girls, pining over the hunky Rex, while the film occasionally takes a break to feature some upbeat, almost surf like punk rock music from The Ugly Kids that accompanies the motif of the film and gives it a personalized feel to the soundtrack. In other words, it’s awesome.


The most apparent charm to BC Butcher is not only is Kansas Bowling having a lot of fun, but she has talent and passion for her art, something that most directors don’t have. I have always felt that there is a huge difference between an artist making something they believe in and someone just making a product. The two are very distinguishable and even if the end product doesn’t look as good or acted as well, I’m always gonna enjoy the art made by someone who truly believed in what they were doing, because all of their talent and dedication show up on screen and translate into a language that you can understand. In the end you take something from it and it’s something you thoroughly enjoy. That’s how I feel about BC Butcher (Ms. Bowling, I will be expecting my check now…)

One of the most magnetic themes of the film is that it’s set in the stone age, even though given the how the rest of the film plays out, it could have been anytime, anywhere. It could have just as easily been set out in the woods at a party, in a highschool setting or hell, even 18th century England and the outcome would have been the same. I’m saying that as a positive, since the characters, dialogue and soundtrack all play for a contemporary audience, but Kansas chose to set it during the BC era, because why the hell not? It’s the small things like that set BC Butcher apart from others. My only complaint is that at times the film feels like a college student’s experimental film when it cuts to black and white as a character repeats her cry for vengeance for several minutes. It took me out of the film briefly, but the film is overall a pretty funny, unique little slasher with a little blood and guts thrown in. For a freshman effort, you will overlook all the minor little details and see the bigger picture, as this is a valiant effort from Kansas Bowling. Kudos!


Obviously, something like this would catch the attention of, oh let’s say Lloyd Kaufman, so the film has been picked up by Troma and will be available on DVD later in the year. Not too shabby for a first time, seventeen year old film director who shot her movie in her father’s back yard. It’s sounds like a perfect fit for Troma. 


You can check out the film at https://troma.vhx.tv/b-c-butcher for yourself.

  • TyGrr

    Kewl Review. Hadn’d heard of it, so gotta check it out. That’s what I love about this site! First flick and already a Troma vet! Hope she continues her career. Speaking of Kato… He appears in my film, “Revamped.” xoxox

  • This is what the slasher film genre was missing. Caveman horror. I hope there’s dinosaurs. I must see it.