#SexOnSaturday: The “IT’S ALIVE!” Edition

(Thanks for this SeXXXy Submission, Smutmaster Eric, and Happy Saturday to all my Kinky Ho-mies!! I have a happy announcement I’ll be posting about here tomorrow, but for now, relaXXX and enjoy the Frankenwiener. πŸ˜‰ xoxo)

Fuckenstein (2012)


Storyline: Joanna Angel and Dr. Frankenstein were having their nightly romp, when suddenly he did something that had never been done before! He stuck his fingers in her ass while fucking her pussy. She went wild! This inspired the scientist to create a monster whose sole purpose on this earth was to double penetrate his wife. (Where do I sign up to get a husband like this, btw? πŸ˜‰ -D.P.)

Joanna and Dr. Frankenstein (James Deen)


sexxx3 sexxx4

Later… Joanna plays with The Monster (Ramon) while Dr. Frankenstein is away.

frank1 frank2 frank3 frank4 frank5 frank6

Later… Joanna, The Monster, and Dr. Frankenstein have sex in the lab.

frankie1 frankie2 frankie3

A little later… The Monster gets mad at Igor and Dr. Frankenstein.


Happily ever after?


  • TyGrr

    Good ole fashioned black and white sexx parody. Need more of ’em, I say. {btw D.P., no doubt plenty of monsters want their sole purpose on this earth to be to double penetrate their wife- if it was you!}.