The New Poltergeist Trailer is Heeeeeeeeeeere…


Personally, I love and trust the crap outta Sam Raimi, so I’m super looking forward to it purely because of his involvement. It’s eXXXtremely hard (hehe ;)) to imagine anyone topping the original greatness, but I’m very eXXXcited to see ’em try! 🙂

Nothing beats classic Ho-rror trailers, though, regardless, so here’s a reminder of how badass the original version of Poltergeist was. (The voiceover alone is enough to send happy chills up my spine… :)) xoxo

  • I think that might have been one of those trailers that showed a little too much of the film. I’m a bit dubious about Sam Raimi lately after Drag Me to Hell turned out to be a bit disappointing. I want him to focus all his energy on the new Evil Dead series

    I think the thing about modern horror is that everything looks so clean and perfect. The 80s flicks had a more lived in feel. I think less is more when it comes to this sort of film.

    • DianaPrinceXXX

      How dareth you, sir!! DMTH was awesome!!! (In my totally humble opinion, anyway. 😉 Agree with you about the ED series, though…I can’t wait for that, and I have to assume that’s a big part of why he’s not directing Poltergeist.

      Edited (beyond my initial knee-jerk reaction ;): I think what sinks a lot of modern horror films is
      not how “clean” they are, but the lack of commitment to the fantastic/lack of
      real risks, no real atmosphere or sense of place/mood, and the misconception
      that horror fans don’t actually care about the victims or the “monster”
      character. A slick look can even be beneficial (Suspiria, early Hammer etc.)…