Halloween Horror Nights: Take 1! :)

Hiya, Ho-rror Ho-mies! Last night was opening night at HHN, and it was a super blast!!! (Oy…Gonna let that one slide this time… ;)) I took my GoPro along with me, so hopefully later I’ll have some kickass footage of the park and Eyegore Awards to post for ya, but for now here’s a sneaky preview of some of the Halloween Happiness!! ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo


hhn8 hhn9 hhn1

(I think this was my favorite maze this year, although AVP was freakin’ badassical, too! Hopefully the GP footage came out decent because you HAVE to see these #MMEs in action!!!! <3 :))


(I got there at the very end of these, unfortunately, but I did get to meet a bunch of cool horror folks and watch Slash perform his closing scare-mony thingie, so I still think it all worked out OK. :))



(These two got me giddy before I even got inside…GACK!! “That’s what he said!!” Sorry…I’m too weak to resist an opening like that twice!! Which is also what he said, incidently. ;))


(Speaking of things that get me giddy…lookee who I got to add to my Hug List of Awesome last night!! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a craptastic pic, I know, but lurking underneath all that bad lighting is The Nerdist!! *swoooooooooooon* PS- I was soaked from the Jurassic Park ride here, if you were wondering. PPS- Letting that brilliantly puntastic opportunity go, too…I’m so mature with my writing today! ;))

In not-so-awesome Universal news (tragic, actually), here’s what Stage 28 looked like yesterday:

stage28sad1 stage282

I seriously started to cry a bit when I saw they’d actually started demolishing it. How could they callously kill such a beloved bit of Ho-rrorwood History like that???? It’s sincerely heartbreaking to see it this way. I will never again think of it at anything other than it’s full Phantomย gloriousness. <3

Phantom Stage 28



R.I.P., cherished chum. You will NEVER be fogotten. ๐Ÿ™ xo

  • I’m pretty sure that out of all the Big Bang Theory characters Stuart is the one I identify with the more unless people are sitting in my spot or touching my stuff which I was already warning people about long before that show started.

    Aww it looks like it’s been a week of disappointment. You with your stage, me with my country, the whole world with George Lucas but that’s only because it’s an ongoing disappointment that never going to end. No for as long as Jar Jar still exists and not until every last copy where Greedo shoots first is destroyed.

  • habs_69

    The AWL maze look awesome! I hope the GP footage is good and even if it isn’t put it up! Because I still want to see it damn it lol. I guess I’ll take 2 out of 4 puns. But I cant believe out of 4 you let “Soaked” “Jurassic Park” “Ride” slip out of your Hands like that… I thought you were a professional. Btw wet or dry you looked absolutely brilliant that night, just wanted to let you know ๐Ÿ˜‰
    That really sucks that they tore it down some people have no appreciation for history, just because something is old you don’t get rid of it. Unfortunately most people today don’t seem to see it that way… Out with the old and in with the new. Thank God for old movies, because of them we can still see that historic stage.

  • habs_69