Happy Birthday, Sasha Grey!

(Happy Birthday from all of us here at Kinky Ho-rror, butt especially from Smutmaster Eric, who cumpiled this gushing gallery. 😉 xoxo)

Born: March 14, 1988, North Highlands, CA

Birth Name: Marina Ann Hantzis

Sasha is one of the greatest hardcore performers of all time! She often appeared in kinky, rough scenes from 2006 to 2010. This penchant for the more extreme sex made her incredibly popular very fast. Her acting in porn features, vignettes and non-porn movies showed people she’s versatile and could succeed as an actress after leaving her XXX career behind.

Here are some GIFs to help you celebrate her 29th birthday.


A Birthday Spanking.

 Sex with a bear, because they get lonely.


Eminem – Space Bound video (w/ Sasha)

The Adorkable Ms. Grey

Ho-stess’s PS–  Ms. Grey’s climactic moment in the film Would You Rather? (Which also stars one of my hugest forever crushes, Mr. Jeffrey Combs. I HIGHLY rec adding this film to your Must View Queue if you haven’t seen it yet. 🙂 xoxo)

Milicent Patrick: Mother of Monsters

Happy International Women’s Day to all you Groovie Ghoulies and Cool Ghouls out there!

We thought we’d celebrate  the occasion by honoring a woman who gave us one of the greatest monsters of all time: Ms. Milicent Patrick. You may not recognize the name, but you certainly know her work…

That’s right, Monster Lovers! Actress/Designer/Artist Milicent Patrick is the woman who designed the Gill-Man AKA The Creature from the Black Lagoon! Not only did she give Gill-man his ghoulish good looks, but she also designed the Metaluna Mutant in This Island Earth, the aliens in It Came from Outer Space, and Mr. Hyde in Abbott and Costello meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In addition to all of that, she held the distinction of being one of the first female animators hired by Disney. Unfortunately, no definitive record of her life, her death, or her whereabouts seems to exist. The Screen Actors Guild lists her amongst the missing. For someone who designed one of the great horror icons, there’s very little info. Heck, people can’t seem to agree on whether there was one “l” or two in her name!

What most do agree on is that Universal put her on a  publicity tour to promote the release of Creature from the Black Lagoon, billing her as, “The Beauty Who Created the Beast.” An excellent promotion, but it certainly rubbed make-up head Bud Westmore the wrong way. Westmore promised to never hire her again and made good on his word. Executives noted that Patrick had done everything possible to credit Westmore during her interviews. They even said that Westmore was acting childish, but that didn’t resolve the matter. She continued to act in films and television until 1968, but her career in the make-up department was over. For many years, Westmore took sole credit for the creation of the Creature.

Despite what had happened, she continued to give Westmore the credit he did deserve. After all, it takes a lot of mad scientists to make a monster. Even if she if she isn’t the sole creator, she did design the monster we love today and perhaps did even more.  We salute you, Ms. Patrick! The Creature certainly wouldn’t be the creepy creep he is today without you.

Ms. Partick in Ramar of the Jungle

1954 interview with Miss Patrick

#WetWednesday: The Tub for Two Edition, Part 3

(Submitted for your Hump Day perusing pleasure by Eric…Thanks, Smutmaster G! 🙂 xoxo)

Featuring: Bruce Willis, Jane March, Natasha Nice, Wolf Hudson, Gabrielle Anwar & Pod Person.

Color of Night (1994)

Love, Marriage & Other Bad Ideas (2012)

Body Snatchers (1993, 1994 US)

Siskel & Ebert review

Comic Book Review: X-23: Innocence Lost

(Submitted by Mr. Prince Adam, and a perfect complement to #InternationalWomensDay…Thanks, my heroine-hailing ho-mie! 😉 xoxo)

“Collects X-23 (2005) #1-6. Now the full story can be told – witness the machinations behind the origin of X-23 – who she is, where she came from, and the exact nature of her relationship to Wolverine.” (Marvel Comics)

I recently reviewed Wolverine: Old Man Logan, as it in some ways influenced Hugh Jackman’s last film as the adamantium clawed mutant. Before you read my review of the film (coming soon), let’s look at another book that undoubtedly influenced the film, “X-23: Innocence Lost.” They’ve tried to recreate the Weapon X program before but not quite like this. Creating a clone of Wolverine, or more specifically a genetic twin of Wolverine is such a fantastic proposition, I wonder what took Marvel so long. Writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost avoid any repetition with the Wolverine story by making X-23 a female. What I love about this decision is that it wasn’t done, or at least doesn’t feel like a PR movie, the way Jane Foster becoming Thor did, or whoever the female Iron Man is. Here, X-23 is a female because the male Y chromosome is damaged and fails to bond with the mutant gene during the experiment. So after 22 failures, Mutant geneticist Sarah Kinney decides to double up on the female X chromosome. She does this in secret as she gets strong objection and opposition from the director of Weapon X Dr. Martin Sutter, and his chief surgeon on the project and head of operations, Zander Rice. I feel that their objection to the future of the Weapon X – Program being a female, and the fact that Sarah did it anyways was a play on comic fans fear of change and over-reaction and negativity towards established popular name brand characters being altered or gender bent. I’m okay with it as long as the change is story dictated. I really appreciated that this story was focused pretty exclusively on X-23 and didn’t rely on an appearance from Wolverine. He only appeared at the start of the book in flashbacks to establish a connection between the original Weapon X program and this new iteration. I was very surprised at the purpose behind creating X-23. It wasn’t grandiose. Magneto and Mister Sinister weren’t trying to enslave humanity, or wipe out the mutant population. This was simply a genetics company trying to recreate the Weapon X program, to sell an assassin with the claws and killing prowess of Wolverine to the highest bidder. The simple monetary reason behind Dr. Sutter’s motives are refreshing, disturbing but refreshing. Zander Rice’s motives on the project are more personal. His father was killed by Wolverine in his berserker rage during the original Weapon X program, so he wants to use X-23 to kill both Dr. Sutter and Wolverine, as revenge for his father’s death. While I understand his motives, of the two, he’s more of a douchebag because of how he treats X-23.

I was going to comment on this book exploring the nature vs. nurture theme through the character of X-23. However, it’s more nurture vs. brainwashing/conditioning and which one will ultimately win out. Dr. Rice treats X-23 like a rabid animal, keeping her in a padded Asylum type room. He rigorously trains her heightened sense of smell like one would a hunting or police dog. He sends her out on violent killing missions, to showcase her and to brag about her skill to perspective bidders. This is something that I’d imagine someone involved in underground dog fighting would do, which makes it even more sickening. The most inhumane moments of treatment X-23 receives at the hands of Dr. Rice, including sharpening her bone claws, then coating them with adamantium, without the use of anesthetic. The second overtly horrific moment was when he left young X-23 at the mercy of an AIM firing squad because she was “late” to a rendezvous point, without knowing the extent of function of her healing factor. The nurturing X-23 gets is from the woman who gave her life, Sarah Kinney. We see Sarah comforting X-23 after a tough training session or mission, wiping away her tears when she cries .and cuddling her while she sleeps. She even reads Pinocchio and other fairy tales to her, in an effort to counterbalance the violence and harshness and horror she is participating on. Most importantly she gives X-23 her human name, Laura. The programing and brainwashing clearly worked early on, as she had no problem mowing down everyone from mafia dons, or drug dealers. Her killing isn’t reserved for criminals, as she has no problem killing a Presidential candidate and his entire family, at the behest of Dr. Sutter and Dr. Rice, However, Sarah’s mothering skills also have an effect as X-23 spares the life of Dr. Sutter’s son, despite killing him and his wife. She also uses her mutant ability to rescue Sarah’s niece from a child kidnapper. By book’s end, despite killing Dr. Rice in the hopes of running away from the Weapon X program with her mom, Laura kills her mom after Dr. Rice triggered her berserker rage, by secretly applying the trigger scent to Sarah, hours before his final confrontation with Laura. The book ending on this note actually makes things more intriguing going forward, as the journey of a dark, tortured hero, trying to find their way and seek redemption or not, always ends up being exciting.

Art for this six issue miniseries was handled by Billy Tan. His art was very sleek and modern. It’s from the same style as Brett Booth. First and foremost I love the two claws instead of three. Throw in the single claw on each foot and it makes her so visually distinctive from her three clawed male predecessor. Tan does a great job drawing X-23’s disguises when she goes on missions. Seeing her posing as a girl on crutches in one mission and a girl scout selling cookies on another mission, is believably distracting to the point where even I bought her as this meek, innocent child. That is a sharp contrast to seeing her as X-23, blood red eyes in full berserker rage when she kills her mother on the last few pages. The art perfectly displays the internal struggle of the character. There was violence and blood in this book. The two most violent pages were the end scenes where X23 kills the vice president and his family, and later when she kills Dr. Rice. Sure the battles are bone breaking and you definitely sense that, but 99% of the time, all you see is excessive blood splatter. Yet, I only counted one or two times where you actually see her claws pierce into someone’s skin. Only once, do you see someone lose a body part as a result of Laura Kinney’s claws. After reading two volumes of Deadpool and Wolverine: Old Man Logan, this book definitely skimmed on the violence by comparison. I feel this book merits more intense depictions of violence and I feel somewhat cheated.

This book continues the hot streak of being a great book set in the X-Men corner of the Marvel Universe that I have reviewed here. This book did a great job of intriguing and maintaining my interest in a character I had previously only had a passing awareness of. I’m glad they didn’t rely or force feed the character of Wolverine onto this story. This book needed to establish Laura Kinney as a character and get the reader to invest in her on her own merits. I feel this book succeeded in that regard. Plus, now they can save the first meeting of Wolverine and his genetic twin/somewhat daughter for later and maximizing the hype, instead of blowing their proverbial load in the first story arc. I look forward to reading that story and many more. If Laura aka X-23 is half as awesome in Logan as she is in this book, then I think FOX may have the answer to who will eventually replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Do yourself a favor…READ THIS BOOK!

TV Review: Van Helsing: Season 1

(In ho-nor of New Comic Book Day, I figured we’d go another round with our SuperheroScifi guru, Mr. Prince Adam…Thanks for reminding me this exxxists, sir. I’m ashamed I haven’t checked it out yet, but I shall correct my misdeeds posthaste! 😉 xoxo)

“Vanessa Helsing, distant relative of famous vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, is resurrected only to find that vampires have taken over the world.”  (SyFy)

At the end of every episode, the credits indicate that this show was “inspired” by the Zenescope comic book.  The similarities between the show and the comic are that they both center on a female relative of vampire hunter Abraham Van Heling., and in both cases, the female lead was resurrected after presumed death. The difference between the two characters are; the comic book version being the daughter of Abraham Van Helsing, resurrected after hundreds of years, while the TV show incarnation is the great, great, great granddaughter of Abraham Van Helsing, who was resurrected three years after death..  If I had to compare this show to anything, I’d say it’s The Walking dead but for vampires. Essentially the story tracks a core group of survivors, who have been combating and also are always on the run from vampires. As for how the vampires took over, and forced humanity into slavery, as well as being their breakfast lunch and dinner, that is explained and I dig the explanation.  A volcano eruption in Wyoming has covered the air with smoke, smog, soot etc. This accumulation of darkness has in effect blocked out the sun, allowing the vampires to rise up and take control of the earth. To prolong the darkness, the vampires have taken control and are messing around with power plants. With all this going on we’re thrown into a feud between two sects of vampires. The ancients and the ferals. Ancients are more humanoid in thought, speech and appearance.  While they can’t live forever, they live several hundreds of years.  Meanwhile, ferals are newly minted vampires, lacking the proper amount of human blood consumption following their turn. This causes diminished intelligence and more animalistic look, mannerisms and behavior.  I love these new added wrinkle in vampire mythology. I also find it unique that both are after Vanessa for different reasons; the Ancients want to use her to prolong their race, while the ferals want to exterminate her to protect themselves. There’s a fascinating power struggle at play in this book.

Having the surname of Helsing isn’t what makes Vanessa so interesting to both sets of Vampires, it’s the blood that courses through her veins that is most unique. One night, before The Rising, single mother Vanessa was celebrating her daughter’s birthday.  The two were attacked by a vampire.  While the young girl escaped, Vanessa was furiously bitten by a feral.  However, rather than turning herself, her external wounds heal, and the vampire who bit her ends up dying. She is taken to a Seattle hospital, for observation, but shortly after The Rising, the military took control of her case and began running tests and experiments on our comatose. Hero   When we pick up her story three years after The Rising, Vanessa awakens in the now run down Seattle hospital while her fellow members of The Resistance, are fending off a vampire attack. Once again Vanessa is bit, however this time, the vampire who bit her begins throwing up blood, appears to die, but later returns to life as a normal human.  The idea of Van Helsing having powers has never been a part of any version I’ve seen or read before. So this is very new and interesting to me. I loved that the reveal of Vanessa’s heritage was a slow burn, over the course of the entire season. I was eagerly awaiting, watching every new episode hoping to get the next piece of the puzzle.  The nature of her abilities is a bit of a mystery. That mystery deepens, when Vanessa is captured by the vampires. There are two instances when this happens, and in both, Vanessa must bite a human and or drink human blood. In both cases, her healing factor quickened and she got stronger. I’m starting to think that Vanessa is somehow a vampire/human hybrid, and that’s why Dimitri wants her, because she can birth them daywalkers, as she is the original daywalker. That’s just my theory for now, so we’ll have to wait until Season 2 to see if I’m right.

I’ve mentioned the resistance Vanessa is in league and travelling worth, so let’s give them a closer look. The core group consists of Axel Miller, Sam, John, Doc, Flesh, Mohamad, and Susan. Each one had unique reasons for taking up the fight against the vampire’s, most of which make you as a viewer instantly connect with them. Even before finding out she was a Van Helsing, Vanessa took up the fight to find her daughter, who had gone missing when Vanessa was attacked. Susan was a neighbor and best friends to Vanessa. Vanessa had saved her from an abusive boyfriend, and then turned her human after they had reunited and Vanessa realized Susan had been turned during The Rising.  Susan fights out of loyalty and payback to her best friend. John is a former military man, along with Axel. After his wife was killed by vampires, his vendetta against them led him to take up arms against them. Doc is the doctor who presided over Vanessa and who the government had working on a cure for vampirism. She was bitten, but Axel kept her confined and fed from his own blood, until Vanessa returned her to human form. Flesh is the first vampire Vanessa encounters, and turns back to a human being. He stays with the resistance to atone for the sins he committed as a vampire, chief among them, slaughtering his wife and kids.  Sam and Mohamad are kind of a package details. Both used to be slaves and escaped. Mohamad now hunts vampires in search of his sister, who is still at one of their slave camps, while Sam has taken to protecting Mohamad.  I thought certain actors deserve recognition for excellent work, while others weren’t so good. Kelly Overton juggled the feelings of confusion over her new status quo, and sadness over her characters missing daughter perfectly, all the while flipping the switch just enough to go full on badass when the character had to fight the undead.  Vincent Gale as the vampire reborn as a human known as Flesh, was strong in portraying his characters sadness and repentant over killing his entire family. He questioned whether he was worthy of forgiveness and a second chance. As a viewer you can believe and appreciate his pain, but also question whether he can truly atone from something so heinous. A fantastic performance was given by Christopher Heyerdahl as Sam. The character of Sam is deaf and suffers a speech impediment. The veteran actor portrays these aspects of his character and the vocal and physical mannerisms with such sincerity and care.  All this is heightened because we’re dealing with a world that is over-run by Vampires. I’m so thrilled the creative team put this actor and character front and center on the show and made him a force to be reckoned with, rather than a frail person in need of rescuing.  My two favorite frightening performances belong to Paul Johansson as Dmitri and Laura Minnelli as Rebecca, The vampire duo don’t speak very often but are so menacing and methodical in their mannerism and movements, they are instantly imposing in every scene they’ re in.  Even if the show was on mute, you’d understand the fear other characters, both vampire and human have towards them.  On occasions when they do speak, there accents are passable, and never end up being over the top. Several actors do give over the top performances.  I thought Rukiya Bernard as Doc and Hilary Jardine as Susan, went unnecessarily over board in most of their scenes, regardless of the events that were unfolding, or the emotion that was called for.  On the other hand, I thought Trezzo Mahoro was rather bland as Mohamad. While I thought the friendship between Mohamad and Sam was written well, the character of Sam elevated it and made it stand out. Finally, actor Jonathan Scarfe who played Axel came off a little too stereotypical armed soldier to me. He felt like a one dimensional G.I. Joe character.

 When I mentioned this show is like The Walking Dead for Vampires, I meant that because our resistance group is constantly on the run from them late in the season. The original base of operation for our resistance is the abandoned hospital outfitted with booby traps and UV lighting, it keeps the vampires away.  When the power source is damaged, Vanessa and Axel head out into the streets on a parts scavenging mission. It is here, they meet another group of resistance fighters who have wounded members. Vanessa and Axel, take them to the hospital. Shortly thereafter, one of the members of the incoming resistance is murdered. Blaming Axel and Vanessa’s crew, the new tenant’s mutiny, taking control of the hospital. Believing Mohamad to be the culprit, they banish him to the unprotected outside world. Axel, Vanessa and crew eventually reverse mutiny, exile their captors and take back control of the hospital. That success is short lived as the vampires use a human to trip up the hospitals U.V defenses and launch an attack.  This forces our protagonist to flee and head to an abandoned army bunker. Their peace and respite are once again upset when a grenade is set off, barricading them inside,  While stuck inside, the murderer seemingly attempts to strike again, when John gets a little too rough with Susan, to the point where he is choking her. The group calls him out on it and upon further investigation, find evidence connecting him to the previous murder.  The group ultimately decides to kill him. Most of the group find a way out of the bunker via underground tunnels, however, one of the key figures in the group is killed, as they try and thwart off vampires in their escape. The remaining survivors head to a farming community of humans who have bargained with the vampires; blood in exchange for peace. A darker pact is revealed. In that the head of the community is providing actual young children and babies are being offered up to the vampires, not just blood. The leader of this group is killed, and Flesh decides to stay with this community to help them rebuild.  As Vanessa and the others embark on their journey to Dmitri’s concentration camp, the killer strikes again, meaning Vanessa and company were wrong in killing John.  The killer is taken out to the woods and wounded to the point where he/she couldn’t get away and was left there as vampire fodder. The Final act of the film finds Vanessa betrayed by one of her own and led straight to Dmitri.  The final battle between Vanessa taking on Dmitri and Rebecca features deception and death. It also answers the question of what happens to Vanessa’s daughter, tantalizingly setting up season 2.


This show is insane, in the best possible way. There’s always a threat of a vampire attack and our main characters are always on the run.  As a viewer, just as you get used to their new situations, those situations get upended.   Every time they meet fellow resistance groups, they encounter people who are secretly in league with the vampires.  Some of these defectors happen to be some of the shows main characters. Add to that a serial killer in their midst and WOW! Trust me, you won’t see the reveal for that one coming.  I’m not giving you spoilers on any of the big reveals or events of episodes, because that would absolutely ruin the season as a whole. I love that this show goes the Game of Thrones route and isn’t afraid to kill off, or change the status quo of our main characters. It takes balls to do that, and make things more interesting.  The show doesn’t shy away from violence. Heads are chopped off, vampires are stabbed through the neck etc.  The violence and blood spatter is more in line with Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, you know that hyper exaggerated style.  My top 3 favourite episodes are Help Me, Stay Away, and It Begins. Help Me is the pilot and instead of slow expository setup, it throws you right into the craziness of this post-apocalyptic vampire run world with a vampire attack on our main heroes and their home base.  Stay Away is a great episode because the mysterious killer is revealed. It Begins is the season finale and gives us the war that’s been brewing for the first nine episodes.  The reveal at the end was so big, that it had be going full Darth Vader, screaming “NOOOOOOO”; especially with the knowledge that I’d have to wait for season two.  If you’re a fan of vampires and The Walking Dead formula, this show definitely should be on your watch list.  Finally, SyFy has given us a show we can truly sink our teeth into.

#WCW: The “Women of Horror/Sci-Fi Unite!” Edition

Hiya, Ho-rror Ho-mies!  Last Saturday was The Women’s March, a worldwide protest in support of women’s rights, health care reform, environmental protection, LGBTQ rights, racial justice, freedom of religion,and workers’ rights. Without getting too political, we noticed that a few eXXXtremely awesome queens of genre fiction (and Dita Von Teese *squee!!* :)) were in attendance, and we love them even more for it! Here are some of the Gore-gous women that marched on Saturday. (And there are so many more that could be included…It was a beautiful experience, and I’m ho-nored I got to be part of it. Now the real work begins… 😉 xoxoxo)

Jessica Harper (Suspiria, Phantom of the Paradise)

Women's March3

Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween series, Terror Train, Scream Queens)

Women's March4

Rose McGowan (Scream, Charmed)

Women's March6

Dita Von Teese (Burlesque Queen)

Women's March7

Melissa Benoist (Supergirl)

Women's March10

Lily Rabe (American Horror Story)

Women's MArch13

Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story)

Women's March14

Cassandra Peterson (“Elvira”)

Women's March11

Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story, American Gothic)

Women's March1o

Die-ana Prince: Your Ho-stess at the Protest 😉 xoxo


#WetWednesday: The Swimming Pool Edition, Part 3

(Submitted by Eric, aka Mr. Santa von Smutmaster…Thanks, my Kinky Ho-liday Ho-mie! 🙂 xoxo)

Featuring: Annette O’Toole, Kåre Hedebrant & Charlize Theron

Cat People (1982)


A young woman’s sexual awakening brings horror when she discovers her urges transform her into a black leopard.

catpeep2 catpeep3 catpeep5 catpeep6 catpeep7 catpeep8

Let the Right One In (2008)


Oskar, an overlooked and bullied boy, finds love and revenge through Eli, a beautiful but peculiar girl.

let2 let3 let4

Reindeer Games (2000) (Ho-stress’s PS– THIS IS EHREN KRUEGER, aka THE HE-DEVIL THAT MURDERED SCREAM!! HO-W DARETH YE ASK ME TO POSTETH OF MINE ENEMY, SMUTMASTER??!!!!!! *looks at Charlize’s pics*  Oh, ok…#KreugerKrapFTW!! 😉 xoxo)


After assuming his dead cellmate’s identity to get with his girlfriend, an ex-con finds himself the reluctant participant in a casino heist.

reindeer2 reindeer3 reindeer4 reindeer5 reindeer6 reindeer7

Santa Takes a Dip


Ho-stess’s PS– Since it’s the last #WetWednesday before XXX-mas, I had to add my own pool party appropriate #WCW: Ms. Stephanie Chao (whom I MAY or may not know intimately ;)) in Jack Frost 2.


chaochao2 chao-jack-n-07_infobox chao4 chao5 chao3

#WCW: The Juliet’s Black Christmas Edition

Hiya Ho-rror Ho-mies! Last night, Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whitting were at the Aero Theatre for a screening of Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet and it was amazing!! As far as your Ho-stess is concerned, this is the best version of the Shakespeare classic (along with Tromeo and Juliet ;)) and in no small part because of these two awesome peeps! Both Mr. Whitting and Ms. Hussey looked absolutely incredible and were just adorable together, but of course Romeo and Juliet would be adorable together! 🙂 To add to the already-immense greatness, this was the first time these two ever did a Q&A together. For those weren’t there, here’s a bit o’ the rad:

olivia-event-2 olivia-event


(THEY KISSED!!!! #ahhhhhromance ;))

Of course, Ms. Hussey was amazing a Juliet, but we Ho-orror fans will always remember her as the nurse in Ice Cream Man with the amazing Clint Howard (at least, I will), her appearance in It with Tim “Wadsworth” Curry, and Jess in Black Christmas (1974), a true classic of Ho-liday Ho-rror. To celebrate both her Aero appearance and the Ho-rrorday season, I present to you Olivia Hussey, our #WomanCrushWednesday! 🙂







olivia14 olivia15 olivia16 olivia17 olivia18 olivia19

olivia36 olivia23 olivia24

olivia21 olivia31 olivia-hussey-07



#WetWednesday: The “Wash My Back and Front” Edition, Part 2

I’m startin’ my atonement off right, with a lil’ help from my fiends… 😉 First up, here’s a little #WetWednesday action (posted ON TIME, I might add!! ;)), submitted (with love! :)) by Eric, our resident Slut, err, I mean, SMUTMaster Gerneral. 😉 So happy to be back ogling bewbies with you guys again…Ho-pe you’ve had an awesome Hump Day!! 😉

Prison Girls (2011)

Featuring: Jayden Jaymes, Phoenix Marie & McKenzie Lee  (I boned two out of three of ’em!! #JustSayin’ 😉 -D.P.)

(Ho-stess’s Side Note: I ho-pe you’re proud of yourself, Mr. Smutmaster!! It’s taken me over an ho-ur to post just this section bc these pics are so freaking ho-t!!! Now my wrist is all sore and shit, yet I shall persevere and finish this post…because #Horror -and #Smut– is #Important!! 😉 xoxo)

Busted (1997)

Featuring: Monique Parent & Dominick Brascia