#WCW: Drusilla, the Forgotten Hostess of the Vault of Horror

There have been many ho-sts by many publishers throughout the history of ho-rror comics, but the only GhouLunatics belong to EC Comics.

The GhouLunatics were the kings (and queens) of all illustrated ho-rror ho-sts, and they are known to those who tend to favor the gruesome side of comic books. Due to the popularity of both the Amicus and HBO takes on Tales from the Crypt, The Cryptkeeper is BY FAR the most well-remembered of the GhouLunatics. That’s not to say that the other two original ghost ho-sts (The Vault-keeper and The Old Witch) don’t get a fair amount of mad love, but they are still two halves of a whole Ringo. Ho-wever, if Old Vaulty and Witchypoo are Ringo, Drusilla is Jimmie Nicol, the man who was a Beatle for 13 days.

Even if you are a seasoned fright fan, you may have never heard of Drusilla. She made her debut in The Vault of Horror #37, the fourth-to-last issue of the series. In those four final issues, Drusilla co-hosted the comic with Old Vaulty, although she didn’t have much to say. Drusilla never had so much as a single speech balloon, but there was something fascinating about her… something profoundly peculiar. Her features were Hollywood gore-eous, but her eyes had a dark wisdom behind them. Was she human or vampire? Witch or ghoul? Nothing is known about her, but she must’ve been eXXXceptionally terrifying to be a GhouLunatic.

The Vault closed its door in December of 1954, so one can only speculate on what creator Johnny Craig had planned for the raven-haired ho-stess. She may have gotten her own tit-le, if the Comics Code Authority didn’t execute EC’s brand of ho-rror. Debuting only a few months after Vampira, one could argue that Drusilla was one of the original glamour ghouls. Perhaps if she had just a few more years, she could’ve joined Morticia, Lily Munster, Elvira, and the aforementioned Vampira as one of the great icons of dark beauty.

Drusilla may not have reached the iconic status of her fellow EC Creeps, but she has a special place in the cold, black hearts of us here at KH. With the recent return of EC’s Tales from the Crypt, perhaps Drusilla will get her night in the moon. Her time was brief, but wonderfully creepy. Here’s to Drusilla, the Mysterious Mistress of the Vault of Ho-ror!

The KH Ho-rror Ho-st Hall of Infamy: Halloween Goddesses Edition.

“It’s a perfect night for mystery and horror. The air itself is filled with monsters.”

-Elsa Lanchester as Mary Shelley in Bride of Frankenstein


The most wonderful, magical, terrifically terrifying time of the year is upon us now with a ghastly vengeance! That’s right, FIENDS…Halloween is ALMOST HERE!!!!! Now is time to Ho-nor our dearest monsters and the Ho-riffic Ho-sts who brought them to us in our living rooms. This month, we salute the two indisputable Queens of Ho-rror Ho-sting. Elvira and Vampira have both been inducted into our Ho-rror Ho-st Hall of Infamy during this, the most glorious month of all!! 🙂


Alas, for someone as influential and iconic as Vampira, footage of Maila Nurmi is shockingly hard to cum by. Despite that, there is no denying that Vampira has left her silky, black imprint on pop culture. Legend goes that Vampira dressed as the Charles Addams character who would later be known as Morticia at Lester Horton’s annual Bal Caribe Masquerade. Nurmi caught the attention of producer Hunt Stromberg Jr., and the rest is, as they say, her-story.

Each show opened with Vampira floating down a pitch-dark corridor flooded with dry-ice fog. At the end of her eerie stroll, the camera zoomed in on her face as she let out a piercing scream. She would then introduce (and mock) that evening’s film while reclining barefoot on a skull-encrusted Victorian couch. That, my friends, is the kind of simple perfection that would inspire Ho-st ghouls for years! Rumors persist that she was the model for Maleficent, the evil witch in the Disney conception of the classic fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty.” Nurmi was also close friends with James Dean and was supportive of the punk rock movement. She was truly the ultimate rebel ghoul icon.


As the ’50s died, so did the tradition of the Ho-rror Ho-st. Ho-wever, one Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson not only took up Vampira’s mantle, but brought it smack dab to the middle of mainstream (in a VERY big way ;)). While Ms. Peterson obviously owes a lot to Vampira, her valley girl accent and contemporary sense of camp brought fresh (after)life to the idea of the fun, seXXXy vamp. Elvira was the face (and more… ;)) of B-movies, presenting in the totally tubular ’80s (and beyond…). Elvira starred in two feature films (fingers crossed for more! )), and has Ho-sted many theme park attractions (including a turn at Knott’s Scary Farm this year).

Unpleasant dreams, kiddies!! (Thanks in LARGE part to these forever gore-geous glamour ghouls! ;)) xoxoxo









The Ho-rror Ho-st Hall of Infamy: Peen and Teller Edition.

(That title was a total typo, btw, but it so HAS to stay!!! ;))

Holy schnikes!! I can’t believe July is nearly over and I haven’t done a Ho-rror Ho-st Hall of Infamy post yet!! (I totally need to be punished for that…Bad Die!! ;))


Now that that’s been (man)handled, lemme correct my grievous error by re-introducing you to two gory guys who have been near and dear to my cold, black heart since I was but a wee one: Mr. Penn and Mr. Teller. 🙂 <333


Whilst the majority of fright fans are familiar with the super insanely forever seXXXily ho-ttastic Mr. Joe Bob Briggs’s run on Monstervision, a lot of folks forget that the “Bad Boys of Magic” ran the asylum before Mr. JB (or BJ, to shameless ho-s like moi ;)) took control. (Give me a sec to think about Joe Bob “taking control”, please… #RAWRRRR! Now back to biz. ;))


On the putrid program, prestidigitators Penn & Teller posed as security guards while doing their familiar and beloved schtick: Penn ranted and Teller delivered silent sarcasm. The pair ho-sted marathons of Outer Limits episodes, Harryhausen films, “turkeys,” and all manner of Creature Features. For fans of these macabre magicians and monster movies, it was a match made in Hades.





Penn and Teller, besides their traditionally gory tricks, have made other
forays into the world of Ho-rror. The pair designed a haunted ho-use for Universal
Studios Halloween Ho-rror Nights, Teller wrote an episode of Tales from the
Crypt, Penn recently starred in a crowd-funded slasher (Director’s Cut), and the two played Criminologists in a 2001 revival of the Rocky Horror Show on Broadway. Clearly, these bewitching blokes are no strangers to the macabre. If you want more of the twisted tricksters, check out the new (and awesome :)) season of Penn and Teller: Fool Us on the CW…Abracadabra, bitches!!! 😉 xoxo

Ho-rror Ho-st Hall of Infamy: The Cryptkeeper Edition.

(Submitted by the ever-so-mysterious Mr. Anton Phibes…Thank you, Sinister Sir! 😉 xoxo)

crypt 13

On June 10, 1989, the world was introduced to a rotting corpse puppet
that stole the hearts of all horror fans. That beautiful fiend was the
Cryptkeeper, voiced by the great John Kassir. The Cryptkeeper was the master of
“scaremonies” of HBO’s Tales from the Crypt. Though the CK originated in comics
(he will likely be the subject of his own Hall of Infamy post), it was the T.V.
series that made that old creep a full-fledged pop culture phenomenon.crypt 10

When the show exploded like a vampire in sunlight, the Keeper was just about
everywhere. From children’s cartoons to Budweiser ad campaign, it seemed that
there was no stopping this monstrous gent. Crypty got a taste of movie stardom
in 1995 when he hosted the film Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight and had a
cameo in the live-action adaptation of Casper.

In addition to an already-impressive resume for a corpse, he was also the
first unofficial icon of Universal Halloween Horror Nights. Our boy also hosted
a Double-Dare-style competition show. For many of the next generation of Monster
Kids, he was both their Rod Serling and their Zacherley. Despite his lack of
non-foam rubber flesh, the Cryptkeeper is a worthy inductee for the Hall of
Infamy. Dig it!

crypt 9 crypt 12 crypt 11 crypt 6 crypt 5 crypt7 crypt5 

Joe Bob Briggs: Tearing the Heart Out of Saturday Night!!

Welcome to a brand spankin’ (yes, please! ;)) new edition of our Ho-rror Ho-st Hall of Infamy, Ho-mies! This time, we are super eXXXcited to Ho-nor that Terror-ificly Tantalizing TeXXXan, Mr. Joe Bob Briggs!


(YeeeeeeeeHawwww, baby!!! :))

Baddass Briggs was the Ho-st of TNT’s Monstervision from 1996 to 2000. Unlike the
majority of Ho-rror Ho-sts, Joe Bob didn’t don capes or attempt a Karloff
impression (although I’d loooooooove to see him do that!!! :)). He was a good ol’ boy with an unapologetic love of b-movies, cult flicks, and drive-in fare (aka, a man after my own black heart! :)) Joe Bob was nearer to us than some of the more
otherworldly Ho-sts out there. What he lacked in fangs, he made up for in pure cinematic knowledge.

Mr. Joe Bob was truly The People’s Champion. He defended our beloved monster/schlock films against those who didn’t understand the unbreakable spell they cast upon us. He is to cult films what Roger Ebert is to mainstream films, or as Joe Bob would say, “indoor bullshit.” (Tee hee! :))


Ass-ide from his stunning studliness, another amazing thing to chalk up to Mr. “Big Dick” Briggs is that he was so spooktacular as Ho-st, most folks don’t even realize that Monstervision was around years before he graced us with his provocative presence. His badassery managed to make an already stellar show infinitely more awesome! 🙂



During the Joe Bob years, Monstervision had an unrehearsed feel to it that just gave it a unique charm. I know I, personally, stayed up late every weekend to watch him (that was way back in the pre-DVR Dark Ages ;)), and dreamed of one day becoming his Mail Bag Girl. (A dream I still haven’t given up on!! ;))


Mr. Briggs was is one-of-a-kind (and Hotter than Hades!! :)), and for that, he is our KH Ho-rror Ho-st of the Month (and perma Ho-st of my heart!!! ;)). xoxoxo


The Ho-rror Ho-st Hall of Infamy: #MMM Edition. :)

Greetings, freaktastic fright fans! Welcum to our second induction “ceremony” for the (Kinky) Ho-rror Ho-st Hall of Infamy (and since I happen to be posting this on a Monday, I’m gonna make it a twofer and throw in some nice, beefy Man Meat for ya, too! 🙂

Feast your eyes on our #MMM/HHHoI Inductee, the Ho-norable Morgus the Magnificent!!! <33333333


(If that doesn’t make you go #MMM, nothing will!!! ;))

Our Ho-rrific Ho-st hails from Voodoo-heXXXed New Orleans and has a doctorate in mad science. (Which I’m currently studying for, too, fyi. ;))


Sidney Noel Rideau, AKA Momus Alexander Morgus, AKA Morgus the Magnificent, Ho-sted WWL-TV’s House of Shock in an abandoned ice house in the French Quarter from 1959-1962. He and his Ho-oded sidekick, Chopsley, would peerlessly present Ho-rror and sci-fi films, and perform fiendish eXXXperiments between movies.




Morgus’s first and only appearance on the big screen was in The Wacky World of Dr. Morgus, which introduced his “Instant People Machine”. It could transform people into sand and back to their original form, which comes in quite handy for…things, I’m sure. 😉

In 1964, Master Morgus continued his Ho-show at WJBK-TV in Detroit. In 1965-67, Morgus returned to New Orleans on WWL-TV and on WDSU-TV from 1970-71, until he quit the show. 🙁 In the 1980s devious devotees of Morgus organized a fan club known as MORGUS (Morgusian Order to Revive a Glorious Understanding of Science). Morgus once again returned to his minions in the fall of 1986 on Channel 26, WGNO-TV in New Orleans under the familiar title Morgus Presents.

This praiseworthy program was briefly syndicated through July 1989 in the cities of Albany, Atlanta, Baltimore, Little Rock, New York and Wichita. As of 2013, Morgus fans could still catch reruns of his classic show every Saturday night on WVUE-Fox8 in N’Orleans, and catch the Man behind the Morgus Makeup performing his Superhero Duties in local libraries. 🙂


You truly are Magnificent, Mr. Morgus…Welcome to Kinky Horror’s Ilustrious Hall of Infamy!! 🙂 xoxoxo

Ps- On the slightly off chance that MM here isn’t quite enough #MMM for ya, here are some boo-tiful Game of Thrones boo-ty shots in Ho-nor of last night’s premiere. 🙂

Jon-Snow Jaime-Lannister Daario-Naharis

(Jon Snow, Jaime Lannister, and Daario Naharis, jic that’s not painfully obvious… ;))

There were a lot of great booty shots in last night’s ep., too, but no one dared to #FTW, I’m afraid. Hopefully they’ll step it up this season, though…There’s not nearly enough “sword play” in GoT for my liking!!! 😉 xo


The Ho-rror Ho-st Hall of Infamy!! :)

Greetings, freaky fiends! We’re kicking off a new monthly series here at Kinky Horror
where we honor the noble monsters that introduced generations of young, impressionable Ho-rror Ho-s to the macabre pleasures of the monster film and the scary story. I refer to the Ho-rror Ho-st, a proud staple of genre fiction. From radio shows to local cable channels and beyond, these Ho-rror Ho-sts with Most were the proud masters of scare-monies who set the mood for the fiendish activities to cum…Welcome to KH’s Horror-Host Hall of Infamy!


It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to our very first inductee (and my #WCW :)), Miss Tarantula Ghoul! 🙂


While the name might not be as familiar as Elvira or Vampira, Tarantula Ghoul was a beloved host during the Golden Age of TV. Taranch, as she was affectionately known by her fans, was the host of House of Horror, along with her boa constrictor Baby and her husband Milton.



On the show, she would host fright flicks from her “home”– a bizarre room overlooking an old boneyard.



To put us all in a more festive mood, the set and format of the show would change to reflect the theme of the show. For Frankenstein films, the set became a laboratory. When showcasing the Mummy, the room would take on the appearance of an Egyptian tomb. For her presentation of Murders in the Rue Morgue, she did the show in French with English subtitles.


Unfortunately, no footage eXXXists from the show (boo!!! :() but Taranch did release two ghoulish singles, King Kong and Graveyard Rock.


I am so in awe of this gore-geous gal…Welcum to the Kinky Ho-rror Hall of Infamy, Miss Ghoul!!!!! 🙂 xoxoxo